Reuse and Recycling Of Water Cooler Bottles

The British Water Cooler Association have released a statement on reusing and recycling water cooler bottles. Here is what they had to say.

They believe that water coolers are a sustainable drinks choice for businesses, homes and even public places because having delicious, cooled water readily available, encourages water consumption, which is good for everyone’s health and well-being.

Providing that water via a cooler rather than through single-use plastic bottles is a highly sustainable option as opposed to having bottles end up in landfills. On average each water cooler bottle can be re-used between 40 to 50 times before having to be recycled.

What Are Water Cooler Bottles Made Of?

Most, if not all water cooler bottles are polycarbonate but newer versions may be made up PET to improve durability and clarity. Although less versatile than most forms of plastic, polycarbonate can be recycled into a wide variety of products which we listed below.

Polycarbonate tends to be the material of choice for water cooler bottles because
of its high strength and durability, needed to withstand the weight of 18.9 litres of water and the high temperatures used in the wash process.

Any material used for packaging water must be food grade which means it has to be tested for and safe for food/water use to ensure no harmful chemicals will migrate into the food/water during storage.

Recycling Water Cooler Bottles

Although polycarbonate bottles are fully recyclable, the material loses a lot of strength during the process so only a small percentage can be used in manufacturing new bottles. However, there are a number of uses for polycarbonate:

• Headlamp lenses
• Dashboards
• Electronic component housing
• Mobile phones
• Battery boxes
• CD’s and DVD’s
• Traffic lights

The Water Delivery Company believes that reusing and recycling will lead to a reduced carbon footprint. Our water cooler bottles are inspected, reused and recycled on a regular basis.

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