Our Spring Water

Naturally filtered,
great tasting spring water

Keep your staff hydrated with our high quality,
bottled spring water, delivered to you
when YOU want it.


The Water Delivery Company’s water is drawn by a specialist water company in Wiltshire called Fonthill who have been supplying and distributing high quality spring water since 2000. The Water Delivery Company have been distributing this water since 2009.

Fonthill is a high quality, pure English spring water from a historically protected source deep in the hills surrounding the 7,000-acre Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire. The water is naturally filtered through limestone rock before emerging from modern boreholes close to the historic Penning and Berwick wells. It has a light, refreshing taste and a balanced mineral composition.

• Fonthill is an ISO 9001 registered company. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates their commitment to quality and the importance on meeting our customer’s needs. Fonthill’s ISO certificate number is GB9728 and a copy of their quality manual is available on request.

• Naturally dissolved Minerals typically present (mg/l) – Calcium 92, Magnesium 10.7, Potassium 2.33, Sodium 7, Potassium 0.3 & Nitrates 17.

• The pH Value of the water is typically 7.5.

• A detailed breakdown of the mineral content of the Fonthill Spring water carried out by an independent laboratory is available on request to all customers.

• All our water is bottled at one source and originates from a natural spring which has been drawing water since it was built. The aquifer has of course been supplying water for hundreds of years before that.

• The naturally filtered water from this spring is bottled daily at source in a secure and clean environment.

• The shelf life of our bottled water – dependent on storage – is up to six months. Click here for full details on the shelf life of our water.

A strict code of practice and daily testing of the water ensures that the high quality of both the water and bottling process are maintained. Fonthill water is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards and is also approved by the main industry regulatory body.

For more details on the spring water please go to www.fonthillspringwater.co.uk and if you have any further questions on the quality or cost of our water please call us on 0845 006 3309. Please note that we are unable to refund any collected un-opened bottles due to the fact we are unable to sell water that has been on a customers site. For contract bottling information please also get information from our contract bottler.

We reserve the right to supply water from an alternative source during exceptionally busy periods.

Please download or view the carbon footprint summary for our water  view pdf  or  download

Please download or view the brochure for Fonthill Water  view pdf or  download