Google local - The Water Delivery CompanyThe Water Delivery Company are proud of what our clients tell us about our service – as you can see from the customer testimonials below.

Some of these customer testimonials are from customers leaving us which we hope serve to show that these comments are a true reflection of how our clients view us.

We are sorry but we have to leave most of them anonymous due to the tyranny of greedy competitors – but we do keep original emails if you want to see the hard evidence.

If existing clients want their comments and references to be shown here please call the office.

“So far great. Very good customer service, fast delivery, very reliable and overall great value for money. Highly recommended.”Barbara Zilincar (local guide) ….7 January 2018
“I am very pleased with the service I have received from WDC. Excellent communication whenever I need to contact them. Great service all around.”Shafiq Rahman …. 8th December 2017
“I would highly recommend the Water Delivery Company. Always friendly on the phone, really helpful.
Deliveries are always on time, a really great service.”Beth Gaywood…. 22nd November 2017


“We have been very happy customers of The Water Delivery Company since 2011.  We moved to them when we left a large well known company due to issues and we liked the fact that The Water Delivery Company are a family run business where we get a personalised service and where our custom matters.  Our orders are delivered on time without fail as well as the regular sanitisation visits.  Our delivery men take the bottles up 2 flights of stairs and always with a smile.”Lorraine Jimenez, ……. Office Manager


“Just wanted to say thank you for the efficient service we’ve received with the delivery of the Water Cooler. Also, I’d like to mention that your engineer who delivered the Cooler was extremely helpful.” Vivien, ……. Medical, 24th July 2013

