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Fighting Plastic Waste Creatively

When it comes to making the most of life – and everything it entails – there’s no reason not to apply the same attitude to your plastic waste. While many may believe that there’s nothing for you to do but throw it away, we disagree. In order to inspire your inner recycling guru, we’re taking […]Read More
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Why are UK Citizens Not Drinking Tap Water?

Tap water across the United Kingdom goes through a rigorous process to make it of the highest standard. These standards are set out by the EU Drinking Water Directive and it is the law that all drinking water is wholesome and clean. This, however, has not stopped citizens from purchasing purified bottled water. Why Not […]Read More

Doing Our Bit To Fight Plastic Waste

As a business within the water industry, we welcome the news today of a new scheme to cut down on plastic bottles and fight plastic waste. People across the UK will soon be able to refill their water bottles, free of charge, at shopping outlets and public water fountains. The aim is to reduce the […]Read More
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The Water Delivery Company Proudly Supports Just A Drop

As one of the leading water suppliers in the UK, we understand how incredibly vital it so to provide convenient hydration solutions to thousands of customers. We also recognise that not everyone across the globe is as privileged as we are and lack access to necessities like water. In association with the British Water Cooler […]Read More

New Year New You

I don’t know about you, but we had a blast here at The Water Delivery Company in 2017. With the hangover of Christmas and New Year’s in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few tips on how to start a fresh in 2018, offering a little bit of […]Read More

Long vs Short Term Water Cooler Rental

Sometimes purchasing a water dispenser can be an unanticipated expense to your home or office budget. At the Water Delivery Company, we realise the investment required to purchase a water dispenser this is why we have rental solutions for those unsure of whether to fully invest in a hydration solution. Short-Term Rental Our short-term hydration […]Read More
Filtered vs Mineral water

What’s the fuss about filtered and mineral water?

We all know the “8 glasses per day” rule by now. Our bodies are comprised of 80% water so staying hydrated is key point of health and wellbeing. But what if the water you’re putting into your body is harming you? If water should be the biggest and most important part of our diet, it […]Read More
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Why Hire A Water Cooler?

By now, you have probably already realised that the best hydration solution for your home or office is a water cooler. If you are still searching the web to find the right water cooler then look no further. The Water Delivery Company has over a decade’s experience in providing efficient, reliable, and cost effective hydration […]Read More

Salt Water Purification

Fact: The planet Earth is covered in 70% water, astonishingly only 0.007% of the water is suitable to drink without purification. Fortunately, scientists finally discovered a method to turn ocean water into drinking water and we are intrigued! Method to Their Madness Scientists have overcome the challenge to turn ocean water into pure drinking water, […]Read More

Water Delivery In London

Water delivery in London can get a little complicated when you are running a large corporation but we can confidently say that our service is like a well-oiled machine! We can guarantee free, next working day water delivery within the M25 of London -as simple as that. So how does the water delivery process work […]Read More

How Much Does Bottled Water Delivery Cost?

A vast number of Londoners continue to buy bottled water over drinking tap water. This is because of high calcium and magnesium traces in London tap water, which contributes to the water’s “hardness” and overall taste. While it is relatively easy and affordable for the average consumer to purchase a bottled water, bottled water delivery […]Read More
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Order Office Water – Swiftly

An office full of people can deplete your water resources in a flash. Ordering and getting your water delivered within London and the M25 can get a little frustrating. This frustration will become a thing of the past with our new quick order button. Ordering your office water for delivery has never been made easier. […]Read More

Archway Water Cooler – It Is Back

One of the most reliable and sought after water coolers around, the Archway bottled water cooler is now back in stock. Due to its high demand and relatively low supply, the aforementioned water cooler has been out of stock nation-wide as a result thereof. This high-quality water dispenser makes up the majority of our rental […]Read More
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8 Easy Steps On How to Clean Your Bottled Water Coolers

At the Water Delivery Company, we take our water cooler services very seriously, but how serious are you with the time you take to maintain and upkeep your bottled water coolers. When was the last time you cleaned and sanitised your home or office water cooler? Don’t you worry we have got you covered. Our infographic […]Read More

Our Water Bottle Delivery Service

Ever wondered how our water bottled delivery service works? Our infographic explains it in a short and simple way. SOURCED Our premium spring water is sourced from the finest location – Swindon. BOTTLING The premium spring water gets bottled at the source, reducing our carbon footprint. Our bottles are reused more than 50 times before […]Read More

Money On Murray

Wimbledon is one of the greatest donning tennis occasions in London. We can happily say that amid this period is going all out with the first quarter effectively done. In any case, don’t move a muscle as there will be more excitement and probably more nail-biting moments to come. Andy Murray is currently ranked number […]Read More

Staying Hydrated During The Wimbledon Grand Slam

It’s that time of year where all tennis supporters and sports lovers gather to witness the biggest grass court tournament, Wimbledon. Our job is to ensure you stay hydrated during the Wimbledon season. Wimbledon is a prestigious tennis event held in London. This event, in case you didn’t know, is part of one of the […]Read More

We Are Your All In One Water Supplier

People tend to forget the importance of staying hydrated thought the day. We encourage our customers to stay hydrated daily. The Water Delivery Company offers a wide range of quality hydration solutions within the UK. We aim to provide fresh, easily accessible and clean drinking water. Productivity is often directly affected by the lack of […]Read More

Our Water Solutions: Water Cooler Rental And Water Refills

The Water Delivery Company is known for supplying high-quality water related products within the M25. Not only do we offer water cooler rental options, but do water refills too. Are you stressed about where you can get water cooler refills ordered from? Don’t be! The Water Delivery Company offers a wide range of water refills […]Read More

How much does a bottled water service cost?

With those hot days creeping up, we all know that summer is on its way and The Water Delivery Company is here to ensure that you keep hydrated. We offer a wide range of refreshing hydration solutions which are available on both water cooler rental or purchase basis. Our aim is to supply high-quality water […]Read More

How To Spot Chronic Dehydration

At The Water Delivery Company, we care about keeping you hydrated. Make sure you know how spot chronic dehydration before it is too late this summer. Staying hydrated is vital for our bodies and can be detrimental if we do not give our bodies enough water. Spot The Signs Of Dehydration Before It Is Too […]Read More

How Does A Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Work?

Have you ever wondered how a hot and cold water dispenser works? Normally when you are getting yourself a glass of water, you simply press the relevant tap and tada! Water appears in your cup. The process which takes place within the water cooler is simple yet very interesting. Take a look at how a […]Read More

The Importance Of Office Water Coolers

With summer around the corner and the days getting warmer, it is essential to have one or more office water coolers for your employees. By providing your staff with easily accessible drinking water you increase their health and working ability. During the hotter months the higher your employees’ water intake, the happier and more productive […]Read More
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It Can Be Tough Finding a Good Bottled Water Delivery Service

Ordering water can be a lengthy process. It can also be rather daunting when reading complicated terms and conditions. Let’s face it – all you want is water to simply be delivered to your doorstep when needed. The Water Delivery Company offers quality and reliable water coolers. We have a wide range to choose from. […]Read More

This Is Why You Should Look Into Water Cooler Hire

Interested in investing in a water cooler but don’t know whether you should hire one or outright purchase? It’s quite a tough. Each has its advantages. Renting a water cooler or buying one totally depends on what you think is the right option for you. Before you consider a water cooler hire or purchase, here […]Read More

Ways to improve Productivity In The Workplace

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity in the workplace? Then you have come to the right place. Here at The Water Delivery Company, we believe in motivating staff so they can work to the best of their ability. Find out more below on how you can get your staff motivated and moving.   […]Read More

The Difference Between Spring Water and Mineral Water

Water is water some might say, but there are so many different types – it can be quite confusing what’s what! The difference between all the types of water available on the market is becoming ever so complicated. To make things simpler for you, we thought we would delve into the depths that is water […]Read More

Staying Hydrated | The Water Delivery Company

We all know how staying hydrated is vital throughout the day. The following Urine Colour Chart will help you understand your body’s needs by helping you to keep track of how hydrated you are. Simply compare your urine to the chart below, the lighter you are the more hydrated your body is. At The Water […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Has An Odour and The Water Tastes Odd

“Help! My water cooler has a strange odour and the water tastes odd!” Is something we hear now and again at The Water Delivery Company. Do not fear this is something that can happen to your water cooler, however, it is terribly simple to fix. Find out how to get rid of that funny smell […]Read More

Help! I Think My Water Cooler Has An Airlock

At The Water Delivery Company, we are all about offering the widest range of water coolers and drinking fountains available on the UK market. We not only pride ourselves on the size of our selection offered hydration solutions but our efficient and effective customer service. Although water coolers are reliable dispensers that require minimal maintenance, […]Read More

How Do I Sanitise My Water Cooler?

At The Water Delivery Company, we are here to help with all of your water cooler queries. A common question that is asked by our customers is “How do I sanitise my water cooler?”. Simply, follow our step by step guide below to find out more. How To Sanitise Your Water Cooler First of all, […]Read More

How Do I Change My Bottle On My Water Cooler?

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of water coolers and exceptional service. Staying true to this, we are here to help with issues you may face when it comes to your bottled water cooler. Many people often have difficulty changing the bottle on their water cooler. If this is […]Read More

General Water Cooler FAQs

At The Water Delivery Company, we stock and deliver a wide selection of water products to customers across the UK. We pride ourselves on our range of hydration solutions that offer the ideal way to provide your environment with refreshing drinking water. Something else that we take seriously is our high service standards. Ensuring that […]Read More

Help! My Plumbed Water Cooler Isn’t Dispensing Any Water

The Water Delivery Company strive ourselves on our exceptionally innovative range of hydration solutions and awesome customer service. That is why we’ve put together this quick troubleshooting guide for you just in case you encounter a problem with your plumbed water cooler. Let’s get started. Let’s Start With The Basics Now we hate to sound […]Read More

Help! My Water Tastes Bad!

At The Water Delivery Company, we are all about solving problems that may occur with your water cooler. Are you having trouble with the taste of your water that is being dispensed? Never fear, here is a quick troubleshooting guide that is sure to help you out. Is It Time To Sanitise Your Water Cooler […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Not Heating My Water

At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a range of water coolers to customers in and around London. We take our customer service levels seriously and have a vast selection of water dispensers that are guaranteed to suit any environment’s requirements. In line with maintaining long-term relationships with our valued customers, we thought we would […]Read More

FAQs About Our Plumbed Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer the most reliable and high-quality water coolers and drinking water fountains available on the UK market. With over 10 years of experience in the hydration industry, we have come across a few questions that our customers seem to ask us. We thought we would write a brief frequently […]Read More

FAQs About Our Bottled Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we provide a wide selection of water cooler and drinking water fountains for a range of environments in need of a trusted hydration solution. With years of experience in the sector, we have come across some general questions that many people ask. Well, let’s get started: Do I Need A […]Read More

Team London Awards 2016

At The Water Delivery Company, we love sharing good news! Last night our sister company Root7 were honoured with an award from The Team London Awards 2016 for their ongoing Corporate Volunteering In The Community with their chosen charity Commonside Community Development Trust. This charity aims to improve the lives and environment of people living […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Not Cooling

Are you having trouble getting your water cooler to cool down? Do not fear! The Water Delivery Company are here to help with this quick troubleshooting guide. There could be many different reasons as to why your watercooler is not cooling, try the following: Make sure that your water cooler is plugged on by the […]Read More

Why You Need To Invest In An Office Water Cooler

At The Water Delivery Company, it is our goal to ensure that businesses across London all have an office water cooler. We offer a wide range of hand-picked bottled water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers and drinking water fountains. Access to clean drinking water is the simplest measure to efficiently and effectively increase your employees’ productivity. […]Read More

We Are London’s Hydration And Coffee Specialists

The Water Delivery Company have over a decade of experience providing water solutions to offices across London. Our products are available for purchase or rental. Our rental contract includes a service level agreement, fixed prices throughout the duration of the contract as well as designated delivery days. We pride ourselves in our impeccably efficient and […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Leaking!

