benefits of coffee

Benefits Of Coffee

It is cold out and there are many ways to keep warm this winter. Cooped up around the fire with your family friends is one of them but at the top of our list would have to be a hot cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. No matter what […]Read More

Plastic Waste Reduction

OUR COMMITMENT TO PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION Plastic pollution is real. Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled worldwide, posing significant threats to the entire environment and creating a disaster some predict will be as serious as climate change. Marine life in particular faces irreparable damage from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste […]Read More

Reuse and Recycling Of Water Cooler Bottles

The British Water Cooler Association have released a statement on reusing and recycling water cooler bottles. Here is what they had to say. They believe that water coolers are a sustainable drinks choice for businesses, homes and even public places because having delicious, cooled water readily available, encourages water consumption, which is good for everyone’s […]Read More
Drinking enough water

Tips to Survive Hot Summer Without Air Conditioning

In the UK, brutal temperatures are unavoidable in summer. So how to cool down without air-condition? It’s possible, we swear! It’s been a long sweaty summer, but we can all get through it with a little ingenuity and a lot of water. Once the winter temperatures come, we will all be dreaming of summer again, […]Read More

Let’s Keep Hydrated

Hydration & Hot Weather The summer heatwave might be over but don’t be fooled by a few days of rain. Warmer and drier conditions than average have been predicted to last until OCTOBER. We don’t have a crystal ball to know if that’s true, but what we do know is it is important to stay […]Read More

5 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

It is essential that you drink enough water to replenish your body’s lost fluids. A HEATWAVE has been sweeping across the UK bringing in scorching temperatures and a lot of people aren’t drinking enough water to maintain healthy levels of hydration. Here are five signals that indicate you need more H2O: Dark Urine Urine should […]Read More

Water Delivery On Demand

We know how frustrating it can be to run out of water – especially when you have an office of thirsty people. Even more frustrating is having your water supplier tell you they can’t get water to you until their next scheduled delivery. We want to give control back to our customer. With the button […]Read More

The Hosepipe Ban

We are in the midst of the longest heatwave since 1976. The repercussions of this, you ask? From the 5th of August parts of the UK will be affected by the hosepipe ban. But what exactly does this mean and what happens if you don’t comply? First off, let’s look at what the hosepipe ban […]Read More
single-use plastic

Single-use Plastic Pollution

Single-use plastic has been at the forefront of conversations recently. Plastic surrounds us at every moment of every day. Computers, phones, components in our cars and worst of all the packaging of our products. It’s the last one of those that we want to talk about. Single-use plastic refers to products like straws, grocery bags […]Read More
spring water

Why Choose Spring Water Over Tap Water

Water is an essential part of our daily life as it is most critical components that keep your body working optimally. Keeping hydrated will ensure you are able to retain the correct body temperature, maintain good physical functions as well as a good level of cognitive function among many things. What is Spring Water? There […]Read More

Why You Should Invest In An Office Water Cooler

Staff members are the driving force behind any and every business. Are they getting the recommended 8 glasses of water every day to keep them hydrated and mentally healthy? If not, have you thought about investing in an office water cooler? Getting an office water cooler has many benefits but we will focus on the […]Read More

London Water Misconception

The faucet water in London is predominantly provided by Thames Water. Out of this, 70% originates from reservoirs gathered upstream from the River Thames. The other 30% originates from boreholes which raise groundwater. Either source is clean faucet water that is sheltered to drink and meets all the European water quality models. The primary issues […]Read More
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