“Hi Lynne, the driver has indeed delivered 4 bottles today already! Excellent service – thank you :)” Jayne, …… Vaughan & Co, 22nd July 2013
“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your excellent service and for getting the 4 bottles of water to us yesterday! It really is MUCH appreciated (by us and our clients!!)” Nikki, Pilates ……, 10th July 2013
“Would just like to thank you all for our urgent supply of x2 bottles of water delivered today. We all very much appreciate it.”Jackie Smith, ……. Call, 27th June 2013
“The water cooler will be returned next week. We do have enough to last us until its collection. Thank you for the great service offered. Your sales team and delivery staff have always been very cordial and helpful.”Roberto Rocha, ……. International, 20th June 2013
“Just to drop you a line to say thanks, especially the logistics dept for sending me the taps so promptly.Very much appreciated!” Dilip Gohil, 30th May 2013
“A ‘big’ thank you.  It is much appreciated and may I repeat, your company’s customer care is exemplary.” Stephanie Ledger, 24th May 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Water Delivery Company for its superb and friendly service for the two years that we have spent in the UK.” Paula Molloy, 21st May 2013
We would like to thank you for giving us the extra bottle of water today as arranged by Marlon. Just to say we are very pleased with the way Marlon dealt with our machine issues recently. The service you continually provide us with in all aspects has been impressive.” Adorna, ….. Gardens, 29th April 2013
“I would just like to give feedback on our delivery driver Julian, he is really lovely, helpful and always friendly. I would also like to thank all staff I deal with there (you two included  ) on how helpful and professional everyone is – We used to use ********** and had loads of issues with them, I can honestly say The Water Delivery Company is a pleasure to deal with!
Jenise, ….. Group, 18th April 2013
“I have just had 2 bottles delivered (and 3 taken away).  It was very kind of you to arrange this delivery at the last minute.  I am grateful for your amazing customer service.” Jenifer, My ….. Tags, 2nd April 2013
“I just wanted to pass on our comments on our delivery man ‘Russell’. I am not sure if people appreciate how hard these guys work but Russell is always such a pleasure when he delivers our water. Nothing is too much trouble, even as far as when our lifts are not working and he has to walk up over 4 flights of stairs to deliver our water bottles, he is always smiling and very cheerful. I am not sure I’d be as pleasant having to deliver water bottles to an office where the lift is out of order.
He always takes time to say hello and ask how I am which is very kind. We have a lot of deliveries daily and he is the happiest and most approachable of them all and we really appreciate how hard he works for us alone. He makes a really good impression for your company and I hope you will pass on our comments and let him know how much we appreciate him. “ Shelley, ……. JP, 24th January 2013
“Dan, really appreciate your understanding and can honestly say what an efficient & helpful company The Water Delivery Company is. I hope to contact you soon saying we need the coolers back!”, Jez …… , HMV, 15th January 2012
“It was a pleasure, he is always helpful and pleasant.” Judy Craig, ……. SAO, 20th December 2012
“Nothing until the new year – thank you for your good service all the year.” Georgina, ……. London, 19th December 2012
“Thank you so much. We regret not being able to continue with you as a provider, but unfortunately we are closing the office. You guys have been awesome though, and I will remember you as great providers the next office I go on to manage. Thank you again.” Jodi, ……. Partli, 4th December 2012
“The engineer came today – thank you so much. He said that it is the motor and that the cooler should be exchanged. He mentioned that he would be in the area again on Friday – it would be awesome if we can get the replacement then. Just let us know. Thanks again – we really appreciate the great customer service!” Jodi, ……. Partli, 10th October 2012
“You’re all brilliant – thanks very much for sorting this for us so quickly!“Zoe, …… Sands, 31st May 2012
“Fantastic – thanks for arranging this Lucy. We really appreciate the great service that you provide.” Rochelle Ellmers, …… International, 24th May 2012
“Thanks for the info and the great service.” Shane, ….. Nation, 9th May 2012
“We did receive the 2 complimentary bottles, thank you. Your engineer, who was very helpful, had a look at the machine and it was the bottle which was causing the leak, it had a big crack in the top.” Lisa, …… reward, 4th May 2012
“i.e.. 2 big bottles and 2 lots of my sparkling water. Must admit the new sparking water now received is a lot nicer and more fizz that the princes gate. Thanks.” Collette, ………… for Children, 3rd May 2012
“The very nice guy came to sanitise our water cooler today in Unit 5. We had someone here last week to do Unit 2. Next time it’s due, can we have them both done at the same time please?  It would save on time and diesel!” Kate Cummings, ……sys, 1st May 2012
“Okay that’s great- thank you very much- great customer service!”  Sebastian…….., 24th April 2012
“We want you to know how pleased we are with NAZ OULAH’s friendly service. It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of good customer care.” Joan …….., 30rd March 2012
“Thank you very much for organising our new water coolers, they look great!! Can you please pass on my thanks to the delivery driver as well, he was extremely pleasant and helpful.” Jenise …….., 27rd March 2012
“Thank you for the prompt delivery and brilliant service, payment should be in your account now.” …….. Macfarlane , 23rd March 2012
“I ordered water from The Water Delivery Company at the last minute before an event. The customer service was great and the water arrived bang on schedule. I would definitely use them again” Antonia…….. , 19th March
“All received – great service as usual – thanks” Penny…….. , 2nd March
“Thanks very much, amazing service as usual!” Mark …….. , 22nd February