The Water Delivery Company has recently published a troubleshooting guide for our water coolers aimed to save our clients time. We receive a great deal of calls concerning water cooler problems and most often than not these issues can be fixed without much hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide to solve any problems which you […]Read More

Check Out Our New Range Of Products

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer a range of diverse hydration solutions that are sure to suit numerous environments needs and requirements. We offer water cooler hire and sales to a wide base of customers across the UK. Getting your hands on industry leading water systems has never been easier with us. Keeping our […]Read More

Short Term Water Cooler Rental

We aim to offer efficient and effective services to all of our valued customers to ensure that their office and home is never short of accessible, refreshing water. You may be happy to know that we offer flexible short term and long term contracts. We understand that things can change and sometimes things do not […]Read More

Rent An Office Coffee Machine From Us And Save

As autumn starts to take hold, the days are becoming colder and the sun seems to set earlier each day. Warm cups of coffee appear to be the only saving grace to get going in the morning. At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on offering the best hydration solutions available on the market […]Read More

We Featured In The David Brent Movie

One of our bottled water coolers was spotted in the new David Brent Movie and we thought we would boast about it a little. What Is this David Brent Movie You Speak Of Well, it’s actually called the David Brent Movie: Life on the Road. It is a mockumentary comedy written, directed and produced by […]Read More

The Importance of Hydration at Work

On average people working in northern European countries spend approximately 37 hours in their office typing away at their computers or being held up in prolonged meetings every week. Given how much time people spend at work, it is important to consider their hydration needs. Staying hydrated at work can prove troublesome as busy schedules […]Read More

Our Bottled Water Delivery Service

We deliver high quality spring bottled water to your doorstep. At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a large range of quality water products sourced from trusted manufacturers. As well as supplying a range of water coolers, we deliver both 19 litre or 12 litre water bottles to offices and homes around London. Delivery occurs on […]Read More

We Provide Hydration Solutions for All Industries

We have a variety of quality water coolers that are ideal for all sector hydration solutions. We understand that every sector has different needs and requirements. Construction A construction industry is expected, by law, to provide accessible drinking water on site. We stock 110v water coolers that have been specially developed to meet this industry’s […]Read More

The U Water Bottle Rack

We offer a wide variety of water cooler accessories that are sure to complement your water dispenser not matter shape or size. We pride ourselves in supplying complete hydration solutions to all of our customers. Not only do we invest in quality water dispensers and products, we also believe in investing in our clients. We […]Read More

Rent A Coffee Machine From Us

Want the best of both worlds? Well, when it comes to coffee and water products, that’s what we do. Not only do we offer quality water dispensers, we also stock and deliver premium coffee. Invest in one of our machines and within no time you can enjoy a delicious coffee blend. These popular machines are […]Read More

Remember To Buy Water Cooler Accessories

Need cups, cones or cup dispensers for your water dispenser? You have come to the right place. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide variety of both paper and plastic cups that come in different shapes and sizes. Plastic Cups This item is one of our most popular water cooler accessories and are […]Read More

Renting a Water Cooler from Us

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on our quality products and services. We aim to meet each client’s individual requirements as we know not every situation is alike. We offer long term rental and short term rental agreements. We believe in having a flexible approach and are able to set up an agreement […]Read More

Our Countertop Bottled Water Coolers

Are you looking for a bottled water cooler but don’t have much office space to play with? Well, we have some great news for. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide range of countertop bottled water coolers. Our range of countertop water coolers offer a practical way to provide a hydration solution without the […]Read More

Water Coolers in The Home

Are you looking to purchase or rent a water cooler for your home? Then look no further than The Water Delivery Company. We stock a range of bottled and plumbed-in water coolers perfect for the home. At The Water Delivery Company, we have hand-selected a wide variety of bottled water coolers to ensure that our […]Read More

Did You Know We Deliver Small Packed Bottled Water?

As our name suggests, we deliver bottled spring water to both homes and offices across the UK. Our exceptional delivery service is offered to customers within the M25 and has the lowest carbon foot print of any water company in our industry. Apart from our usual delivery of 12 litre and 19 litre bottled water […]Read More

Meet The Team At The Water Delivery Company

Ever wondered what our sales consultants get up to when they’re not working hard and providing quality service? You can be sure that their off days are their bonding days. Our awesome sales consultants had some down time at the cricket about 2 weeks ago. They went to Lord’s to watch the cricket series. Although […]Read More

We Believe in Being Environmentally Responsible

Our water is bottled at a source in the hills of Fonthill Bishop Estates, in Wiltshire. It is transported to London in an articulated overnight lorry and delivered to customers the next day. This delivery process is the most efficient way of distributing water cooler bottles at our clients. Optimal Fuel Efficiency Routes We are […]Read More

Short Term Rental Solutions

The Water Delivery Company are one of the UK’s leading water suppliers. We can provide both long and short term rentals for companies in and around London. With over 10 years of experience, we know what works and can provide an extensive range of hydration solutions. Sometimes you may need a water cooler for a […]Read More
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Quality Service Delivery | The Water Delivery Company

Having been established in the water delivery industry for over 10 years now, we take great care in delivering effective and quality service to customers across the UK. We will never negotiate our standards and professionalism. What We Offer We believe in assisting our customers to the best of our ability and ensuring that they […]Read More

5 Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

Summer is on its way and The Water Delivery Company are here to ensure that you keep hydrated. We rent and sell a range of different bottled water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers, and water fountains in and around London, to make sure that dehydration is not an issue when the sun starts to come out. […]Read More

Our Spring Water Quality

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with high quality spring water for their bottled water coolers. We deliver spring water in both 19 and 12 litre bottles to customers across the UK. Our spring water is drawn by a specialist water company located in Wiltshire. Fonthill has been supplying […]Read More

Why You Need An Under Sink Chiller This Summer

At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide variety of bottled and plumbed-in water coolers to ensure that our valued customers stay hydrated during the summer months with refreshing chilled water. Our range of water coolers come in different sizes, shapes and with a variety of functionalities. However, traditional bottled water coolers and plumbed-in water […]Read More

RECUP | The Used Disposable Water Cup Solution

We now have the perfect solution for your used disposable water cups. The Water Delivery Company are introducing the RECUP. An innovated design which makes disposing of your used cups easier and more economic. Here are some of the great reasons you should get a RECUP holder. RECUP was Specially Designed with Space in Mind […]Read More

British Water Cooler Association Auction Dinner

A few weeks ago The Water Delivery Company were honored to join the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) at their annual trade show and gala. This evening fundraiser took place in aid of a charity named Just a Drop. This international charity aims to reduce child mortality by delivering clean accessible and safe water to […]Read More

Sugar Taxing Aims To Tackle Childhood Obesity

George Osborne has unveiled a tax on sugary drinks in the UK, but what implications will this have for the end consumer? It was announced by Parliament that Britain will become one of the first countries to launch a tax on sugary drinks. This new legislation aims to tackle the increase of childhood obesity across […]Read More

World Water Day 2016

The United Nations’ World Water Day is held on the 22nd March annually to promote access to clean and fresh drinking water for everyone around the world. Numerous events are organised on this day within the workplace and schools to raise awareness for this cause. World Water Day draws vital attention to the ongoing environmental, […]Read More

Just How Important is Water for Our bodies?

We all know that water is one of the key elements to all living organisms on this planet. Some living creatures are made up of up to 90% water. Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. We use this water to help our vital organs digest food, transport blood around the […]Read More

Construction Site Necessities

Organising the necessities for a construction site can be a large task. One of the main aspects is water. It is vital that your workers have access to clean water at all times. Luckily here at The Water Delivery Company, we are on hand to supply you with both long term and short term water […]Read More

What does BWCA accreditation mean?

The Water Delivery Company is a member of the British Water Cooler Company.  The BWCA’s mission is to provide the consumer with a full peace of mind that they are receiving an unimpeachable product and service. The BWCA facilitates the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information between Industry Members and related bodies while serving […]Read More

A Bubble in Tiesto’s Music Video

One of our water coolers has made its way to fame in the music industry.  Well not really to fame, but we are featured in the new music video released by Tiesto. The Dutch DJ has combined with Oliver Heldens and Natalie La Rose to create The Right Song which was released earlier this year. […]Read More

What is the Difference between Arabica and Robusta Coffee?

Did you know that there are over a dozen types of coffee beans? When it comes to drinking your daily cup there are two varieties that are commonly used: Arabica and Robusta. If you are a keen coffee drinker but are unsure which type of coffee is better suited to your taste, look no further, […]Read More

Water Coolers for Construction

If you are in the construction industry you are aware that you have to abide by strict responsibilities regarding your welfare facilities on construction projects. We are here to ensure that staying in line with UK health and safety regulations is not as big of a struggle as it may seem. At The Water Delivery […]Read More

Water Purification Standards in the U.K

Water purification standards in the U.K are some of the highest in the world, ensuring that the public only consumes clean and safe purified water. Once water has undergone the purification process it is free from any harmful bacteria or viruses, and is safe for human consumption. Standards set out by the EU Water Drinking […]Read More

Different Types of Water Coolers

Searching for water coolers can at times feel daunting with numerous options out there. We thought it was about time we gave you some guidance into what machine may be right for you. At The Water Delivery Company we specialise in both bottle fed and plumbed in water dispensers. We offer an array of bottled […]Read More

Spring Water vs Tap Water

There is a lot of literature online debating the spring water or tap water question. Obviously, we are of the belief that bottled spring water is the winner here and thought we’d give you a few reasons explaining why. Personally, the idea of drinking recycled sewage isn’t the most appealing thing in the world and […]Read More

Interesting Coffee Facts

If you love coffee you already know how magical it can be especially during those days where a pick me up is drastically needed. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with an average of two billion cups being consumed everyday – that’s a lot of coffee! To celebrate the launch of our new range […]Read More

Bearing Our Support For Children In Need

The Water Delivery Company’s National Account Manager took on the role of Pudsey Bear earlier this month in support of the fantastic charity, Children In Need. The talented Adebayo Akinfenwa aka “The Beast” who plays for AFC Wimbledon also came along to show his support and strength by bench-pressing Pudsey for pounds! Children In Need […]Read More

We now deliver the best coffee directly to you

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce the launch of our new coffee products. We are now offering a variety of high quality bean or pod fed coffee machines which are ideal for any office. We have joined forces with Tudor®, Keurig® and other coffee suppliers to bring the finest coffee from around the […]Read More

Leaking Bubbler | Troubleshooting

If your water fountain bubbler is leaking – then you have come to the right place. We have created a basic troubleshooting guide that covers a diagnostic and solution process focusing on Elkay water fountains. If you have any further questions regarding a leaking bubbler, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 123 […]Read More

Why Water Is Important For Fitness

There are many people who don’t hydrate as much as the body actually needs you to. Particularly those who don’t like the taste of filtered tap or bottled water. This becomes especially alarming if you’re an athlete who underestimates the importance of proper hydration. Whether you’re a weightlifter, body builder, martial artist or just a […]Read More
Bottled water cooler

How safe is your water cooler?

Every year, more people are making the transition from drinking tap water to using water coolers or dispensers to get their daily dose of H2O under the assumption that bottled water is safer and tastes better. Unfortunately, some major issues are developing with water coolers across the country. The underlying issue is that proper maintenance […]Read More

How long does it take for a glass of water to go bad

Have you ever noticed that your water tastes funny after that’s been standing on your bedside table all night?  No, your water hasn’t gone bad and it won’t make you sick either.  Your taste buds also aren’t playing tricks on you, they’re actually quite accurate at detecting subtle changes in flavour. Water is vital to […]Read More

Are Your Colleagues Drinking Enough Water?

Staying hydrated at work is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, this is why you need to keep drinking water throughout the day. However, there are more benefits than just our basic survival to drinking enough water. For example, it’s vital for boosted productivity and activities that require extensive brain power. This means it […]Read More

Is there really a science behind the water cooler dispenser break?

