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Why Hire A Water Cooler?

By now, you have probably already realised that the best hydration solution for your home or office is a water cooler. If you are still searching the web to find the right water cooler then look no further. The Water Delivery Company has over a decade’s experience in providing efficient, reliable, and cost effective hydration solutions for your business or home.

There are many benefits of purchasing a water cooler, however it can be costly. If you are unsure of what type of water cooler to purchase or do not want to part with a large sum of cash right away then you should consider renting a water cooler instead.

At The Water Delivery Company, our water cooler rental options vary between long term rentals and short term rentals so that you can find the perfect contract suitable for your financial and hydration needs. Not only do we offer flexible contacts from as little as just £1 per week, we include an extensive service offering with all contracts, long term or even short term to reassure our customers that your water cooler will run optimally and problem free all year around!

Quick and Easy

If you have an event coming up such as conferences, social events or onsite construction requirements, our short term water cooler rental options are your solution. With contracts for as short as one day there are no ties, hidden costs or tangled agreements, request a quote via our short quotation form here.

Contract Benefits

If you are looking for a long term solution, but are still not sure of costs, our long term contracts can ease your mind (and wallet) with 3 months free rental! We offer three month rolling water cooler rental contracts so that you don’t get trapped and caught in a contract you cannot get out of.

Free for Customers

Did you know we also offer all our water cooler rental customers FREE WATER DELIVERY! Whether it’s 12 or 19 litres, your water delivery is free when you hire a water cooler from us and did we mention we offer next working day delivery?

Don’t go thirsty any longer, speak to one of our specialists to hire the right water cooler for you and get premium spring water delivered to your doorstep.

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