The water cooler London muppet awards: 2nd place

lebron james gets water cooler London 2nd placeIn last week’s instalment of the “Water cooler London Muppet Awards”, in which we celebrate/laugh at silly people who have a go at their innocent water cooler, we heard about how Carlos Zambrano destroyed a gatorade machine when he was sent off. A bad loser if ever we heard of one. This week it’s the turn of basketball player LeBron James, who also had a small hissy fit after a foul was not called in his favour when he expected it to be. Also getting narked, he went straight for a water cooler on a bench near the stands with his foot, treating it to a swift kick. This backfired somewhat, as come of the cups as well as the bottle itself hit fans sitting in the front rows. As far as we know, no one was injured, but it certainly caused a few red faces, particularly LeBron himself, as he was personally fined $25, 000 for not being able to hold his temper.
Of course, we absolutely do not recommend taking out any feelings of aggression on your water cooler, or indeed any other piece of machinery; as we can see from incidents such as these, it only ends in tears. Next week: first place in our muppet awards…

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