Employers tend to frown upon office chit chat around the office water cooler dispenser, as they see it as unproductive and time wasting. It’s like the real world Facebook, where employees go to share stories about the weekend and throw in some baby and vacation pics while they’re at it. So it would seem reasonable […]Read More
Renault Twizy Sanitisation fleet

Renault Twizy now on the road

We have been looking around for a few years for a suitable electric vehicles to add to our fleet of trucks – and finally we have found one suited to one part of our business. Our sanitisation engineers run around London five days a week ensuring that customers water coolers are hygienic and sanitised. The […]Read More

Arrowhead Ceramic Water Dispenser

We received a photo of an Arrowhead Ceramic Water Dispenser dating back to the 1980’s from an individual in the United States this week. We used to sell a similarly designed water crock a few years ago but found that customers became frustrated with the lack of chilled water it provided and we discontinued the […]Read More
Early version of the water cooler

The Water Cooler and the Fight against Typhoid

If you’re to think about the water cooler, you’re more likely to see it as a source to quench your thirst for water and office gossip. And your point of view would not be far off the mark. The dispenser has played a role in office pop culture, even being featured in films, as the […]Read More

Supercooling water experiment

Filtered water is not only good for drinking and keeping hydrated, you can also use it to explore science and entertain the kids with the supercooling water experiment.  Below we will explain how to demonstrate the phenomena of supercooled H2O. Supercooling is the process of lowering the water’s temperature below freezing point, without it becoming […]Read More

Ghoulish Water Cooler Outfits

Especially pleased to receive some photos from a customer who purchased a 19 litre water cooler bottle from us. Truely a Ghoulish Water Cooler Outfit made from recycled plastic We will accept all entries next year!Read More

Is drinking water with meals really bad for you?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding drinking fluids with your meals.  Some say it’s perfectly healthy and actually aids digestion, while others are adamant that water dilutes gastric juices and slows down the digestive process.  So, what’s the deal? Below, we look at the pros and cons of drinking water with your meals and […]Read More

Artistic Water Bottles – Make Your Waste Mean More

When it comes to making the most of life – and everything it entails – there’s no reason not to apply the same attitude to your plastic waste. While many may believe that there’s nothing for you to do but throw it away, we disagree. In order to inspire your inner recycling guru, we’re taking […]Read More

Morning coffee vs water: which is best?

Most people need a caffeine boost to start the day, and can’t imagine waking up without a cup of coffee, as it has its own benefits. For example, it improves memory and cognitive function, and lowers your risk of Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and gallstones.  However, due to its psychoactive nature, it’s a mildly […]Read More
Water cooler design The Water Delivery Company

Taking Global Water Consumption For Granted

When you turn on the tap to fill a glass with water, we doubt that anything else crosses your other than the intention to quench your thirst. But what happens when getting a drink of water isn’t that simple? This may come as a shock to you, but 780-million people across the world lack access […]Read More
Water cooler design The Water Delivery Company

Design Trends with Water Coolers

Due to their rising popularity in both the home and office, water coolers have become a component to be considered when it comes to interior design. With so much focus on the look that can be achieved by various design methods, and the personality it can give a space the business that works in it, […]Read More

How to Tell Which Water Cooler to Buy

No longer only an accessory for the office, water coolers have become a safe and convenient must-have appliance for the home as well. Not only does its presence inspire people to drink more water, but the water it provides has also been filtered so that no harmful substances are found in it. When trying to […]Read More

Technology Turns Cow Poop into… Drinking Water?

Of all the technological advancements taking place in the World today, this seems to be one of the most impressive. Snappily named the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System, this recent technological development from Michigan State University involves putting waste into an anaerobic digestion and filtrations system to turn it into water that is clean enough for […]Read More

Hot Faucets Save Companies Time & People Money!

It’s an unspoken rule in the office: the start to any successful career involves doing the office coffee rounds. Recent studies have revealed, however, that this could be costing the company more than just a few minutes of the workers’ time each day. The average time spent making warm beverages by those entering the world […]Read More

Public Health England recommends water at mealtimes – and nothing else

Childhood obesity has reached crisis level in the United Kingdom. And in response, Public Health England is set to roll out a plan for cutting the nation’s sugar intake. A major point for this strategy, is that “children should be given only water to drink with meals,” since nutritional scientists have claimed sugary drinks are […]Read More
The Water Delivery Company Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Water Coolers

Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Coolers

Here at The Water Delivery Company we believe it’s important to take notes of the trends that take place in the water cooler industry, and to educate our customers and those who are interested as to why these trends may be taking place and how they can decide which water cooler is the best solution […]Read More

Our Water Coolers – Back in The Thick of It!

After a blog post last year touted our elation at one of our labelled 19-litre water cooler bottles (unbeknownst to us) found its was onto one of the BBC’s leading series, we’re glad to announce that we’re back in the spotlight. *Spoiler Alert!* One of our water coolers has beat back the competition to clinch […]Read More
2014 BWCA Audit

2014 BWCA Audit Distributor status achieved

The results from the 2014 BWCA Audit are in, and we are proud to let our customers know that we achieved distributor status. The British Water Cooler Association is the industry body – made up from water cooler companies across the UK – who work tirelessly to ensure that there are a set of uniform […]Read More

How an Office Water Cooler Can Satisfy the Brain

A recent study took a look at how the brain functions in relation to drinking water. When a person is thirsty and they drank water, the emotional decision-making area of the brain lit up. When not thirsty and they drank water, the regions involved in controlling movement lit up. Researchers believe that the latter area […]Read More

Looking back to October 2007

We were wandering our way through the archives on our server as we change to a cloud-based platform and found some pictures from back in 2007. Six years later and now we are in a premises around four times the size, it is nice to look back at where we were in our fourth year […]Read More
Stress and Water

Water and Stress

  It’s easy to buy into the latest potions and practices that claim to hold the secret to stress-free living. However, in so doing, we overlook the simple stress busting substance of water. Without having to break the bank or take up tree hugging, you’ll be able to look forward to a 2014 that is […]Read More
Drinking water work ethic benefits

Drink More Water & Improve Your Work Ethic

If you were asked to list some of the benefits that come from drinking water, they’d probably include such things as weight loss, detox and clearer skin. But what if drinking more water throughout your day could also have positive effects that could improve your work ethic and ultimately your performance. Read on to find […]Read More

What’s the Best Water Cooler for Your Office?

When it comes to choosing a water cooler solution for your office, there are a variety of options that can work. Presented here is a review of the pros and cons of the different types of water coolers that we supply, and hopefully a helping reference you can use when choosing the best water cooler […]Read More

Our Fleet of Vans

The Water Delivery Company has managed a fleet of vans & trucks for over ten years, as we have extended our coverage across London to become the largest independent bottled water cooler company in London As part of our environmental push in 2011 led us to forge a relationship with a local hire company and […]Read More
Water in Space

Water in Space Part One

The Water Delivery Company have been following a series of experiments by the Canadian Space Agency looking at how water in space reacts differently to water on planet earth. You may think we have better things to do during the hottest summer since 2007, but a busy day at work doesn’t stop the mind being […]Read More

10th Anniversary Party Photos

We stand proud that we have reached the 10 year milestone – and these shots show a selection of the faces (past & present) that have made this such a rich experience. Highlights included a horizontal bungee run, a 14.4ft karaoke screen & friends and loved ones. A selection of photos from our 10th Anniversary […]Read More
The Water Delivery Company is Ten Years Old

The Water Delivery Company | Ten Years Old & Counting

The Water Delivery Company is ten years old on 01.07.2013 and we are very proud of this achievement. When we started in the water cooler business we were coming into an industry that had been well-established for over 20 years in the UK. Thanks to the hard work of our staff over many years and […]Read More
Inflable Sumo Suit Fun Run

Inflatable Sumo Suit Fun Run

Always pleased to help out a local charity in South London, The Water Delivery Company was a little surprised when the request came from Super Sumos who were arranging an inflatable sumo suit fun run. The Super Sumo Run is a 5km fun run in aid of Link Community Development, a charity working to improve […]Read More
Wooden Crate for Glass Water Cooler Bottle

Glass Water Cooler Bottles

Regular visitors to our blog will know of our love of the original glass water cooler bottles that dominated our industry until the early 1980’s when PET reared its head. The design of many of these glass water cooler bottles was often very high quality and brands such as Great Bear spent not inconsiderable amounts […]Read More
Dan Oakley & Rob Innes

BWCA Full Member – The Water Delivery Company

The Water Delivery Company has become a BWCA Full Member.  The firm has passed the Association’s rigorous Distributor Audit. Owned privately and managed by Operations Director, Dan Oakley and Finance Director, Rob Innes (pictured left), the south-west London–based firm was established in 2003.  The company employs 40 people at its warehouse in south Wimbledon. The […]Read More
Delaire Bottled Water - Graff Wine

Stunning Graff Bottled Spring Water

We recently saw Graff bottled spring water on a visit to the Graff Wine Estate – Delaire . Well worth the time for any tourist to the Western Cape of South Africa. Described by the owners as “Delaire Graff Estate has achieved what owner and globally renowned visionary Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds International, […]Read More
BWCA Accredited Member

The Water Delivery Company is an accredited BWCA member

We are pleased to announce today that The Water Delivery Company has become an accredited BWCA member (British Water Cooler Association). After ten years supplying water coolers to thousands of customers across London we made the decision to test our standards against the leading industry association. Being an accredited BWCA member means a number of […]Read More
BWCA 2013 - Rob Innes

The BWCA 2013 | Sent to Coventry

So the BWCA 2013 mothership has landed in Coventry, and although representatives of The Water Delivery Company are in attendance, I am sorry to say that I am unable to make the conference event this year. Dan Oakley and Rob Innes are in attendance and are sending regular missives regarding the event and Nick Swan’s […]Read More
Water Cooler Website

Water Cooler Memories

We all grow up, even water cooler websites.. At The Water Delivery Company we have learnt a lot over the years. It is not just our customer base that has grown, our website has too. Old age catches up with all of us at some point (however much water we drink to stay healthy) and […]Read More
water only school

The idea(l) of a water only school

The idea of a water only school has been much discussed at head teacher meetings around the UK, as schools look to enforce the positive hydration message to students. Study after study has concluded that drinking water has a positive effect on children’s attention spans and learning – but can we force children to drink […]Read More
World map in water

The World Map In Water

We came across this stunning image of the world map in water while looking for inspiration for the new design of our website for English Spring Water – We are always on the lookout for great images – If you want the large version of the image please click here.  Read More

Call for soft drink sugar tax in Budget

The current debate on the soft drink sugar tax which has been proposed for the Spring Budget 2013 raises some interesting questions about the age-old debate between sugar drinks suppliers and the water industry. Quoted from the BBC website article on 29th January 2013 – “Leading medical bodies are calling for a 20p-per-litre levy on […]Read More
Water Cooler Sanitisation Room 4

Water Cooler Sanitisation Room

The Water Delivery Company finished work on their new water cooler sanitisation room over Christmas in time for the start of their tenth year in business. The old water cooler sanitisation room has since been retired and we have built this new facility to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of the health […]Read More

Our Plastic Nightmare

Our plastic nightmare debate continues. In today’s consumer world, plastic is everywhere – from plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plastic containers that encases our supermarket foods. It seems like you can’t go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we […]Read More
Great Bear Glass water cooler bottles - with crates

Great Bear Glass Water Cooler Bottles – Part Ten

We are fortunate enough to have had another customer in the USA send in some photos of his Great Bear glass water cooler bottles. Another in our series of articles on the glass water bottles that dominated the water cooler industry until the 1980’s when a suitable plastic alternative was developed and had obvious benefits. […]Read More
seawater to drinking water

Cornwall pair turn seawater into drinking water

A potentially “world-changing” concept using the power of the ocean to convert sea water into drinking water has been designed by two entrepreneurs from Cornwall. The pair came up with the idea after travelling and seeing water-related health problems across the world for themselves, such as children in Mozambique with cataracts contracted by drinking unsafe water. RCH […]Read More

Our Water Coolers In the Thick of It

Having enjoyed a partly Scottish upbringing I then moved to London to start up a water cooler business, and had hoped that the spectre of angry Scotsmen was well-behind me. In fact let me back track slightly and omit all my extended family from that cliched view of a Scotsman. So you leave the spectre […]Read More
bottled water brand Lady Gaga

Ga-Gasping for a drink? Lady Gaga to launch own bottled water

Lady Gaga is known for her making her mark in the worlds of music and fashion. However, she is set to step foot into a new industry – the world of bottled water. In quite an unusual turn, Lady Gaga has decided to launch her own “healthy drinking water brand”, using her status as an […]Read More

Valpre Water in South Africa

Valpre is Coca Cola’s branded water for the South African retail market and as such has the backing of the worlds largest drinks vendor and their marketing budget. The spring water that they distribute is natural (rather than the manufactured waters of some distributors such as Nestle). Their descriptive fluff on the water  is below […]Read More

A selection of South African bottled water brands

Possibly the last in the series on South African bottled water sold in restaurants across the Southern Cape. Again all of the bottles were produced within the local area and there were no imported waters on offer. This locally sourced model is something that the restaurant trade in the UK could learn from. The Moyo […]Read More
Clean technology safe water

Clean technology for clean water

University of Ulster scientists are collaborating with international research partners to develop a new ‘clean’ technology to destroy water toxins caused by harmful algal blooms. The research team, led by Dr Tony Byrne, is based at NIBEC, Ulster’s Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre where clean technology is a key research theme. Dr Byrne explains: “Clean […]Read More

