Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

We promise this is the last in our five gallon (19 litre to you Brits) glass water bottle series – we have blown the novelty water bottle budget for a few years. Our finale is probably our favourite as it also includes the original metal lid that sealed all water cooler bottles for many years. It also comes from a brand – “Great Bear” who have been in business since 1888 which has developed a very loyal following over many years.

great bear Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water BottleThe detail we could find on Great Bear is surprisingly limited though. The Great Bear Spring Company manufactures and markets bottled spring water. The company was founded in 1888 and is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Great Bear Spring Company operates as a subsidiary of Nestlé Waters North America Inc.

The company takes its name from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem about the father of Hiawatha who, desperate for water, found a spring and named it Mishemokwa, which means great bear.

The images below were taken on using an Iphone and if customers want higher quality images please email

pp. Recent Great Bear Water Bottle in crate from an interested collector in America. The wooden crate was used to store the glass bottle securely and is rarely seen in such a perfect state.

great bear water bottle and crate 169x300 Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

ppp. Another Great Bear bottle and crate from a collector in the USA. The crate shows sign of wear and tear but some nice detailed shots

great bear bottle 3 300x224 Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottlegreat bear bottle 300x224 Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottlegreat bear bottle 2 300x224 Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products. He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent bottled water cooler supplier.

47 Responses to Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

  1. Alicia Cartisano Alicia Cartisano says:

    We have a glass bottle with the crate and we are looking to cap the bottle. Can we request a cap? I looked through the website and I’m not sure where I can purchase one. Can you please let me know. Thanks so much.

  2. brett brett says:

    how much would you be selling for that?

  3. admin admin says:

    They sell in the United States for anywhere between $50 to $100 dollars dependent on quality.
    If you can find a bottle with an original wooden crate then it can reach $120 – dependent on demand


    The Water Delivery Company


    Hi have a GB crate and water bottle, I was told that mine could be from the early 1900s. there is not words on the bottle and you can just bame out the words on the crate. the bottle has a green color (colour for you brits)

    How can I post pictures for you??

  5. admin admin says:

    Many thanks for your contact. Please email the images of the bottles to and we will post them up online. we really appreciate you communicating with us (reach out for you Americans :-))

    We would love to get our hands on a great bear crate if you want to sell it on to some passoniate water cooler bottle collectors (boy that makes us sound fun)

  6. paul robilotti paul robilotti says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures I sent. My grandfather used the bottle in the crate to put some of his wine that he would make evey year. He had quite a feww which must be all gone now.

  7. Carmene Carmene says:

    My boyfriend has a collection of pennies from childhood he had a glass water bottle that he kept his pennies in we moved and the container broke omg he’s about to have a fit how can i get a new one someone help me please.

  8. Jay Fields Jay Fields says:

    Hi, Carmene:

    Was it a Great Bear Springs Company 5 gallon jar like the one in the pictures?

  9. Paul Paul says:

    Hi all, that is my bottle and old looking crate. I am putting it up for sale
    $500.00 USD. + shipping. I will send any pictures of them that you need to see more.

    Email address

  10. admin admin says:

    Please send photos which we will put up on the website to

  11. Paul Paul says:

    You have 3 above all the posts.

    It is the one that you stated the following when I sent the 3 pictures

    “ppp. Another Great Bear bottle and crate from a collector in the USA. The crate shows sign of wear and tear but some nice detailed shots”

    This me. I will send more pictures

  12. Paul Paul says:

    Just emailed more pictures

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  14. Frank Frank says:

    I have two glass 5 gallon bottles.

  15. Frank Schmittler Frank Schmittler says:

    I have two 5 gallon glass

  16. admin admin says:

    We would be very interested in receiving details. Please email contact(@)

    Many thanks

  17. Thomas Watson Thomas Watson says:

    Hello, I have a five gallon Great Bear BOTTLE WITH A DIAMOND PATTERN AROUND IT,WITH A CIRCLE WITH GREAT BEAR AND A SIMPLE DESIGN OF A BEAR. Is this worth any thing, I did not see this on this page??

  18. admin admin says:

    We would be very interested in receiving a photo of the bottle. As collectors we may be interested in purchasing this


    The Water Delivery Company

  19. Linda Lane Linda Lane says:

    I have a Great Bear Spring 5 gallong bottle in the original case with the springs. It’s in great shape.
    I will take any reasonable offer.


  20. RJ RJ says:


  21. admin admin says:

    I can put other people in touch with you if they are interested. Unfortunately your pricing is well above normal market values.

    We would need photos emailed to contact(@) to provide you with a valuation.

