Our Staff

Based out of our warehouse in London, The Water Delivery team is a friendly group of office staff, delivery drivers and technical staff to respond to ensure that customers have an uninterrupted water cooler service.

We’re proud of the feedback that you gave us on our water delivery team in past years customer surveys and think that this speaks volumes.

Our average years of service is six years per member of staff and we believe this is reflective of the positive way we work and engage with staff. This is then reflect of the level of service and expertise we are able to offer our customers.

Our water delivery company team have their alter egos and we have listed them all below – click on the images to see the true reflections.

Staff Profiles – Please note that these are in no order. Everyone is important
Richard Lamb
Sean Thompson
Sales & Product Development
Robert Innes
Finance Manager

Daniel Oakley
Operations Manager
Mark Pinner
Logistics Manager
Anne Marie
Pete Campbell
Warehouse King
Nazim Oulhah
Delivery Exec
Kevin Meaney
Plumbed Cooler Specialist

Water Angel | Customer Service
Lawrie Bowles
Plumbed water cooler specialist
Finance Manager
Mark Gabriel
Peter Elvin
Plumbed water cooler specialist
Russell Smith
Delivery Exec
Mark Gabriel
Delivery Exec
Water Angel | Customer Services
Tomas Smigura
Delivery Exec
Michael Kingston
Delivery Exec
Rob Laughton
A Water Man
Damian Briggs
Delivery Exec
Michael Mayos
Another Water Man
Rob Egerszegi
Delivery Exec
Delivery Exec
Rob Egerszegi
Delivery Exec
Essex Office Manager | Senior Angel
Delivery Exec
Water Angel | Customer Services
Lewis Denwood
Sales Manager
Will Wobbleton
Direct Sales
Delivery Exec
Joe Calzaghe often helps us out with deliveries
Alumni – There are those who we have worked on who have moved onto pastures new – Fond memories
Ed Marland
Delivery Exec | Teacher of all
Sophie Carmichael
Account Manager | Actress
Kenneth Thomas
Delivery Exec | Another Co.
Young Daniel
Warehouse | College
Craig Vanstone
Delivery Exec | Wine Producer
Roman Oruzinsky
Delivery Exec | Still in the office
Graham Lamb
Delivery Exec | Town Planner | Husband
Steven Odendaal
Delivery Exec
Dave Rogers
Delivery Exec
In Charge of most things
Office Manager
Delivery Exec
Julian Randall
Delivery Exec
Marlon Green
Client Relations
Delivery Exec