Karoo Mineral Water

Karoo Mineral Water – photo taken at Coffee on the Rocks in Stanford, near Hermanus (Southern Cape). Our favourite thus far in our study of bottled water served in South African restaurants and hotels. The bottle has a really nice blown design and the clear labelling markets the product as a premium high end product. […]Read More
drinkable seawater reverse osmosis

Drinkable seawater not just a dream

Water shortages are unfortunately but unquestionably far too common. In countries all across the globe, people find themselves facing the constant threat of running out of clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. On top of this, demand for water is expected to rise by a third by 2030. But research is currently under way […]Read More

No water coming out of water cooler

You have probably reached this page if you have no water coming out of you water cooler – we can help. Bottled water coolers are relatively straight forward pieces of equipment and fairly easy for customers to troubleshoot. We will of course send out engineers to site if your water cooler is not working but […]Read More

La Vie De Luc rears it’s ugly head again in Ocean Basket

More on our series on the bottled waters found in restaurants around Cape Town. The concept behind this project was to map out the different ways in which bottled water is served across South Africa and also the major bottlers. Since we started this about five weeks ago it has been good to note that […]Read More

David Rogers had a baby boy

We are really pleased to announce that one of our water cooler service reps, Dave Rogers had a child on Sunday morning. Dave has been with us for over four years and delivers water across North London. He has a week off for paternity leave and then should be back to show off photos to […]Read More

Bottled Waters of Cape Town, South Africa

The small pack bottled water that is sold in restaurants is a small part of our business but always raises our awareness when out and about dining etc. Smaller pack water covers waters that are served in one-trip bottles and normally is available in sizes under 1.5 litres (330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5litre) and are […]Read More

Water companies need to clean up their act

Some water companies have vowed to improve after they were named among the most complained about in the country. The annual figures, released by the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), reveal that South East Water (SEW) was the most complained about in England and Wales in the last financial year.Southern Water came in as third […]Read More

Bottled Water in Restaurants in South Africa

The small pack bottled water that is sold in restaurants is a small part of our business but always raises our awareness when out and about dining etc. Smaller pack water covers waters that are served in one-trip bottles and normally is available in sizes under 1.5 litres (330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5litre) and are […]Read More

Berrington Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company have recently changed their supplier of small pack spring water to Berrington Spring Water – restarting a relationship from 2003. Our main business in the UK is delivering spring water for water coolers in either 19 litre or 12 litre bottles – and this part of the business has been our […]Read More


The BWCA AGM and general meeting is set to take place tomorrow at Ansty Hall outside Coventry. With a days meeting and then a dinner in the evening. The Water Delivery Company will be represented by Dan Oakley and Rob Innes for the first time since we made the decision to join the association and […]Read More

Ozonated Water Point of Sale – Hout Bay

Ozonated point of sale stand seen in the Spar Hout Bay – never seen anything like it in a supermarket. A very simple system that looked really impressive in the supermarket. Whatever the merits or otherwise that you see in ozonated/purified water vs spring/mineral water, the marketing efforts alongside or within the point of sale […]Read More

Bag in Box Water spotted in Cape Town

One of our owners is currently taking a working sabbatical in Cape Town for the year and in between office hours has been exploring the local tastes, flavours and aromas of a brand new country. While out over the weekend at a working farm in Kommetjie a bag in box water dispenser was spotted at […]Read More
bottled water needed after burst pipe

Water leak in Wales leaves locals high and dry

Welsh Water had to give out bottled water to vulnerable people after flooding cut off the water supply to 3,000 people across Llanelli. A burst pipe meant many homes and businesses in the surrounding area were left without water for six hours. The rupture also caused a large flood in Station Road, where the burst pipe […]Read More

One Trip Water Bottles – The Debate

One trip water bottles for water coolers emerged in the early 2000’s as a viable alternative to the recycled water cooler bottles that dominate the delivery of water in the UK. Normal water cooler bottles are delivered to clients and after use are collected – from there they are industrially cleaned, refilled and then sent […]Read More
RPG-7 PET water bottler launcher

RPG-7 turns water bottles into weapons

There are many guides to making your own water bottle launcher. But if money is no object, or you just want to treat someone (or yourself) then the RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher may be the way to go. Japanese company Maruda have designed this super-charged water bottle launcher; it turns a humble bottle of water into […]Read More

Water recycling at the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics has kicked off, and along with displaying superb events with top athletes, the Games are also striving to be a Zero Waste event. And one aspect of this is water recycling. An innovative water filtration scheme has been put in place to save wasting much of the non-drinking water at the […]Read More
office water coolers

BWCA encourages water cooler breaks for Olympics staff

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA), in light of the upcoming Olympics, is reminding companies to have water on hand and to encourage staff to drink their healthy, calorie-free eight glasses a day throughout the summer months. Regular water cooler breaks may not be enough in August, according to the BWCA. BWCA suggests installing big […]Read More

Young woman addicted….to water!

Drinking plenty of water is usually seen as a healthy habit and many people need to increase their daily intake. But for one young mother it is an addiction which causes her to consume a staggering 44 pints a day. Sasha Kennedy, 26, carries large bottles of water with her wherever she goes and rarely […]Read More

Bevyz Drinks Dispensers | A new perspective for the water cooler market

We were fascinated to see a new drinks dispenser – Bevyz – starting to launch its brand and product across Europe. Watch this space for more information on what could be a very fresh perspective on beverage dispensers for SMEs and other markets. The description below comes direct from their website – ” Bevyz multi-drink […]Read More
bottled water delivery

Isle of Man water boiling restriction ends

Isle of Man residents no longer need to boil their water, according to the island’s Water and Sewerage Authority. Those living in the south and east of the island had been advised to boil their drinking water for 48-hours last week, as the tap water was temporarily not safe to use. A spokesman said: “All […]Read More
bottled water delivery donation

Water donated to AIDS charity

Owners of a bar in Texas donated water to a charity supporting sufferers of AIDS. Frank Holland and Ron Nelson, owners of Pekers Bar in Oak Lawn, delivered 6,000 bottles of water to AIDS Interfaith Network to help homeless clients of the agency beat the heat this summer. “Our clients…worry about having enough to eat […]Read More
The Water Delivery Company and Paul Elliott

Celebrity Spotting

You know that we like to hob nob with the best of them here at The Water Delivery Company so we were pleased when our driver Julian bumped into Paul Elliott. What with Euro 2012 bubbling to an exciting conclusion football is on everyone’s mind here. Paul played professional football for a number of clubs over the years […]Read More

Proofing our new small pack water labels

Dear Customers, We have hit a wall and need your help. We have been trialing our own brand of small pack spring water – Our initial run at the labels was not as we hoped and we have somewhat gone back to the drawing board. The full options are on the small pack water […]Read More

How vital is water to our bodies?

Water is of major importance to all living things, and one of the key things we need to survive. In some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human body is water, with the brain being around 77% water, and the lungs are made from up […]Read More

Great Bear Glass Cooler Bottles – Part 17

Another great set of photos from the USA showing the glorious details that were added to glass water cooler bottles. The owner is looking to sell this bottle so please email us if you are interested.Read More
water rainfall hosepipe ban lifted

Hosepipe ban lifted after record rainfall

Seven water companies across southern and eastern England brought in hosepipe bans to combat drought, after two unusually dry winters left some groundwater supplies and rivers as low as in the drought year of 1976. However, Thames Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water officially lifted the ban last week, thanks to record rainfall in April, […]Read More
The Water Delivery Company Olympic Rings

Water Deliveries During the Olympics

Details regarding deliveries during the games: We strongly advise that in the lead up to the games where possible extra orders are placed to ensure you have enough stock of bottled Spring Water during the Olympics and Para Olympics. TWDC have secured extra resources of drivers and delivery vehicles in order to make extra deliveries […]Read More

Thailand breaks world record for the largest water fight

Water is a natural resource that we all need to survive and be healthy…but let us not forget that water can be enormous fun too! As nearly 4000 people proved in Thailand last year, indulging in the simple pastime of having a water fight can be not only fun, but also culturally very important. During […]Read More

Water Cooler Bottle Delivery – Different Styles Part 1

So we come to the end of our busiest week in our short ten year history and it’s time to reflect on how lucky we are. A big thanks to all our customers who have supported us (and our use of vans) during our busy times. Water cooler bottle delivery around the world isn’t always […]Read More
hosepipe ban water usage

UK hosepipe ban in a bid to battle drought

The government has enforced the hosepipe ban across many parts of southern and eastern England as a response to the driest two-year period on record. Those who ignore the hosepipe ban face up to a £1000 fine. However, many customers may be left feeling this is an unfair deal when water suppliers themselves waste billions […]Read More
water usage

Watching our water footprints

We’ve all heard about the increasing focus on reducing our carbon footprints, but there’s now a new buzzword that’s causing a splash – water footprints. This is the amount of water each country uses each year; it is not only what we use as individuals, but the water used in the production of goods and […]Read More
bottled water

Most expensive bottled water!

Water, a free and natural resource, has become an incredibly lucrative industry, with sales over an astonishing $15 billion dollars per year. We all know bottled water is expensive, considering the cost of the water itself, but the bottled water industry has increasingly become a competition of style. Here are some designer bottles of water…complete […]Read More

Operation WellFound – The feedback

We received a very kind email from Philippa Hatton of Operation Well Found. “I just wanted to follow up with a very quick email to thank you again for kindly donating the water coolers. We were fortunate to have space in both the West12 shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush on Thursday, which was World Water […]Read More
water cooler donation

TWDC donates water coolers to Operation WellFound

The Water Delivery Company is donating 20 water coolers, plus bottles, to Operation WellFound, a charity dedicated to providing sanitised water across the globe. Operation WellFound was established in 2005, and their mission is to provide clean drinking water to everyone who needs it, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. They also commit to spending […]Read More
World Water Day

World Water Day

The United Nations’ (UN) World Water Day is held on March 22 each year to promote access to fresh, clean drinking water for all. Many events are organised on or around this day to increase people’s awareness of water’s importance in environment, agriculture, health and trade. These events take place worldwide during World Water Day […]Read More

UK bottled water records strong performance in 2011

The UK bottled water industry reported substantial growth in 2011 with a 2.8% increase in annual sales, accumulating a total of over 1.8 billion litres volume sold. This increase is an incredibly positive sign in a challenging economic climate for manufacturers, with reports showing that approximately half of all households in Great Britain purchased bottled water, and did so more […]Read More

Jack Daniels Office Water Cooler

  The latest in our line of novelty water cooler bottles is the Jack Daniels water bottle – nice idea but as a purist will know – a whisky is not best served chilled. We are sorry but this line is now no longer available.Read More

Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles

Another posting in the series of vintage glass water bottles. We have just purchased from the USA a further glass water bottle – further information on the Great Bear Water Bottles can be found on our main blog. The detail we could find on Great Bear is surprisingly limited though. The Great Bear Spring Company manufactures […]Read More

Reusable Water Bottles

Water coolers are an absolute necessity in any office space and even in your home, because they will supply you with the best water, always chilled and tasty. But what happens when you go out of the resting place where the cooler in the office stands, or just out for a walk around the neighbourhood. […]Read More

Use Plastic Bottles as Christmas Decorations

Bottled Water can not only quench your thirst, but also serve as a Christmas decoration this year. If you want to get really creative this holiday, you can take advantage of the bottles you order from us. You already are familiar with the amazing quality of our spring water and all its necessary nutrition for […]Read More

Schedule Maintenance before Holidays

Like any device, water coolers need to have a regular maintenance check up. The holidays are approaching and we thought we can give you some useful tips on how to care for them during that time. By care, we mean maintenance. Since by the end of December the maintenance of the coolers will be the […]Read More

Storing your Bottled Water

If you have recently purchased one of the Bottled Water Coolers on the market then you may be thinking about where to store that extra bottle of water. Firstly, now the basics to storing water that is bottled. It is important that it isn’t in a place that is too hot or too cold. If […]Read More

Halloween Party with Bottled Water

If you are planning a Halloween party this year, expect lots of guests and all of them thirsty, so pack up on bottled water. Sure, you are going to buy plenty of fruity, sugary, and alcoholic drinks for the guests but there is nothing more important than water. Though everyone is going to enjoy all […]Read More

Weather Depression Helped by Water Coolers

Water Coolers can help you steer clear of the typical depression that comes around with the change in weather. Usually as it gets colder and the holidays are on the way people tend to get depressed. The warm sunny days are over and thinking about getting organized about the upcoming holidays and putting money aside […]Read More

