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Summit Water Cooler - one of our watercoolers

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Elegantly designed to fit the décor of any reception or executive boardroom, the Summit is a classic design. This is a top of the range water cooler for any environment. This is the cooler you may have seen in the 2006 Anthony Minghella film, “Breaking and Entering” - and is the water cooler in the reception area of the 2009 Apprentice series.

This cooler can be rented on a normal contract basis at £4.00 per week or £5.00 per week including the hood cover. Available in ‘room temperature and cold’ or ‘hot and cold’ (with child safety taps).

We provide a one week break clause for the first three months of any rental contract – giving you peace of mind and allowing you to experience our high quality of service.
Specifications for Summit Water Cooler
Colours Available in brushed stainless steel
Technology This water cooler has a compressor within the cooler. This means that it has a high capacity for both chilling and heating the water quickly. 
Dimensions 97 cm H, 30 cm W, 30.5 cm D
Water Supply Commercial Bottles (12 litre and 19 litre) sit on top
Capacity Cooling capacity is 19 litres per hour.

£4.00 per week on rental contract (no hood cover)

£5.00 per week on rental contract with hood cover


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