Valpre Water in South Africa

Valpre WaterValpre is Coca Cola’s branded water for the South African retail market and as such has the backing of the worlds largest drinks vendor and their marketing budget.

The spring water that they distribute is natural (rather than the manufactured waters of some distributors such as Nestle). Their descriptive fluff on the water  is below –

Starting out as gentle rainfall, every drop of Valpré spring water spends up to 15 years filtering naturally through the ground. On its long journey through the earth, our spring water moves through different soil and rock layers that imbue it with the minerals that are responsible for its unique composition. To preserve these extraordinary properties, our bottling process is designed to ensure that the water is bottled as close as possible to how we found it.

Valpré is distinguished by its naturally sweet taste and is available in 500ml PET Still, 500ml PET Sparkling, 1L PET Sparkling and 1.5l PET Still bottles. A registered product of the Coca-Cola Company, it is regularly and independently tested to maintain its high quality at all times. This unrelenting commitment to quality is what has made Valpré South Africa’s most successful bottled water brand.”

Fighting alongside Nestle and Danone for the hearts and wallets of consumers, Valpre is visible across all the larger retailers and here fights hard to get a large presence on the supermarket shelves. It enjoys significant dominance across Coca Cola’s huge network of corner stores.

One of the more famous stories collected by Coca Cola on their journey to become one of the worlds most powerful brands derives from Africa. Their entrance into the market was many years ago and a key element of this launch was to provide signage to as many cornerstores across key territories. A successful approach the world over. When marketing officials came over to check on the distribution of signs across some of the more far-flung territories – they found that many small retailers who had not received signage had taken to painting the Coke logo across the front of their shop. The association between a cornerstore and the coke sign was already that powerful.

Valpre is backed by Ogilvy who have put together a great branded website in with a strong ecological message – (really nice HTML5  coding. Much effort in recent years has been put into the roll out of their global ecological innovations such as their plant bottle – which is 30% made of plants and 100% recyclable (although they fail to go into the specifics of the later part).


 The Water Delivery Company supply a range of small pack bottled water into retailers and restaurants across London, alongside our main bottled water cooler business.

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