Water@Work in association with Unison

Promoting the benefits of Water@Work has been an initiative obviously close to the interests of The Water Delivery Company. It is however firstly a legal obligation for all employers in the UK and also strongly supported by major unions such as Unison  and leading public sector employers.

This detail below is an interesting section from their website about water for employers – and can be read alongside the article on health on our company website.

Promoting good health in the home, workplace and school and taking steps to ensure this happens is not always so easy as it sounds. 

However, one of the best and simplest ways towards a healthier lifestyle is to drink more water, at least eight glasses of tap water a day. In every aspect of our daily lives, water is the indispensable ingredient. It is so much an everyday part of life, we tend to take water for granted and often use it wastefully, (we get a lot of rain so we have plenty). Its treatment, from source to tap, is however, both complex and expensive and what we in the western world use largely without thinking, is a rare and valuable commodity in the world’s hot countries.

There is no doubt that good health in the workplace saves money. It is a medical fact that well nourished and hydrated people are more resistant to illness and will recover more quickly if they do become ill. Just a 2% loss of body water can result in a 10% drop in physical and mental performance. By increasing water intake to eight glasses a day, alongside eating a selection of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce the risk of deaths from chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer by up to 20%. It is a business fact that 33 million working days are lost every year, due to occupational ill health, and sickness absence costs employers at least £11 billion each year. More and more businesses are promoting drinking more water to their staff and realising the healthy benefits to business of increased productivity and a decrease in sickness absence.  Both bottled water coolers and bottleless water coolers are ideal ways of ensuring the general welfare of your staff.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products. He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on www.drinkingwaters.co.uk and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent bottled water cooler supplier.

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    There is a further interesting article on this subject that appeared in the guardian this week – http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/mar/30/drink-water-at-work

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