Office Water Coolers

The Water Delivery Company provides stylish and functional water coolers to offices to keep the workplace healthy and hydrated.

Drinking water work ethic benefitsThe modern working environment has seen an increasing popularity in office water coolers to provide employees, management teams and everyone who enters the office space with fresh, clean and chilled water. Placing a water cooler in the workplace shows employees, potential clients and customers that their well being matters. Constant hydration throughout the day also helps to prevent fatigue, and can play a large part in keeping work ethic and productivity levels high.

Our client base spans all types of businesses and office environments; from universities and schools to large organisations and smaller offices. Irrespective of the size of your workplace, we can provide a suitable package to meet your company’s specific requirements, and we also cater for home users.

Office Water Dispensers

With the market for office water coolers seeing a constant increase, it is important to provide a wide selection of products and offerings to customers.

If you are unsure whether you want to make a purchase, or simply need a temporary water cooler dispenser, you can also rent a water cooler and have it delivered straight to your door.