Sponsorship for The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

The Water Delivery Company are proud to announce that we have sponsored the supply of water to a launch evening for “The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation”. The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation aims to: To help residents become effective local charity donors and volunteers. To increase the value of gifts through matching opportunities and tax efficient […]Read More

Fillongley – The Home of English Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company are delighted to announce the ex Nestle bottling plant at Fillongley, is officially “open for business”, trading as Fillongley Spring Water Ltd. Offering contract bottling services across the UK. In 2001, Nestle/Powwow designed and built a “state of the art” bottling plant in Fillongley, Warwickshire costing over £6 million, it was […]Read More

Swindon Most Water Conscious

Recently there was a national survey that revealed that of all of the cities in the UK Swindon’s residents were most conscious of the water they use. Water coolers are a big part of that as they don’t require consumers to wait for water to cool before pouring a glass to drink as water is […]Read More

Private Label Water Cooler Bottles | Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon water cooler bottle The Water delivery Company has worked with many customers in the past to develop private bottle labels for small pack bottles of water but a recent project with Moet & Chandon has developed something we think is truely new.Read More

UK summer coolest since 1993

UK’s summer ‘coolest since 1993’ says Met Office This summer has been the UK’s coolest since 1993, provisional Met Office figures indicate. The figures cover 1 June to 29 August. But while this summer has been wetter than 2010, it has not been as wet as 2007, 2008 or 2009. The temperature during August has […]Read More

The Oomphalapompatronium

An all time favourite use of small pack bottles – Recycle | Recycle | RecycleRead More

Water Cooler bottle drumming

Water Cooler bottle drummingRead More

Water Cooler bottle sculpture

An interesting water cooler bottle sculpture from an event held in the USA – we were passed this by a PR company.Read More

Barclays feature Zenith water cooler in new advert

The Water Delivery Company are proud to announce that Barclay’s have chosen our Zenith water cooler as the lead model in a new advertising campaign. After appearing in ‘The Apprentice’ for the last three years we are pleased that its an ever upwards curve for our famed water cooler. Please click on the image for […]Read More

Paper Water Bottles from Brand Image

A very interesting product from a a product design company in the USA. Although not in production they have taken the concept of a paper water bottle a long way. Images of the paper water bottles are shown below – and a summary document on the product Can be downloaded hereRead More

Getting Paid For Recommending Us

The Water Delivery Company has a gift for you! If you have used our services and you are satisfied with your bottled water delivery, you can recommend us to a friend or  another business. The surprise is that for each recommendation we will give you a voucher of ₤20 for Mark and Spencer. All you […]Read More

Ceramic Water Dispensers

The Water Delivery Company is very open-minded when it comes to water coolers. You have all seen the traditional designs of coolers, but what  we have in store for you is unique and unconventional. Ceramic water dispensers. This is not exactly a cooler, but comes very close to it. Let’s not forget that not everybody […]Read More

Zam Zam Water

Interesting news regarding the contaminated Zam Zam holy water being sold in the UK. The president of the Association of Public Analysts said he would “certainly would not recommend” drinking it. Holy drinking water contaminated with arsenic is being sold illegally to Muslims by UK shops, the BBC reported. Zam Zam water is taken from […]Read More

Prepare For the Summer with Water Coolers

The summer is almost here and it is time you looked into what types of water coolers there are on the market. You may not realize it now, but you will once the summer heat hits. One of these days, you are going to be taking a walk outside and the only think you will […]Read More

Tips for Conserving Water (part1)

The Water Delivery Company wants to share some useful tips on how people can conserve water. Turn off your running water while you brush your teeth, wash your hands, or when you are washing dishes. You can fill a cup of water to rinse your teeth instead of taking sips from the running faucet or […]Read More

Project Wet Educates Children

Project Wet is an education program for children and this Thursday a lot of students learned about water pollution, Water Delivery and water cycles. Four-hundred students from the Tampa bay area dedicated an entire day learning about water. This program continues to develop for fourth consecutive year and is called “Make a Splash”. This project […]Read More

Customers Rate Our Bottled Water Delivery Services

If you are looking for the best Bottled Water Delivery services on the market – stop here and check our website. We have uploaded tons of our customer’s references, because we feel that what the customer has to say is priceless. The feedback is yet another point of promoting our services and we are very […]Read More

Water Coolers and Stress Awareness Month

It is about time people realised that drinking water relieves stress and that Water Coolers might help in doing that. This month many health  organizations all over the world are trying to catch peoples attention and teach them about stress and what it does to our health. Many do not even acknowledge that is has […]Read More

World Water Day is launched

Wise words from Water Aid are given below – Ahead of World Water Day on22 March, WaterAid has revealed 10 comparisons between the time the UK population spends on everyday activities and the time people in the world’s poorest countries spend fetching water. We spend 47 minutes and 48seconds commuting (TUC). It may feel like 47 minutes too many, but it’s still less […]Read More

The office water cooler is the place for Romance

We always suspected it, but now it’s official. The office water cooler is, and has always been, the most likely place you’ll meet the love of your life. It’s a place where everyone goes at least a couple of times a day, and makes small talk; somewhere you can get an idea of what someone […]Read More

Get an office water cooler instead of a pet

Many say that a pet around the office can help workers concentrate and relax them, providing a calming presence when things are going crazy. Not only this, but there is the opportunity of being selected to care for the office hamster/cat/puppy/iguana over the weekend; for some, this responsibility is a career highlight. We, however, believe […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company helps Allotment Owners

For many, the winter season means a break from the garden, away from watering the plants, flowers, and maybe the occasional fruit tree that can withstand the extremes of the British weather. For others, however, colder climes mean that growing, planting and tending still continue, as allotment owners across the UK brave the elements, all […]Read More

Make an online order for your office water cooler

There are a number of ways in which you can order our delicious spring water for your office water cooler, and we’ve made it even easier and more convenient for you to do this. You can either set up an email reminder system with us, so that two working days prior to your delivery day […]Read More

Act like a celeb with a bottle of water in your hand

We all know that in order to be anyone that’s anyone, one must look fashionable, fantastic, and glowing at all times. Of course, we’re not fickle, just concerned about the wellbeing of our clients and you, our avid blog reader. This is why we’ve come up with a way to look fabulous the easy way, […]Read More

Princes Gate and the Big Lunch

We’re a sociable bunch at the Water Delivery Company, and we love to hear about, and of course participate where possible, in community events, particularly those which bring together neighbours who may not have a chance to get to know each other otherwise. The Big Lunch, in association with the Eden Project, is a nationwide […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company get involved with CHASE

Here at The Water Delivery Company, we’re always interested in getting involved in community events and local fundraising drives, particularly when they’re for a great cause. We recently received a letter from CHASE, a charity that provides invaluable hospice care for children and young teenagers, and who are now preparing for a merge with The […]Read More

Our favourite “add water” drinks: Whittard tea

As we sadly come to the end of our much celebrated “add water” blog, we end on a high, with a The Water Delivery Company favourite, which is delicious at any time of year, and can be enjoyed at any temperature. Whittard’s huge range of powdered fruit teas could not be easier to make- simply […]Read More

Our favourite “add water” drinks: Hot chocolate

Following last week’s blog celebrating a wonderful tea, this week we turn to an old classic. It warms the heart and the tummy, is perfect after a cold day outside or to snuggle with in front of the fire. You can even put marshmallows in it. Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gents, we present….the hot […]Read More

Our favourite “add water” drinks: Love tea

As we’re sure you know by now, we at The Water Delivery Company just love our water, water coolers, water cups….but most of all, we love the things that we can use our water for, that is, delicious “add water” drinks which are good for the palate and the soul. In celebration of this, we […]Read More

Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

We promise this is the last in our five gallon (19 litre to you Brits) glass water bottle series – we have blown the novelty water bottle budget for a few years. Our finale is probably our favourite as it also includes the original metal lid that sealed all water cooler bottles for many years. […]Read More

Hong Kong Water Coolers

Water Cooler images from trip to Hong Kong and China between 7th and 12th january 2011 – not that interesting for most of the population (but we liked them).Read More

Make Princes Gate part of your Supper Club Menu

London has always been a hip place to be; buzzing nightlife, fantastic support of the creative and performing arts, wonderful parks to hand out with your trendy chums and just, you know, live the life. With all this, a new craze has taken the city be storm, changing the dining-out experience in a way that […]Read More

Watery fun at Thai New Year

We at The Water Delivery Company just LOVE water; that’s why we drink, think about, talk about, write about and of course deliver it to the doors of our beloved clients. But it’s not only the ingestible kind we’re a fan of, oh no. Our Sophie recently travelled to Thailand in search of watery fun […]Read More

Choose Princes Gate for your Wedding Reception

Getting hitched is almost certainly going to be one of the most important days of your life; friends and family gather to witness the coming together of people in love, and to celebrate them promising to be together forever. Whether you’re planning a small or large scale event, with hundreds of guests or maybe just […]Read More

Facebook is the alternative Office water Cooler

In an age where everything we do, think, breathe and experience is posted online via Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, or any other social networking site we care to be associated with, there comes the tricky debate between couples of how much of their private lives must be publicised for the world to read about. As some […]Read More

Get yourself into the Office water cooler Crowd

Starting a new job is never massively easy; you’ve got to get in with the boss, show them what you’re made of, you sometimes start at the bottom of the ladder all over again when you’ve been working upwards for many years previously, and then there is of course getting in with the office water […]Read More

Absopure Glass 19 litre (5 gallon) water cooler bottle

The Water Delivery Company are pleased to announce the arrival of our second 19 litre (5 gallon) water cooler bottle. This time a high quality Absopure glass water cooler bottle from the United States. We think this glass bottle dates from 1963. Detail on the Absopure 19 litre bottle below. Don’t get overexcited but we should […]Read More

Wind Turbines fall short in the Cold Weather

Our friends across the pond (the Atlantic pond, that is) in Minnesota seem to have the ‘green’ thing down to a T, with $3.3 million being spent on environmentally friendly innovations such as wind turbines, as well as residents funding their own solar panels. A wonderful idea, that is until the turbines are foiled by […]Read More

How the recession increased Alcohol consumption

The 2009 recession was a tough time for everyone, with many being made redundant, and money being the worry on everyone’s minds. As incomes decreased, it seemed that the level of alcohol sales in the United States was not going to stop rising, except what consumers were buying was the thing that was changing. Across […]Read More

The Two Ronnies on Water

The Two Ronnies on WaterRead More

Water cooler Lambeth and the Spray Toad

We’re big water and animal lovers at water cooler Lambeth, and as a result, we particularly like stories where the two find themselves combined in a tale of love, life, tragedy and happier ending…. This week we’re finding out about the utterly adorable spray toad, which resides the in the spray created by the waterfall […]Read More

Set up an automated office water cooler delivery

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to think about in your working day is whether or not your handy supply of water bottles for your office water cooler will actually be turning up this week. One of the best ways to take this menial problem off your mind is to set up an […]Read More

Arrowhead Puritas 19 litre glass water bottle (5 Gallon)

The Water Delivery Company is chuffed with itself. After many months of searching both the UK and the USA we have in our hands an original glass 19 litre (5 gallon) bottle. The bottle was designed to be used on top of water coolers and was returned to Puritas after use for cleaning and refilling […]Read More

Give the gift of an office water cooler this Christmas

Let’s face it, being the boss at Christmas time is not necessarily masses of fun- you’re giving out bonuses, organising office parties (which, to be fair, you get to enjoy once the stressful part is out the way), and sorting out the secret Santa presents which you’re not sure anyone will actually like anyway….why not […]Read More

Water cooler London Christmas Solutions

It’s that time of year again: the family are preparing to come round/invade your humble abode for the big day, Christmas shopping is (almost) underway, and you’re thinking of ordering the turkey to avoid the last minute queues. When you’re catering for or entertaining large numbers this festive season, one thing you don’t have to […]Read More

The Office Water Cooler takes to the Stage

If you’ve been lucky enough to be in the Big Apple recently, you may have seen advertising for something so incredibly extraordinary and original, that you simply could not resist its charms, and had to pop your self along to see what all the fuss was to be about. ‘The Water Coolers’, brought to life […]Read More

Water Cooler Bottles Product added

We’re water cooler nerds – plain and simple. With a long established pedigree of finding new and interesting products that wow the world of water coolers. However there are – within some of our range – some of the most boring products available in the world of retail. Essential, but dull ….. can’t live without […]Read More

Water cooler London loves improved river water

Always delighted to hear watery news, we at water cooler London are all smiles after hearing of a new Government initiative to improve the quality of the water in Britain’s rivers. The stretch of land from Lincolnshire to Essex and from Northamptonshire to the coast is home to 758 rivers, all of which will be […]Read More

The water cooler London muppet awards: 1st place

It’s the blog you’ve been hanging on the edge of your seats for, wondering who has been silly enough to be awarded first place in our “Water cooler London Muppet Awards” for ridiculous, water-related incidents that sports people have involved themselves in. Randy Moss, who, after being on the losing team during a 1999 American […]Read More

The water cooler London muppet awards: 2nd place

In last week’s instalment of the “Water cooler London Muppet Awards”, in which we celebrate/laugh at silly people who have a go at their innocent water cooler, we heard about how Carlos Zambrano destroyed a gatorade machine when he was sent off. A bad loser if ever we heard of one. This week it’s the […]Read More

The water cooler London muppet awards: 3rd place

We’ve been doing a little bit of research into the abuse of various water coolers as part of sporting events, and have become somewhat alarmed at our findings. It seems that when players of particular sports (namely basketball, baseball and American football) become aggravated, they take it out on the nearest piece of machinery they […]Read More

Dubai Taxis to Install Water Coolers

A new initiative to bring bottled water coolers into the backseats of taxis across Dubai has been confirmed to go ahead, following a deal signed between the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the United Arab Emirates city. The three month trial period for the scheme, during which 350 […]Read More

Fancy an Animal-Shaped Office Water Cooler?