  22. admin admin says:

    We would need photos emailed to contact(@) to provide you with a valuation.

  23. denise oakes denise oakes says:

    I have a great bear bottle and crate and the crate looks better than the one int the photos above, I also have a five gallon bottle with the same markings on the bottom and would like to know what price I can ask for these items


  24. Brian Brian says:

    I have a Great Bear 5 gallon glass bottle with a Great Bear logo with a diamond pattern throughout. On the bottom it has a 76 with 6 dots surrounding haft of the 6 along with a GBD marking. Can anyone tell me the worth of this bottle?

  25. admin admin says:

    Brian – if you can email some photos to we would be happy to value it for you based on past experience

  26. Brian Brian says:

    Ok, I sent a few pictures.

  27. Brian Brian says:

    Any idea yet?

  28. bonnie bonnie says:

    i have a great bear water gottle glass no crate on bottom it says crisa nets gal 189lts bottle made in mexico whats it worth bonnie

  29. porcupine73 porcupine73 says:

    I found one of these five gallon Great Bear water bottles in my father’s wine making supplies. We’re south of Buffalo, NY so I imagine this bottle had been acquired locally. It does not have the wooden crate. I’m planning to continue using it to brew meads and wines. It has a diamond pattern on the bottom only and some stern warnings on the glass.

  30. lisa lisa says:

    hello i have a 5 gal diamond cut great bear water bottle markings on bottom reads 71 GPD it is in very nice condition in the blue green color would you be able to tell me what it is worth thank you not sure how to send pics your way so if you could kinda give a ballpark estimate that would be great thanks again lisa

  31. Rob Laughton Rob Laughton says:

    Lisa – if you can email some photos to we would be happy to value it for you based on past experience

  32. Larry Larry says:

    Rob ….
    I have a a 5 Gal Bear Springs Water Bottle, with a labeled crate, and a made by ” Durabilt” number 461, inside the crate, any idea on what it is worth..

    Larry in Canada

  33. TuUdC TuUdC says:


    Thanks for reaching out – as you guys say over the other side of the pond. If you can send us through some photos to we can give you a better idea of what it’s worth. As ever it’s only worth what others are willing to pay for it 🙂

    Rob Laughton

  34. Jeff Milani Jeff Milani says:

    I Have a 1 5gallon Great Bear Spring Bottle

  35. Peter Peter says:


    Nice to see you have an interest in Great Bear. It was started by my great grandfather and my Dad worked for them until the early 1980’s. I only have one big bottle but several smaller ones as well as other misc. items.


  36. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    Found one of your bottles in crate with extra bottle wondering how much it is worth but it has no cap

  37. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    i found one of the 5gallon jugs in a wooden crate in good condition,but it does not have a cap.I also have an extra jug no cap no crate. The bottom of the bottle is crackled in appearence.



  39. Rob Laughton Rob Laughton says:

    Please email and we will quote you

  40. Jason Jason says:

    My father just passed away and have been going through the house on belongings and the one thing I have always wanted so badly was his glad 5 gallon jug to keep my change in. I do know it is fairly old cause my grandmother used to have it in her house also prior but would love to know the history on where it really came from originally! There isn’t much details to go from on it add there is no name anywhere the only markings is on one side of the jug is a round empty circle shape which may have had a paper design on it once with name of company and then on the bottom it says 5 US GAL and then the number 7 6 with I think 8 dots around the number. Would really love to know the history on this. My father just passed at the early age of 60, and I am only 34, I can’t think of a time that this jug hasn’t been around me growing up. Thank you for any information.

  41. Rob Laughton Rob Laughton says:

    Please email with full details

  42. Travis Travis says:

    Hi yeah @Rob Laughton i have 2 clean, blue, 5 gallon Great Bear Spring Co. Jugs that i was looking to get a price on. Im still looking for the 2 crates, but i can provide photos if your interested. PLEASE email me at any time. i will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

  43. Milton Grandia Milton Grandia says:

    I have a 5 gallon bottle that is blue it looks cracked on the bottom but its not that’s the pattern #’s on bottom are. 5259. 7 I 66. 8

  44. Chris Chris says:

    I have a vintage Great bear springs 5 gallon glass jug I wanna sell

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  46. Janet Janet says:

    I have a Great Bear Glass water bottle with the wooden crate. The stamping on the crate reads Duning 11-76. Any idea what it would be worth?

  47. Antonia cutler Antonia cutler says:

    I have just found one with original bottle and crate in great condition. I would like to know how much it is worth if anyone is a collector. Also would love to know when it is from. The crate has the spring holders that still work too.

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