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The Water Delivery Company blog was set up to provide our customers with more information on our hydration products and services. We are the leading supplier of bottled water coolers within London and were founded in 2003. We are part of a group of companies – Drinking Waters – who provide hydration solutions to customers across the UK

Established in January 2003 to “deliver the highest quality spring water and water coolers to workplaces and homes at the most cost effective prices” we have grown organically to our current base of over 3000 water coolers. We remain privately owned and retain many of the same staff that helped start the business – please see for more information.

Our 6000 sq ft head office and distribution centre is based in Wimbledon from where we service all our customers within London. We also have a separate administration centre in Essex to cope with overflow demand.  The Water Delivery Company can also supply mains-fed water coolers through our sister company The Water Cooler Company (

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Please call us on 0845 006 3309 with any questions or email

No water coming out of your water cooler

You have probably reached this page if you have no water coming out of you water cooler - we can help. Bottled water coolers are relatively straight forward pieces of equipment and fairly easy for customers to troubleshoot. We will of course send out engineers to site if your water cooler is not working but [...]


The BWCA AGM and general meeting is set to take place tomorrow at Ansty Hall outside Coventry. With a days meeting and then a dinner in the evening. The Water Delivery Company will be represented by Dan Oakley and Rob Innes for the first time since we made the decision to join the association and [...]

Reusable Water Bottles

Water coolers are an absolute necessity in any office space and even in your home, because they will supply you with the best water, always chilled and tasty. But what happens when you go out of the resting place where the cooler in the office stands, or just out for a walk around the neighbourhood. [...]

Use Plastic Bottles as Christmas Decorations

Bottled Water can not only quench your thirst, but also serve as a Christmas decoration this year. If you want to get really creative this holiday, you can take advantage of the bottles you order from us. You already are familiar with the amazing quality of our spring water and all its necessary nutrition for [...]

Schedule Maintenance before Holidays

Like any device, water coolers need to have a regular maintenance check up. The holidays are approaching and we thought we can give you some useful tips on how to care for them during that time. By care, we mean maintenance. Since by the end of December the maintenance of the coolers will be the [...]

Storing your Bottled Water

If you have recently purchased one of the Bottled Water Coolers on the market then you may be thinking about where to store that extra bottle of water. Firstly, now the basics to storing water that is bottled. It is important that it isn’t in a place that is too hot or too cold. If [...]

Halloween Party with Bottled Water

If you are planning a Halloween party this year, expect lots of guests and all of them thirsty, so pack up on bottled water. Sure, you are going to buy plenty of fruity, sugary, and alcoholic drinks for the guests but there is nothing more important than water. Though everyone is going to enjoy all [...]

Weather Depression Helped by Water Coolers

Water Coolers can help you steer clear of the typical depression that comes around with the change in weather. Usually as it gets colder and the holidays are on the way people tend to get depressed. The warm sunny days are over and thinking about getting organized about the upcoming holidays and putting money aside [...]

Fillongley – The Home of English Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company are delighted to announce the ex Nestle bottling plant at Fillongley, is officially “open for business”, trading as Fillongley Spring Water Ltd. Offering contract bottling services across the UK. In 2001, Nestle/Powwow designed and built a “state of the art” bottling plant in Fillongley, Warwickshire costing over £6 million, it was [...]

Swindon Most Water Conscious

Recently there was a national survey that revealed that of all of the cities in the UK Swindon’s residents were most conscious of the water they use. Water coolers are a big part of that as they don’t require consumers to wait for water to cool before pouring a glass to drink as water is [...]