The Water Delivery Company has a clear and precise environmental policy.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.  We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and carefully consider the environmental impact of all our business operations and aim for continuous improvement in our environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

  • Our spring water is bottled at source in Fonthill, Wiltshire. It is driven down to London in an articulated lorry overnight and delivered to customers the next day. This is the most efficient way of distributing water cooler bottles.
  • We continue to reduce the number of routes and number of deliveries by focusing on different areas of London on different days and proactively contacting customers about their requirements. All our routes are developed with optimal fuel efficiency in mind.
  • Our whole fleet will be replaced by the use of ‘pay as you go’ hired vans.  These vans are also hired out to users who need the vehicle in the evenings and weekends – by using the van during weekdays we optimise the efficiency of the van as well as providing an even greener service for our customers.
  • Where possible all batteries, toner, cardboard, paper, cans, and plastics are kept to a minimum and recycled.
  • Our bottles are re-used more than 50 times before being recycled and all our coolers are sanitised regularly, extended their life before recycling.
  • All computers are shut down and switched off when not in use.
  • Environmental policies are an integral part of job descriptions for all staff and are part of staff induction and staff training programmes at all levels.
  • We work closely with suppliers to ensure that all our operations are as efficient as possible and source and promote a product range that is as environmentally-friendly as possible.
  • Plumbed in water coolers eliminate the environmental impact of water extraction, transportation, and packaging. If our customers are using large quantities of bottled water, we will actively promote a switch to mains-fed coolers.

For more information on our environmental policy please contact us on 0845 006 3309.



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