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The Water Delivery Company Proudly Supports Just A Drop

As one of the leading water suppliers in the UK, we understand how incredibly vital it so to provide convenient hydration solutions to thousands of customers. We also recognise that not everyone across the globe is as privileged as we are and lack access to necessities like water. In association with the British Water Cooler […]Read More

New Year New You

I don’t know about you, but we had a blast here at The Water Delivery Company in 2017. With the hangover of Christmas and New Year’s in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few tips on how to start a fresh in 2018, offering a little bit of […]Read More

Long vs Short Term Water Cooler Rental

Sometimes purchasing a water dispenser can be an unanticipated expense to your home or office budget. At the Water Delivery Company, we realise the investment required to purchase a water dispenser this is why we have rental solutions for those unsure of whether to fully invest in a hydration solution. Short-Term Rental Our short-term hydration […]Read More
Filtered vs Mineral water

What’s the fuss about filtered and mineral water?

We all know the “8 glasses per day” rule by now. Our bodies are comprised of 80% water so staying hydrated is key point of health and wellbeing. But what if the water you’re putting into your body is harming you? If water should be the biggest and most important part of our diet, it […]Read More
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Why Hire A Water Cooler?

By now, you have probably already realised that the best hydration solution for your home or office is a water cooler. If you are still searching the web to find the right water cooler then look no further. The Water Delivery Company has over a decade’s experience in providing efficient, reliable, and cost effective hydration […]Read More

Salt Water Purification

Fact: The planet Earth is covered in 70% water, astonishingly only 0.007% of the water is suitable to drink without purification. Fortunately, scientists finally discovered a method to turn ocean water into drinking water and we are intrigued! Method to Their Madness Scientists have overcome the challenge to turn ocean water into pure drinking water, […]Read More

Water Delivery In London

Water delivery in London can get a little complicated when you are running a large corporation but we can confidently say that our service is like a well-oiled machine! We can guarantee free, next working day water delivery within the M25 of London -as simple as that. So how does the water delivery process work […]Read More

How Much Does Bottled Water Delivery Cost?

A vast number of Londoners continue to buy bottled water over drinking tap water. This is because of high calcium and magnesium traces in London tap water, which contributes to the water’s “hardness” and overall taste. While it is relatively easy and affordable for the average consumer to purchase a bottled water, bottled water delivery […]Read More
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Order Office Water – Swiftly

An office full of people can deplete your water resources in a flash. Ordering and getting your water delivered within London and the M25 can get a little frustrating. This frustration will become a thing of the past with our new quick order button. Ordering your office water for delivery has never been made easier. […]Read More

Archway Water Cooler – It Is Back

One of the most reliable and sought after water coolers around, the Archway bottled water cooler is now back in stock. Due to its high demand and relatively low supply, the aforementioned water cooler has been out of stock nation-wide as a result thereof. This high-quality water dispenser makes up the majority of our rental […]Read More
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8 Easy Steps On How to Clean Your Bottled Water Coolers

At the Water Delivery Company, we take our water cooler services very seriously, but how serious are you with the time you take to maintain and upkeep your bottled water coolers. When was the last time you cleaned and sanitised your home or office water cooler? Don’t you worry we have got you covered. Our infographic […]Read More

Our Water Bottle Delivery Service

Ever wondered how our water bottled delivery service works? Our infographic explains it in a short and simple way. SOURCED Our premium spring water is sourced from the finest location – Swindon. BOTTLING The premium spring water gets bottled at the source, reducing our carbon footprint. Our bottles are reused more than 50 times before […]Read More
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