It’s common knowledge that having a groovy office water cooler in your place of work is of utmost importance; you and your colleagues need somewhere to relax, get refreshed by delicious spring water (at room temperature or cold, however you like it), and, possibly most importantly, somewhere to have a good old natter and catch […]Read More

Our favourite watery things

The water cooler Camden team live, eat, breathe, sleep water. That’s the way we like it, and quite frankly, the way they like it too, particularly as our spring water is so good for you. In celebration of this fact, and of our beautiful team, we thought we’d share some of our favourite water-related products […]Read More

Water cooler London and the Battle of Waterloo

As we love history, and of course all things water-related, we thought that we’d have a little look at the battle of Waterloo, and get all of our water cooler London customers thinking a little bit about water (sort of) and its influence in history. On June 18th 1815, forces of the French Empire, lead by the […]Read More

Water cooler fables: The dog and the meat

In the last of our office water cooler-friendly fables series, lovingly penned by Aesop to help us avoid falling into tricky situations, we hear about the dog who simply wasn’t willing to accept what he had, and thus lost in whilst striving for something he thought would be even more satisfying; this, of course, turned […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company is on

You’ll be thrilled to hear that there’s another way you can catch up on all the water goss as it happens- The Water Delivery Company page on AboutUs is wiki based site and the page basically sums up our company and what we do, so that lovely people like you can read all about […]Read More

Water cooler fables: The crow and the Pitcher

Following the roaring success of our water cooler fable recounted in last week’s blog, we thought we’d share another with you, to pass on around the office water cooler and impress all your workmates. This time round, we hear about the clever crow who, upon stumbling across a pitcher of water with a low water level and thus […]Read More

Water cooler fables: The goat, the fox and the well

It’s always lovely to be able to show off your extremely brilliant and knowledgeable self around the office water cooler, and what better to share with your work mates than water-related stories, such as those lovely fables penned by Aesop all those years ago. This week, the moral of the story is “Look before you […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company Office goes Live

For many of our dedicated and loyal customers, the level of customer service we provide at The Water Delivery Company is more than satisfactory; indeed, it is really rather good. As part of our work to keep this up, we’ve set up a webcam in our office, so you can see exactly what Dan is […]Read More

Water cooler Merton visits the Abbey Mills

As you may have guessed by now, we love water. And this is why we like to spend our weekends around Merton Abbey Mills, the delightful old water mill which now plays host to an abundance of stalls selling jewellery, clothes, furnishings and other home-made goods, all day on a Sunday. Not only this, but […]Read More

Aquatina Water Bottle from The Water Delivery Company

The innovative Aquatina Drinking Water Bottle – As seen on Dragon’s Den London, 27 July, 2010: The Water Delivery Company is pleased to announce the launch of the Aquatina – an economically friendly, collapsible drinking bottle. The Water Delivery Company will be stocking the Aquatina and will be distributing the Aquatina to its wholesale customers across the […]Read More

Make time to talk with water cooler Kensington

It seems that more and more we find it hard to make time for those we love, with work and running households taking up the majority of our time. Particularly in this difficult period, during which many are still feeling the affects of the recession, the office becomes more of a first than a second […]Read More

Our Water Coolers Being Loaded out of the Factory

Here are some snaps we took of our water coolers being loaded out of the factory where they are produced, sealed in a container and sent on their way to these shores. We have high quality bottled water coolers in a variety of styles manufactured for us in China – the coolers are loaded into […]Read More

Office water cooler chat: Lovely lunch spots in London

More than anything, or maybe about as much as we love gossiping around the office water cooler, we love our food. You name it, we probably enjoy it, and with our extensive sampling of lunching/dinner munching at restaurants in the capital, we thought we’d share some of our favourite with you. Maybe we’ll even see […]Read More

The Aquatina Collapsible Water Bottle Launch

The Water Delivery Company is happy to announce the launch of the newest and most exciting water bottle product in the last decade. It’s called the Aquatina and has a completely new design. Unlike all other water bottles this one can collapse to about one quarter its original size, this can be handy in a […]Read More

Water Bottle Sculpture is a Triumph

In a recent blog of ours, we brought you thrilling and exciting news of Tom Boyd, who built some really super looking sculptures out of bottles that he acquired from yours truly, The Water Delivery Company. When we heard what he wanted them for, to create some art which promoted the idea of using sustainable […]Read More

Water cooler London learns a thing or two from Bolivia

We’re quite a well travelled lot at water cooler London (have we mentioned that before?), and only last year we journeyed to the beautiful country of Bolivia, where we learnt a thing or two about saving water. In the stunning desert, where electricity is switched off at 8pm every night, there is no hot water to […]Read More

Keeping cool on long-haul flights

Summer is well and truly on the way, and many of us will be jetting off to exotic locations to get away from the UK, from the office water cooler routine, to soak up the sun somewhere where it is more-or-less guaranteed (rather than prayed for, like here at home). If you’ve got a long-haul […]Read More

Water cooler London get set for Wimbledon

It’s creeping towards one of the most popular annual British sporting events once again, and water cooler London can’t wait- Wimbledon is here, and we’re definitely in the mood for sunhats, flags, strawberries and cream, queuing for hours and praying for Centre Court tickets. If you’re going to be up and about and waiting those […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company arrives at Glasto

There’s nothing we like better than our bottles being recycled/reused for exciting and innovative projects, particularly if they’re artistically inspired and will bring a lot of people a lot of joy. So can you imagine our delight when we discovered Tom Boyd, who recently came in and purchased some of our old bottles, used them […]Read More

Make and do with Water Cooler London: part 2

Having treated you to some super creative ideas of things to do with your plastic water cooler cups last week, this time round we look at paper cones and the numerous possibilities they present. So if you’re a loose end, let water cooler London inspire you to make and do with these wild ideas; Party […]Read More

Make and do with Water Cooler London: part 1

If on these cold, wintery days and nights (particularly if you’re snowed in, what with the Big Freeze and all) you’re stuck for something to do- or indeed stuck in the office being unable to get home, we are here to rescue you from dreaded boredom. We like to think that we’re a rather creative […]Read More

Hold water cooler Wimbledon style party

After our good friend Andy’s second place achievement in the Australian Open, the nation is pinning their hopes on him for a win at Wimbledon this summer. To show support for our favourite Scotsman, why not gather all your friends and family round at yours, ply them with tennis-related nibbles (such as energy bars, carrot […]Read More

Water Cooler Balham: The long awaited feature

It’s been a while since there was a decent film made about a water cooler, and that’s why we love the idea of producing one. We have in fact made a new friend recently- the lovely James, who just happens to be studying for a PhD (yes, we know, very clever indeed) in film at […]Read More

Water Cooler London stories: part Two

Following the unprecedented success of last week’s instalment of “Water Cooler London Stories: Bonkers things people say”, Sophie once again earns several brownie points just for being, well, nosy. And for keeping her little ears pricked up in anticipation of juicy stories or bizarre conversations. This time Sophie was in a well-respected club, on a […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company – Industry Comment

The Water Delivery Company were asked to comment on the arguments for sale and rental options for water coolers – and our summary was published in the April/May 2010 edition of cooler innovation.You can view the original version by clicking on the link – the-water-delivery-company-cooler-innnovation-may-2010. “In the light of coolers becoming cheaper to buy, how can […]Read More

Water Cooler London stories: Part one

Never short of an amusing story or three to share whilst in the office, we thought we’d blog some of them for you in a new, two-part series that we affectionately call, “Water Cooler London Stories: Bonkers things people say”. Quite catchy, we’re sure you’ll agree. This week, we hear of how our Soph, whilst on the train […]Read More

Essential hydration for actors

Over the past year, the importance of keeping hydrated as part of maintaining a healthy life style and water coolers being provided at work has been widely publicised. With over two thirds of the body made up of water, drinking enough is essential for maintaining energy levels and a sense of wellbeing. One of our […]Read More

Battersea water cooler for local pets

Battersea is a great place to live- beautiful, spacious park, easy access to central London and the surrounding areas, thriving nightlife and culture, and stunning accommodation with some of the best views in the city. Not only this, but Battersea is home to the nationally known Dogs’ Home, which provides a loving environment for many […]Read More

The office water cooler provides the best drama

The well-loved institution that is British comedy seems to have done nothing but get better and better throughout the Naughties. Series such as Peep Show and Green Wing entice audience onto their sofas week after week, along with golden oldies that remain some of the best shows around (who watched Monty Python this Christmas? We […]Read More

Which Water Cooler Tooting personality are you?

It’s a well-known fact that the office water cooler really brings out the best (and worst/most frightening/more bizarre) things in oneself and in one’s colleagues. If you’re having a browse of our blog on your well-earned lunch break, read on, and take our little quiz to find out, which water cooler Tooting personality are you? […]Read More

Water cooler Islington and drinking water abroad

We’re an intrepid bunch at water cooler Islington, and because of this, many of us have, on numerous occasions, been off to far away, exotic lands to seek adventure (amongst other things). We’ve also been known to have a few water-related hiccups between us, so we thought we’d share our top tips, gained through experience, […]Read More

Water Cooler Streatham is DrinkAware

We at Water Cooler Streatham do like a good knees-up, and like to have a drink or two in honour of any said knees-up. We also know the importance (and the benefits) of matching our drinks with water, to save us feeling rough the morning after, and to help keep our bodies safe from the potential […]Read More

POWWOW Water Coolers enters administration

According to industry sources, Powwow water coolers finally pulled the plug on it’s UK water cooler base of over 50,000 and has called in the administrators. In what would be the UK’s first high profile administration of a water cooler company we expect there to be some anxious customers needs emergency delivery of water and […]Read More

Watery tunes that we love

To help keep our focus on water throughout the day, at water cooler Clapham like to maintain a steady flow (oh blimey, we are funny) of music in the office; the more water-related the better. Here are some of our favourite tracks: Surfin’ USA- The Beach Boys: A super, summertime, feel-good track, all about the […]Read More

Office water cooler chat: How we surprised our Valentines

We love a good old love story, and we particularly enjoy hearing all about each other’s romantic encounters. Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to show the one you love how much you really care, so we quizzed each other on how we made our feelings known on February 14th this year, beginning with […]Read More

A record-breaking week for Water Cooler Wimbledon

The watercooler world usually dries up (ho ho ho) over the winter period, as temperatures drop and people are less inclined/have less need to stay completely hydrated and refreshed in the cooler weather. But not for The Water Delivery Company, oh no. Following our record-breaking sales in the summer of 2009, we thought we’d never […]Read More

Entrepreneurial students start water cooler business

A group of young entrepreneurs from Burnley have started up their own water cooler business, with the help of a social enterprise scheme, with the aim of providing one of the campuses of their sixth form college with coolers. The students from Thomas Whitham Sixth Form will use the money they make to contribute to […]Read More

