How Does A Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Work?

Have you ever wondered how a hot and cold water dispenser works? Normally when you are getting yourself a glass of water, you simply press the relevant tap and tada! Water appears in your cup. The process which takes place within the water cooler is simple yet very interesting. Take a look at how a plumbed in water cooler works below:


This plumbed in water dispenser diagram dispenses both hot and cold water. The hot water is heated at around 95 degrees celsius after passing through two carbon filters. As it is heated it does not need any further filtration and will exit out of the tap.

Cold water goes through a slightly longer process to make sure it is free from bacteria and other unwanted chemicals. The cold water runs through two carbon activated filters, followed by a UV light chamber where it is purified. CO2 is added to the water if there is a sparkling water option on your water dispenser. It then dispenses the relevant option of cold or sparkling water.

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