The Difference Between Spring Water and Mineral Water

Water is water some might say, but there are so many different types – it can be quite confusing what’s what! The difference between all the types of water available on the market is becoming ever so complicated. To make things simpler for you, we thought we would delve into the depths that is water […]Read More

Staying Hydrated | The Water Delivery Company

We all know how staying hydrated is vital throughout the day. The following Urine Colour Chart will help you understand your body’s needs by helping you to keep track of how hydrated you are. Simply compare your urine to the chart below, the lighter you are the more hydrated your body is. At The Water […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Has An Odour and The Water Tastes Odd

“Help! My water cooler has a strange odour and the water tastes odd!” Is something we hear now and again at The Water Delivery Company. Do not fear this is something that can happen to your water cooler, however, it is terribly simple to fix. Find out how to get rid of that funny smell […]Read More

Help! I Think My Water Cooler Has An Airlock

At The Water Delivery Company, we are all about offering the widest range of water coolers and drinking fountains available on the UK market. We not only pride ourselves on the size of our selection offered hydration solutions but our efficient and effective customer service. Although water coolers are reliable dispensers that require minimal maintenance, […]Read More

How Do I Sanitise My Water Cooler?

At The Water Delivery Company, we are here to help with all of your water cooler queries. A common question that is asked by our customers is “How do I sanitise my water cooler?”. Simply, follow our step by step guide below to find out more. How To Sanitise Your Water Cooler First of all, […]Read More

How Do I Change My Bottle On My Water Cooler?

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of water coolers and exceptional service. Staying true to this, we are here to help with issues you may face when it comes to your bottled water cooler. Many people often have difficulty changing the bottle on their water cooler. If this is […]Read More

General Water Cooler FAQs

At The Water Delivery Company, we stock and deliver a wide selection of water products to customers across the UK. We pride ourselves on our range of hydration solutions that offer the ideal way to provide your environment with refreshing drinking water. Something else that we take seriously is our high service standards. Ensuring that […]Read More

Help! My Plumbed Water Cooler Isn’t Dispensing Any Water

The Water Delivery Company strive ourselves on our exceptionally innovative range of hydration solutions and awesome customer service. That is why we’ve put together this quick troubleshooting guide for you just in case you encounter a problem with your plumbed water cooler. Let’s get started. Let’s Start With The Basics Now we hate to sound […]Read More

Help! My Water Tastes Bad!

At The Water Delivery Company, we are all about solving problems that may occur with your water cooler. Are you having trouble with the taste of your water that is being dispensed? Never fear, here is a quick troubleshooting guide that is sure to help you out. Is It Time To Sanitise Your Water Cooler […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Not Heating My Water

At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a range of water coolers to customers in and around London. We take our customer service levels seriously and have a vast selection of water dispensers that are guaranteed to suit any environment’s requirements. In line with maintaining long-term relationships with our valued customers, we thought we would […]Read More

FAQs About Our Plumbed Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer the most reliable and high-quality water coolers and drinking water fountains available on the UK market. With over 10 years of experience in the hydration industry, we have come across a few questions that our customers seem to ask us. We thought we would write a brief frequently […]Read More

FAQs About Our Bottled Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we provide a wide selection of water cooler and drinking water fountains for a range of environments in need of a trusted hydration solution. With years of experience in the sector, we have come across some general questions that many people ask. Well, let’s get started: Do I Need A […]Read More
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