dream wp 300x300 Dream Water Cooler Rental

Dream Water Cooler Rental

A high capacity water cooler available in floor standing or counter top with a neon light over the taps and metal body. The floor standing bottled water cooler has an internal cup dispenser.

This cooler can be rented on a normal contract basis at £3.00 per week, and is available in ‘room temperature and cold’ or ‘hot and cold’ (with child safety taps).

Colour Available in black

Hot and cold water cooler or Cold and ambient compressor based cooling system means this is a high capacity machine.

Floorstanding: 117.5 cm H, 34 cm W, 34 cm D
Counter-top: 43 cm H, 34 cm W, 34 cm D

Water Supply
Commercial Bottles (12 litre and 19 litre) sit on top. These bottles are delivered by water cooler companies on a regular basis.

3 litre cold tank – Up to 15 litres of chilled water per hour.
2 litre hot tank – Up to 7 litres of hot water per hour.

£3 per week on a rental contract

Renting a cooler from us is very simple. We look after the cooler and do not tie you into long contracts with hidden charges. See the main points about our contracts below.

  • All coolers are sanitised and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers
  • If there is ever an issue with your rented cooler we will / fix replace free of charge
  • We will contact you proactively on a schedule chosen by you to see if you would like to place an order
  • We cover different postcodes on different days and can arrange an ’emergency’ delivery of water if you ever run low
  • We will not tie you into a long contract and there are no hidden or delivery charges