Our Service Assurance

There are companies that will always offer a cheaper service just to get your business. We all know, from painful experience, that this may result in compromise of both the quality of products and service levels.

The Water Delivery Company offers a first class service at a rate that allows us to guarantee the service maxims shown below.

We will never compromise our standards and professionalism in our service.

  • We will not subject our customers to impersonal call centres.
  • We guarantee a person at the end of the phone who will always deal immediately with any queries you may have.
  • We offer 48-hour cover should there be a fault with your watercooler – we would aim to get to you sooner.
  • Our contracts are in simple English with no hidden clauses.
  • Our office and delivery staff are all based in London and are employed full time – we do not use subcontractors.

We will never compromise our standards and professionalism with our products.

  • We only supply tried and tested quality products – we insist on reliability from UK based suppliers.
  • Our installation components are always the best.
  • We will always look for the most environmentally friendly products or suppliers.
  • All coolers are disposed of according to EU legislation as per the WEEE Regulations (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations).