summit new 300x300 Summit Water Cooler Rental

Summit Water Cooler Rental

Elegantly designed to fit the décor of any reception or executive boardroom, the Summit water cooler is a classic design. This is a top of the range water cooler for any environment. This is the cooler you may have seen in the 2006 Anthony Minghella film, “Breaking and Entering”. The Summit water cooler in the reception area of the 2012 Apprentice series.

All bottled water coolers are box new and are sanitised and checked according to BWCA regulations before being sent to customers by courier or delivered by us with the M25. We provide a one year warranty on these coolers as long as customers have them sanitised on a three monthly basis. We can arrange for a company to contact you directly who can sanitise the water cooler and can provide you with a regular delivery of water – or do it for you if you are based in London.

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Colour Available in brushed stainless steel.

Technology The Summit water cooler has a compressor within the cooler. This means that it has a high capacity for both chilling and heating the water quickly.

Dimensions 97 cm H, 30 cm W, 30.5 cm D

Water Supply Commercial Bottles (12 litre and 19 litre) sit on top. These bottles are delivered by water cooler companies on a regular basis.

Capacity Cooling capacity is 19 litres per hour.

Pricing £4.00 per week on rental contract (no hood cover).
£5.00 per week on rental contract with hood cover

Renting a cooler from us is very simple. We look after the cooler and do not tie you into long contracts with hidden charges. See the main points about our contracts below.

  • All coolers are sanitised and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers
  • If there is ever an issue with your rented cooler we will / fix replace free of charge
  • We will contact you proactively on a schedule chosen by you to see if you would like to place an order
  • We cover different postcodes on different days and can arrange an ’emergency’ delivery of water if you ever run low
  • We will not tie you into a long contract and there are no hidden or delivery charges