Water Cooler Clapham and The Big Freeze

In the midst of this wintery weather, it’s all too easy to forget ourselves and our watery needs (even though we have plenty of reminders all around us, what with the rain and snow), and to keep ourselves hydrated. Having been hanging around South London a lot in the past few weeks, we’ve found the […]Read More

The Water cooler London crossword Challenge

We all love a bit of a puzzle, which is why we’ve decided to come up with a marvellous water cooler London related crossword for you all to indulge in. The words you’re looking for are as follows: Nozzle, bottle, cone, litre, spring, water and delivery. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy! K T […]Read More

Water cooler Camden’s New Year’s resolutions

We at Water cooler Camden can barely believe we’re so far through 2010 already; it’s clearly all the fun we’ve been having looking after our customers, installing new water coolers, and of course meeting all our new clients and getting to know them a little. We have however somewhat neglected our New Year’s resolutions, so […]Read More

Bottled Water has the lightest environmental footprint

We found this article in the Food Bev online magazine of great interest and encourage anyone looking into the environmental impact of bottle water to read it. “A new study finds that water, in all its forms, has the least environmental impact of any beverage choice. And when compared to other packaged beverages, including soft […]Read More

Stackable 19 litre bottles – finally

We search the Internet for new ideas that may change how we distribute our products – and also store/stack our products. And this week we found the new design by designer Yujin Kim showcased in the Yanko Design online magazine –  the 19 litre stackable water bottle. A simple indent at the base of the […]Read More

Scotland Yard office water coolers part of cost-cutting

The recession of 2009 was one of the most difficult periods in a long time, for a lot of people- small businesses went bankrupt, and many feared their homes would be repossessed. On the 30th December last year, the Government announced that one of the newest budget-saving schemes would be to cut the amount of […]Read More

Plug pulled on water coolers in Islington

Islington council, who proudly call themselves one of the greenest boroughs in London, have decided to pull the plug on funding for office water coolers, stating that precious funds are being wasted on frivolities such as these when there is nothing wrong with drinking from the tap. Following the laws that all employers must provide […]Read More

Water Cooler Westminster under surveillance

In an age where security is always tight and we’re being constantly watched, it seems as though even the office water cooler will soon cease to be a private place to be alone with your thoughts, according to legislations in the United States which are being pushed for by Government Officials. With so many people […]Read More

Our fave “add water” drinks: Blackcurrant squash

There aren’t many drinks around that can say they taste good when they’re both hot and cold. In fact, there aren’t many drinks around that can say anything at all…which is why we’re here, writing our blog series about our fave “add water” drinks, so that those without a voice can be spoken for. Of […]Read More

The Water cooler Westminster review of 2009

Now that we’ve reached 2010, we thought we’d do a quick review of the year that has just passed, and look back on some of the good times we had throughout 2009. We hope you enjoy… January: The Water Delivery Company celebrated its sixth birthday. Nearly at the double digits! May: Temperatures soared and sales […]Read More

Ed Miliband can’t resist the office water cooler

The secretary for Climate Change, Ed Miliband, has recently received criticism for his willingness to spend money on his own office water cooler, whilst encouraging others to make do with drinking from the tap. The Labour MP is said to have claimed over £1,500 for the cooler and water to supply it, all on expenses. […]Read More

Around the Water Cooler in Balham

Many of us are self-employed, which can mean lots of long days at home, with only your laptop/home office/cat/dog/puppy/iguana/any other exotic pet you might have for company. The hours often drag by, and ways in which to break up the day and make it more interesting become sparser. This is where we can help. If […]Read More

Water cooler stops play for Shockey

We can safely say, the machines that we supply at water cooler Islington are not hazardous. Unless you kick them with undue force, of course. An American football player is sitting out this week after injuring his toe after swinging his foot at the locker room water cooler in a fit of rage (what he […]Read More

Make your own Rose or Orange Blossom Water

Cooking with unusual ingredients can be very rewarding, and we all love to impress our guests with unusual recipes and flavours. Using rose water and orange blossom water is a way of doing just this, with their unique taste, but purchasing these rare treats can be expensive. We at The Water Delivery Company believe in […]Read More

Disgruntled employee poisons co-workers

Fifty-five employees of a nuclear power plant on the West coast of India have been poisoned by contaminated water, taken from the office water cooler, which is thought to have been laced with tritium by a fellow worker. The substance, used for creating glow-in-the-dark watch hands and for triggering nuclear bombs, sent the fifty-five to […]Read More

Ode to the Bottled Water Cooler

We at The Water Delivery Company just love the bottled water cooler. How it works, what it does, what it provides. There are few ways in which we feel we can adequately express this passion, so we’ve had a go and composing some poetry, acrostics poetry to be exact, which we hope conveys the depth […]Read More

Christmas themed bottled water coolers

Let’s face it, your office or home bottled water cooler might not be the most festive thing you own. In fact, it may well be something you don’t necessarily want in the way of your glorious Christmas decorations which adorn the workplace, helping everyone get in the festive spirit. However, we at The Water Delivery […]Read More

Let your pets into the fun of a water cooler

Imagine this: you have yourself a lovely water cooler installed in your home, efficiently and easily by The Water Delivery Company. It provides wonderful, clean spring water for you, your family, and your guests whenever you desire it. One day, whilst taking a drink, you notice little Rover/Fluffles gazing longingly at you, at the water […]Read More

A helping hand with air cooling energy saving

It was made known yesterday that Green Grid, one of the many companies lobbying to promote energy saving and good, green behaviour in business, has released various samples of software which will help companies both measure their energy use when it comes to cooling the air inside their building, and determine how much of this […]Read More

Make your own water cooler ice rink

‘Tis the season to be jolly, to bring glad tidings, to enjoy the wonderful variety of wintery wonderlands that are cropping up all over the capital at this festive time. Among the Christmassy treats are numerous ice rinks, complete with lovely fairy lights and often mulled wine/mince pie stands, just to really get you in the mood. […]Read More

Water coolers will be drained fast at Rio 2016

After an emotional wait and announcement, the population of Rio de Janeiro are celebrating winning the Olympic for 2016. The city’s preparations will be starting shortly, working on improving security and safety around Brazil’s most vibrant city, and also beginning a massive clear up operation of the lakes and sea around the coast, which will […]Read More

London weather great for water coolers, not so much for frogs

As London’s temperatures rise as a result of global warming, and our barbeque summer dreams disappear (but then reappear in the middle of October when it gets lovely and warm again), water coolers are back in action and rehydrating workers and residents all over the city. Even though we’re glad to have the hot weather returning, […]Read More

Water Coolers take to the Chicago stage

It’s finally happened- a satirical musical has been penned about the life and times of a water cooler (or rather those who gather around it on a daily basis for idle chitchat and gossip- of which most of us are one too, I feel), and is being performed at the Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago. In […]Read More

TWDC Blog in Cooler Innovation Magazine

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce that our very own blog was featured in this month’s edition of water cooler industry magazine cooler innovation. The article at on the back page of the magazine previews our blog article on Water Cooler Bottle Experiments on Channel 5 All in the office are walking with […]Read More

Don’t waste water!

Being in the United Kingdom where it rains, let’s face it, all the time, we’re not very careful with our water supply as we think it will never run out. However, recent reports show that more than a billion litres of drinking water are lost every day in Scotland through leaks. Apparently the country’s waste water […]Read More

Water Coolers meet Modern Art (Finally)

The parts of modern art that we – at The Water Delivery Company – align with the most are those that look to objects commonly found around us and raise the profile or the design or function up to a higher level. As part of the water cooler and water delivery world we had no […]Read More

Healthy kids drink water

With childhood obesity levels reaching an all time high around the world, it’s important we take action now to assist in the prevention of obesity in future generations. According to studies childhood obesity has become so serious it is now a public health concern. Children are becoming less active and eating more, which certainly doesn’t make […]Read More

Oktoberfest needs water coolers

The annual Oktoberfest was held recently in Munich much to the delight of the numerous beer festival goers. Although most people only visit the festival for two to three days, the entire festival actually runs for sixteen days straight and attracts close to six million people every year. The festival has been very popular amongst […]Read More

How to choose the right water cooler for you

When deciding upon a water cooler that’s right for you there are a lot of things to consider. If you are looking for a water cooler for your home, you want it to be mess free, hassle free and of course easy to maintain and safe for your little ones to use. There are renting […]Read More

The Water Cooler of the Future

Taking your cup to the office water cooler to fill up a few times a day mustn’t seem like a big deal, everyone does it, it’s not a chore, but it’s not really the most riveting of tasks. But all of that is sure to change in the next few years. The Water Cooler of the future […]Read More

19 litre Water Cooler Bottle Experiments

Global Fame for the much maligned 19 litre water bottle. A few months ago we had a phone call from a gentleman who was keen to purchase some water cooler bottles. Normally this is no issue for us as this is the heart of our business – however things weren’t as they seemed. After a […]Read More

Emptying Your Water Cooler Drip Tray

Really nothing too complicated here but a useful video showing how to empty your water cooler drip tray. We have tried to come up with more detail but really there’s nothing else that needs to be said. If you have any questions regarding The Water Delivery Company, feel free to leave a comment on this post, […]Read More

Water Coolers and the Power of the Internet Viral

A Water Cooler Goliath gets it right in the eye from an Internet David We all love a good moan and when we know we are absolutely in the right, the ability to add righteous indignation to our ranting makes many of us glow with glorious feeling! Ben Betts from has gone even further! […]Read More

Water Bottles Go Greener

The bottled water industry – that ‘Aunt Sally’ target for environmental criticism fights back and shows its determination to Save the Earth! I’ve written before, on The Water Delivery Company blog site, about my frustration with lazy journalists writing about the damage water bottles and bottled water generally are doing to our environment. In an effort to […]Read More

Water Cooler Leaks – and What To Do!

Water coolers will occasionally leak – and when they do its important you know exactly what to do and to do it quickly. Below we demonstrate the most common reason for ‘water cooler leaks’ and exactly what you should do to prevent upset and water damage, and some easy taps.  1) Please check the drip […]Read More

Water Coolers and the BBC and our £400,000!!!

Guardian journalist Donnachadh McCarthy exposes the scandalous water expenditure of the BBC. Both the remaining Guardian subscribers, upon rising this morning were treated to a glorious article regarding the BBC’s expenditure of over £400,000 on bottled water. We spoke to them after breakfast, and to quote them ………….  APPALLED …………  left feeling BETRAYED and ABUSED ………… […]Read More

Water Coolers Delivery Gets Greener

Water coolers are going to be delivered slightly differently from the 1st of August 2009 The Water Delivery Company’s two new vans  looking a little changed from the usual livery the existing fleet sport! That’s because the company has taken the initiative of teaming up with Streetvan in an effort to go greener and go […]Read More

How To Change The Bottle On Your Water Coolers

The Water Delivery Company, in a response to a number of requests from our clients, are pleased to present a series of short films addressing the most common problems facing clients that have water coolers in their office, and simple instructions on how best to trouble shoot those issues! Today we have Mitch demonstrating the […]Read More

Wembley Awards Spring Water Contract to Icelandic Water Company

The Water Delivery Company sells water. It buys that water from a Spring source in Wiltshire. Each week we receive many enquiries from prospective customers and one of the most common questions we are asked is ‘Where do you get your water from?’. Basically prospective customers want to check our ‘Green’ credentials before committing to […]Read More

Water Coolers beat Contaminated Water

A small village in Scotland has been warned off drinking their own tap water after Scottish Water uncovered increased levels of cyrptosporidium in the local water treatment plant. The bug can cause a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, including diarrohea, vomiting and painful stomach cramps.   Although none of the locals are believed to have been […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company Feedback Form

The Water Delivery Company is continuously looking to improve the quality of our water cooler products and services. We would appreciate any positive feedback from our customers which we use internally and also (with permission) use within the reference section of our main website. If you have any problems with the form below just email […]Read More

Record week for The Water Delivery Company

The Water Delivery Company is happy to announce that a number of company records were broken in the past month.  Much of this was due to the soaring temperatures that London experienced towards the end of June, with one day it being hotter in the capital than it was in Bangkok. This led to the […]Read More

A “Water Cooler Moment”

The phrase “having a water cooler moment” was apparently coined back in the early nineties when a disgraced childrens television personality sparked off a network of chats by the water coolers in many a work place across the country. A “water cooler moment” can be described in formal terms as a discussion that takes place […]Read More

