Our Water Bottle Delivery Service

Ever wondered how our water bottled delivery service works? Our infographic explains it in a short and simple way. SOURCED Our premium spring water is sourced from the finest location – Swindon. BOTTLING The premium spring water gets bottled at the source, reducing our carbon footprint. Our bottles are reused more than 50 times before […]Read More

Money On Murray

Wimbledon is one of the greatest donning tennis occasions in London. We can happily say that amid this period is going all out with the first quarter effectively done. In any case, don’t move a muscle as there will be more excitement and probably more nail-biting moments to come. Andy Murray is currently ranked number […]Read More

Staying Hydrated During The Wimbledon Grand Slam

It’s that time of year where all tennis supporters and sports lovers gather to witness the biggest grass court tournament, Wimbledon. Our job is to ensure you stay hydrated during the Wimbledon season. Wimbledon is a prestigious tennis event held in London. This event, in case you didn’t know, is part of one of the […]Read More

We Are Your All In One Water Supplier

People tend to forget the importance of staying hydrated thought the day. We encourage our customers to stay hydrated daily. The Water Delivery Company offers a wide range of quality hydration solutions within the UK. We aim to provide fresh, easily accessible and clean drinking water. Productivity is often directly affected by the lack of […]Read More

Our Water Solutions: Water Cooler Rental And Water Refills

The Water Delivery Company is known for supplying high-quality water related products within the M25. Not only do we offer water cooler rental options, but do water refills too. Are you stressed about where you can get water cooler refills ordered from? Don’t be! The Water Delivery Company offers a wide range of water refills […]Read More

How much does a bottled water service cost?

With those hot days creeping up, we all know that summer is on its way and The Water Delivery Company is here to ensure that you keep hydrated. We offer a wide range of refreshing hydration solutions which are available on both water cooler rental or purchase basis. Our aim is to supply high-quality water […]Read More

How To Spot Chronic Dehydration

At The Water Delivery Company, we care about keeping you hydrated. Make sure you know how spot chronic dehydration before it is too late this summer. Staying hydrated is vital for our bodies and can be detrimental if we do not give our bodies enough water. Spot The Signs Of Dehydration Before It Is Too […]Read More

How Does A Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Work?

Have you ever wondered how a hot and cold water dispenser works? Normally when you are getting yourself a glass of water, you simply press the relevant tap and tada! Water appears in your cup. The process which takes place within the water cooler is simple yet very interesting. Take a look at how a […]Read More

The Importance Of Office Water Coolers

With summer around the corner and the days getting warmer, it is essential to have one or more office water coolers for your employees. By providing your staff with easily accessible drinking water you increase their health and working ability. During the hotter months the higher your employees’ water intake, the happier and more productive […]Read More

It Can Be Tough Finding a Good Bottled Water Delivery Service

Ordering water can be a lengthy process. It can also be rather daunting when reading complicated terms and conditions. Let’s face it – all you want is water to simply be delivered to your doorstep when needed. The Water Delivery Company offers quality and reliable water coolers. We have a wide range to choose from. […]Read More

This Is Why You Should Look Into Water Cooler Hire

Interested in investing in a water cooler but don’t know whether you should hire one or outright purchase? It’s quite a tough. Each has its advantages. Renting a water cooler or buying one totally depends on what you think is the right option for you. Before you consider a water cooler hire or purchase, here […]Read More

Ways to improve Productivity In The Workplace

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity in the workplace? Then you have come to the right place. Here at The Water Delivery Company, we believe in motivating staff so they can work to the best of their ability. Find out more below on how you can get your staff motivated and moving.   […]Read More
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