We have achieved FORS accreditation for Wimbledon and Derby depots

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded FORS Bronze Accreditation for our Wimbledon depot, and Silver Accreditation for our depot at Derby. This recognition for our enhanced driver training and vehicle safety features delivers our objective for multi-site FORS accreditation.  Read More

Important organisational news

At The Water Delivery Company, we take pride in delivering exceptional products and customer service. In recent months we have reviewed our business model to ensure we continue to deliver and improve upon the first-class service you have been accustomed to. As a result of the operational review, we are excited to announce the following […]Read More


The latest announcement from the government has once again advised us to work from home where possible. While working from home certainly has its perks, this new normal has undoubtably disrupted our previous daily routines. Without a routine in place, it is easy to neglect self care and forget our healthy habits. It can be […]Read More

Announcement of change to our business for all customers

Date: 2nd October 2020 To all customers We are pleased to advise you of some exciting changes happening to The Water Delivery Company and Edgar’s Water. With effect from 1st November 2020, our companies will merge into a single company. This creates one of the largest home & workplace hydration specialists in the UK. By […]Read More

Simple steps for using your water cooler safely

Drinking water from water coolers is one of the best, sustainable and most convenient ways of providing healthy, safe, and hygienic hydration. Healthy hydration helps mental well-being and improves physical performance. Here are simple steps you can take to keep your business hydrated safely: Regularly wipe water cooler taps and dispensing area using food-safe antibacterial […]Read More

How do I get my Water Dispenser Back up and running?

Back to work – using your water cooler safely If you are returning to work after lockdown, by following these simple instructions, you should have your water dispenser back up and running in just a few minutes: Bottle dispensers: Ensure the cooler is switched on Remove the bottle, drain the dispenser through the taps Fit […]Read More

How much do water coolers cost?

A water cooler doesn’t need to be expensive. Of course, as with any piece of equipment costs will vary depending on specification, make, features and so on. But if you just want to get started with a water cooler that provides fresh, tasty, chilled water you can choose to either rent or buy a water […]Read More

Your New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water

Is your New Years Resolution to ‘drink more water’? Trying to drink more water every day might seem like a dull task. We know how easy it is to become unmotivated and forget to hydrate throughout the day. But with some simple tricks and making some fun rules for yourself, it doesn’t have to be […]Read More

Go Green this Halloween!

© Photo by WRAP Have you got your halloween costume yet? Halloween is tomorrow so we have pulled together a collection of last-minte, easy DIY crafts made from recycled materials. As if Halloween wasn’t already frightening enough, perhaps the scariest thing about Halloween is plastic waste. An estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste (the equivalent […]Read More


Dehydration can present itself in a variety of symptoms amongst different age groups. Though drinking more water is an obvious place to start, we have uncovered the lesser known dehydration risk factors for your age, and what you can do to beat it. How old are you? 18-30s You’re not getting enough sleep: The sleep-deprived […]Read More


We all know that our hydration levels affect the way we feel during the day, but have you ever thought about how it affects us while we sleep? Not drinking enough water throughout the day can significantly affect the way you feel and function. A lack of fluids can make you sluggish, irritable, and off […]Read More


Is your bottled water cooler dispensing chilled water temperature from both taps? IT’S EASY If your bottled water cooler is supposed to dispense chilled water and ambient/hot water, yet it is only dispensing chilled water, worry not. It is easy to fix. All that has happened is the ‘Baffle’ inside the reservoir has become loose. […]Read More
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