A Water Cooler beats the Volvic Challenge

Owning a water cooler makes sense- it creates a point of interest in the home, allows the water cooler vendor to have frequent access to chilled and squeaky clean water, and can boast that it’s more ethically sound than continually buying bottles of water from the supermarket. On the other hand, launching a campaign which […]Read More

A Water Cooler to tackle Excessive Sweating

For any of you who watch Channel 4’s – not-for-the-faint-hearted – Embarrassing Bodies, you may have seen a recent episode which tackled the problem of excessive sweating. This topic is of particular interest to the Water Delivery Company and its sister company, the Water Cooler Company because it brings to the fore the importance of […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company and STOMP

The Water Delivery Company recently donated some used 19 litre bottles to The Highway Primary School, Orpington to help it with a STOMP event they were running for their students. We hope you enjoy the pictures of how our 19 litre bottles can be used as musical instruments. Very kindly Liz Maltman wrote back to us after […]Read More

Water Aid Sponsorship from The Water Delivery Company

The Water Delivery Company are pleased to annouce that our latest sponsorship of the Water Team in aid of Water Aid completed their mountains climb and raise a good amount of money for charity. There press release is shown bel0w. On Saturday 6th June 2009 the Perth and Kinross Council Private Water team achieved their […]Read More

Under Sink Chiller website in beta testing

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce that the latest addition to it’s suite of product specific websites has been launched into beta testing – “Under sink chillers have long been an important part of our product range”, said company director Mike Mayos, and in order to keep providing customers with the highest […]Read More

Water Coolers – Essential for the Office

It’s very rare these days that you see a business without an office water cooler for their employees to drink from.  Especially with the expectation of a hot summer, companies are preparing for an increase in the demand for instantly cooled water.  By providing their workers with water coolers it means there is a steady […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains website launched

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce its joint venture with The Water Cooler Company and Connect Pure – the launch of  marks the latest development of a mature online offering for offices and residential customers in the UK. has been launched to showcase the wide variety of internal and external drinking water […]Read More

Summer 2009 Weather Predictions are out

Never, ever listen to someone who tries to predict the weather – a slippery path leads forward from heeding such advice . But – maybe – if this forecast comes from a world renown news source we should sit up and take note. So we find ourselves in a quandry after reading the BBC’s prediction […]Read More

How much water should you drink?

How much water should people drink? The age old question – asked and answered regularly  by water companies, nutritionists, doctors and governments across the world. Water – as with other substances –  is necessary for all life on Earth. Humans can survive for several weeks without food, but for only a few days without water. […]Read More

Save a Cup Scheme

The Save a Cup Scheme as established by the larger players within the vending, food service and plastics industries as an independent service that provides a collection service for the millions of hard-wall polystyrene cups used in the UK every week. It is something that The Water Delivery Company strongly support customers in using – and something we […]Read More

Home water coolers

The Water Delivery Company started off targeting the home water cooler market in the UK back in 2002 – but soon moved away from this as we found that the general public was not yet ready to embrace the idea of water coolers in the home en masse. We do still have a home water […]Read More

Latest Zenith Bottled water cooler

The Water Delivery Company today took shipment of our latest batch of the ever popular Zenith Water Cooler from our production facility in China today – and stock is now ready for dispatch on a wholesale and retail basis. Details on the Zenith Bottled Water Cooler Certainly our best looking water cooler in brushed stainless […]Read More

More Water Coolers means Less Sick Days

The Water Delivery Company has been doing some work inspired by the idea of one of our competitors, Water for Work and home who are a bottled company based in Kent who have launched an innovative Water Wellbeing kiosk for their clients. Essentially a stand that is placed in the clients offices, the Wellpoint allows […]Read More

Water is Cool in School Initiative

We recently stumbled across a website initiative based around the project of getting more school children to drink more water within schools and think highly of the project. Water is Cool in School – – was sponsored by ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) For a long time we have become used to a telephone […]Read More

All Water Cooler blogs on Twitter

What is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re still trying to work out the value to us as a business – is it in the way we communicate with drivers who are out on the road? Is it in using the service as a way to communicate with our customers?Is it to announce the release of […]Read More

Natural Hydration Council

It’s that time of the year again when issues surrounding bottled water in general and trusted into the news at the behest of the entrenched utility water suppliers – most notably Thames Water.  Please put  a reminder in your diary for the end of April 2010 for the next time this debate will emerge in […]Read More

Order a free Princes Gate Sampler Pack

As part of our continued launch of Princes Gate Spring Water we are offering all existing and potential new customers in London a free sampler pack of our small pack water. The Water Delivery Company sell both sparkling and still Princes Gate water in a variety of sized bottles from 330ml to 1.5litre. These are […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company and Twitter

What is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re not yet sure but have set ourselves up a Twitter profile –  a world first water delivery and water cooler Twitter focused account! If you go to our Twitter site and become a follower you get our updates. Just go to and link your profile to ours. […]Read More

Water Cooler Sanitisation Kits

The Water Delivery Company sell bottled water coolers to customers in London and also across the UK. As part of this service we recommend other water cooler companies in your local area who can deliver suitable bottles of water and also maintain and sanitise your water cooler. For customers who choose not to have their […]Read More

Water Cooler Accessories – The Cup Dispenser

The Water Delivery Company is not trying to teach you how to suck eggs here – but you would be amazed at the amount of questions we get regarding water cooler accessories – most commonly the cup dispenser. We appreciate that this won’t be  blog entry to excite everyone. One of the more common accessories for […]Read More

Fluoride in the UK water supply

A high percentage of our residential customers come from the USA where water coolers are significantly more commonplace in the home. One of the reasons for this is that the US water supply contains fluoride and many people don’t like to drink this mass medication through the mains water. This is certainly one of the […]Read More

What’s the difference between spring and mineral water?

Many people consider all bottled water as being the same, but in reality, they differ greatly in terms of source and treatment.  These differences are often very subtle, for example, some are labelled as spring water and others as natural mineral water.  So what’s the difference? The distinction between the two types of water sold […]Read More

Water Delivery for G20 leader

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce that we stepped in to ensure the comfort of the Korean Leader – Lee Myung-bak – during the current G20 meeting to save global capitalism. As twenty of the world’s leaders are meeting in London the water delivery company is spending its days avoiding the disruption caused by the […]Read More

The Shelf life of Bottled Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company deliver spring water to customers in 19 litre and 12 litre bottles which are fully compatible with the water coolers we rent and sell to customers across London and the UK. We are often asked questions about the shelf life of our water and this blog should answer questions regarding the […]Read More

Sanitising a water cooler

The Water Delivery Company sell customers a wide range of bottled water coolers for use in the office or the home.  While this can save customers money in comparison with renting a water cooler it is important that customers santise their water coolers on a regular basis. This ensures the hygenic integrity of the water […]Read More

Water Cooler Supplier to the Apprentice Again

 The Water Delivery Company are today toasting the launch of the new series of The Apprentice and the third year in a row when our water cooler was the source of refreshment to the youngsters and featured in the reception area before the boardroom. The Summit Water Cooler was chosen this year over by the set […]Read More

The Cooler Directory and The Water Delivery Company

We at The Water Delivery Company have been known at times to be water cooler nerds. This blog confims our standing and shows the bottled and POU water cooler world across the UK and Europe.   The cooler directory and is the first annual directory and website of their kind and it is produced […]Read More

Legal obligation to provide Water at Work

Legislation that all employers should bear in mind In the UK, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 all employers have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Specific regulations apply to the provision of clean drinking water and eating facilities, but there is no legal duty […]Read More

Water@Work in association with Unison

Promoting the benefits of Water@Work has been an initiative obviously close to the interests of The Water Delivery Company. It is however firstly a legal obligation for all employers in the UK and also strongly supported by major unions such as Unison  and leading public sector employers. This detail below is an interesting section from […]Read More

The EPWDA and The Water Delivery Company

The EPDWA was formed with the aims of promoting, developing and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ethics within the European Point-Of-Use Drinking Water industry, to the benefit of customers. “Point of use” is a term used solely within the water cooler industry for bottleless water coolers. It is of little use as a term […]Read More

Bottleless Water Cooler Water Requirements

The Water Delivery Company rent and sell all types of water coolers to customers in London from bottled to bottleless water coolers, drinking water fountains and under sink chillers. You will need to contact your local water authority for advice if you are installing your bottleless water cooler by yourself or if you have any doubt […]Read More

Princes Gate Spring Water available now

The Water Delivery Company supply spring water in small packs of still and sparkling spring water to corporate and domestic customers across London. The award-winning Princes Gate Spring is a natural water spring which is sourced from an artesian well on an organic farm. The water source is located alongside a modern, state of the […]Read More

World’s First 100% Biodegradable Small Pack Water Bottle

A company in the States has launched what it claims is the first 100% biodegradable water bottle! At present they are only manufacturing them in the individual small pack bottle sizes that we can all carry around – and no news as yet whether this would be a viable material for the large office sized […]Read More

Heard the one about the Holy Water?

The office challenge? Find the funniest water related joke! To make a daunting task less overwhelming I start with my own jolly effort…. How do you make Holy Water? You boil the hell out of it! That cant be too hard to beat over to the rest of you! Mike Sir Bobalots entry!: A […]Read More

What is the EBWA in the water cooler world?

There are two main water cooler industry bodies in the UK – the BWCA and the EPDWA – which ensure that our industry is well represented and that members adhere to certain core principles and methods and used throughout their business. The EBWA – the European Bottled Watercooler Association – states it’s objectives (shown below) on […]Read More

Water Coolers and the Bowel Cancer UK Charity

Did you know that April 2009 will be Bowel Cancer Awareness Month? During the month we will be working with the charity Bowel Cancer UK to raise awareness of this disease. Drinking plenty of water can be a great aid to avoidance of this condition and thats where we come in – along with the […]Read More

Celebrity Water Cooler Spotting – Joe Calzaghe

The Water Delivery Company have eleven and more  vans out across London on a daily basis and a little incentive we offer all drivers is that if they can take a snap with a celebrity either by a water cooler or by their van then they are given a bonus. Drivers forget and we have […]Read More

Troubleshooting your water cooler

Here at The Water Delivery Company HQ we often get calls from customers seeking water cooler troubleshooting advice. So we thought it was about time we published a list of common water cooler issues to save you, our valued customers, time. The first step in troubleshooting your water cooler is identifying the problem and figuring […]Read More

Storage of Bottled Water for Water Coolers

The Water Delivery Company deliver customers Spring Water in 19 litre and 12 litre reusable bottles – this water is then stored and consumed by customers within a short timescale – typically within two weeks but this can be up to three months. Therefore we think it is important that customers should have full details […]Read More

Water Coolers – The importance of elderly citizens drinking enough water each day

A year ago, 88-year-old Jean Lavender used to find walking any distance a struggle. Now she is keen to get outside for a walk most days. And she puts the transformation down to the most simple of medicines – water. She is one of a group of residents at a care home in Suffolk who […]Read More

Stillages and water bottle racks for storage

The Water Delivery Company are the UK’s leading vendor of water cooler accessories online. Stillages and storage racks are a small but important part of our offering to our customers If customers are using large quantities of water bottles on a regular basis we recommend that they talk with us about purchasing or renting a […]Read More

Supplying Water Coolers throughout London

The Water Delivery Company is one of the original london water cooler companies.   We provide a service throughout London that ensures the delivery and maintenance of any water coolers that are rented from ourselves,  we also provide a delivery service for 19 litre bottles of water to all of our customers. The way the Water […]Read More

Dr Snuggles with water worries

An old favourite cartoon for those of a certain age. Dr Snuggles with his concerns over running out of water – and how to deal with the problem. For any detailed information on Dr Snuggles please click the link over his name – and if you want details on how to avoid running out of […]Read More

A rant about POWWOW by its customers

We found this online and thought it was interesting – We are amazed by the power of the Internet to bring together groups of previously unconnected people. Everything below is taken from an online blog about POWWOW started up by an ex customer. “Please don’t hesitate to contact me – a rant about Powwow Water […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company wins industry award

  The Water Delivery Company is very proud to announce that in the 2007 industry analysis by the independent analysts Plimsoll we have been listed as the only “New Star” in the industry. A New Star is a company incorporated within the last 5 years that is performing well above the industry benchmarks for financial […]Read More

Fifth anniversary of The Water Delivery Company

The article below is taken directly from an Article published in the Cooler Innovation magazine – the industry magazine for the UK water cooler industry. The Water Delivery Company is celebrating five years in business by expanding its operations, implementing an environmental policy and helping its local community.  The South London based firm that supplies business […]Read More
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