The Importance of Hydration at Work

On average people working in northern European countries spend approximately 37 hours in their office typing away at their computers or being held up in prolonged meetings every week. Given how much time people spend at work, it is important to consider their hydration needs. Staying hydrated at work can prove troublesome as busy schedules […]Read More

Our Bottled Water Delivery Service

We deliver high quality spring bottled water to your doorstep. At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a large range of quality water products sourced from trusted manufacturers. As well as supplying a range of water coolers, we deliver both 19 litre or 12 litre water bottles to offices and homes around London. Delivery occurs on […]Read More

We Provide Hydration Solutions for All Industries

We have a variety of quality water coolers that are ideal for all sector hydration solutions. We understand that every sector has different needs and requirements. Construction A construction industry is expected, by law, to provide accessible drinking water on site. We stock 110v water coolers that have been specially developed to meet this industry’s […]Read More

The U Water Bottle Rack

We offer a wide variety of water cooler accessories that are sure to complement your water dispenser not matter shape or size. We pride ourselves in supplying complete hydration solutions to all of our customers. Not only do we invest in quality water dispensers and products, we also believe in investing in our clients. We […]Read More

Rent A Coffee Machine From Us

Want the best of both worlds? Well, when it comes to coffee and water products, that’s what we do. Not only do we offer quality water dispensers, we also stock and deliver premium coffee. Invest in one of our machines and within no time you can enjoy a delicious coffee blend. These popular machines are […]Read More

Remember To Buy Water Cooler Accessories

Need cups, cones or cup dispensers for your water dispenser? You have come to the right place. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide variety of both paper and plastic cups that come in different shapes and sizes. Plastic Cups This item is one of our most popular water cooler accessories and are […]Read More

Renting a Water Cooler from Us

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on our quality products and services. We aim to meet each client’s individual requirements as we know not every situation is alike. We offer long term rental and short term rental agreements. We believe in having a flexible approach and are able to set up an agreement […]Read More

Our Countertop Bottled Water Coolers

Are you looking for a bottled water cooler but don’t have much office space to play with? Well, we have some great news for. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide range of countertop bottled water coolers. Our range of countertop water coolers offer a practical way to provide a hydration solution without the […]Read More

Water Coolers in The Home

Are you looking to purchase or rent a water cooler for your home? Then look no further than The Water Delivery Company. We stock a range of bottled and plumbed-in water coolers perfect for the home. At The Water Delivery Company, we have hand-selected a wide variety of bottled water coolers to ensure that our […]Read More

Did You Know We Deliver Small Packed Bottled Water?

As our name suggests, we deliver bottled spring water to both homes and offices across the UK. Our exceptional delivery service is offered to customers within the M25 and has the lowest carbon foot print of any water company in our industry. Apart from our usual delivery of 12 litre and 19 litre bottled water […]Read More

Meet The Team At The Water Delivery Company

Ever wondered what our sales consultants get up to when they’re not working hard and providing quality service? You can be sure that their off days are their bonding days. Our awesome sales consultants had some down time at the cricket about 2 weeks ago. They went to Lord’s to watch the cricket series. Although […]Read More

We Believe in Being Environmentally Responsible

Our water is bottled at a source in the hills of Fonthill Bishop Estates, in Wiltshire. It is transported to London in an articulated overnight lorry and delivered to customers the next day. This delivery process is the most efficient way of distributing water cooler bottles at our clients. Optimal Fuel Efficiency Routes We are […]Read More
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