“Sorry I missed your call, I was away from my desk. Unfortunately, an internal decision was made by senior management to discontinue ordering water as a cost cutting measure due to the current market conditions. Your level has service has been great and it has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at your company. I know that people on our end are going to miss your services. People in the office have even been hoarding the water we have left from our last delivery. We hope, when market conditions improve, we will be able to use your services again.”……… Research, 15th February 2012
“Yes, two bottles, please. Thank you for your reminder emails. There are a wonderful service.”………Hart, 25th January 2012
“It was a pleasant experience buying from you and I would do it again for sure!”………Ricardo, 12th January 2012
“Hi Richard, thank you for the prompt delivery and the excellent communication in sorting out which model. I’m pleased with the cooler.”………Sarah, 11th January 2012
“We are OK for water and cups for the 3rd January 2012. May I say a big thank you to you all for your help throughout the year, especially a big thanks to the drivers they are always courteous and helpful. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year”……… Business, Mrs Lawday
“Thank you very much for your prompt reply and help with this process. Appreciate the unit exchange and extra parts. We are always happy to pay for services we can rely and trust on. Once again, we appreciate your attention and respect.” …….. Cameras, 17th November 2011
“Hi Louise you are so wonderful!! Thanks for the water it came as a surprise because I thought it has been already too late when I ordered it. I did not see your reply message either. Thanks very much. Your driver finally was able to recover the many bottles we had as for the last deliveries we weren’t home. We leave early morning 8Am.” ……. Mrs Rubio, 16th November 2011
“Your lovely driver did pop back with a 19litre bottle for us and I suggested we could maybe do with x4 of the little ones later in the week if possible.  If that can be done it would be fab! Many thanks and again apologies!” ………. Trust, 15th November 2011
“Well that was the most efficient and speediest service I have ever experienced, thank you. Is it possible please to set up a direct to cover the payments?  If so can you let me know how I go about it or send me a DD form?” …. Asset Management, 11/11/11 – 11.11.11
“I remember when you opened and I was among your first customers when I lived in Gloucester Square. I am so glad to see that your company has grown.” …… Hart,21st October 2011
“Thanks for your response. We will give the cooler a new home in Holland then…. Collecting the empty bottles on the 18th is fine. Many thanks for the outstanding service during all the years!” Tigor, 13th October 2011
“Thank you very much for your assistance. Your delivery driver was very helpful.” Melissa Davis, ……………… Mexican grill, 24th August 2011
“We will be back in London next week, and closing up our rental on the 31st – so you can organize to have bottles picked up on the 31st if that works. We would definitely be staying on as a customer if we were staying in London but we are heading back to the States – your service has been great.” Carolyn Kissane, 24th August 2011
“Can I just pass on my sincere thanks to the delivery man from last Monday. I understand that he trudged around North London through many traffic jams and was then kind enough to help my wife and carry the bottles into the garage.” John Smith, 10th August 2011
“Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service on Monday evening. I know I had left it too late but I just wanted to show you my gratification for all your help. We received or amended order yesterday.” Ruby, 22nd June 2011
“Hi Sue, Could we please have two bottles this week? Kalai Ramachandran has just started as our new Office Manager. Could you please redirect future enquiries to her. Many thanks for your wonderful service. kind regards” Jill, 16th May 2011l
“Yes Julian turned up the minute I put the phone down to your office.  Thanks alot, great customer service!” Beth, ….. Information Security,7th March 2011
“Hi Fraser, Thank you for your e-mail. We are fine at the moment, thank you. I wish you and your colleagues a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you  for being so “efficient” and making my life easier, with not only ordering water but delivering it too! Best wishes for 2011.” Christine, Ferguson ……….., 22nd December 2010
“Can i have 4 bottles for the 6th of Jan. Thankyou for all your help and the delivery men for being so reliable. Merry xmas and a happy new year. “ Bob, …… Fisher, 21st December 2010
“I also want to thank everyone at the Water Delivery Company for an excellent service this year. Totally stress free – just the way I like it! ” Sara …….., Travel Company, 20th December
“Probably my mistake and I didn’t order, your mid week reminder emails are very useful but I didn’t seem to get one this week, which is why I may not have remembered.  But one of your delivery men very helpfully sorted us out with enough water this morning. He was a star! Thanks very much. Have a great Christmas!” Anna RobertsonDCD …….., 17th December
“Thanks very much for the service you have been providing, it certainly makes it easy for us. Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2011” Garry, WLo…….., 16th December
“Thank you to you and team for great service and reminders throughout the year – keep up the good work! Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2011! ” Mrs ……, 15th December 2010
“Yes, the driver gave us a box, thank you as it was such short notice.” Emma, ……. group, 14th December
“As per your email below the deliveries you have scheduled for us will be fine. Thanks for alerting us just in case the deliveries did affect us. I would also like a say a huge “Thank you” to Fraser for getting us the last minute one off deliveries when we ran out of water.
It was much appreciated!” Sarina………, 9th December
“Yes, please…two bottles. Thank you so much for always taking the time to email me to remind me about the water delivery. I really appreciate your kind service.” Sandra, 8th December
“I just wanted to thank you for your recent help regarding our office water coolers. The two coolers ordered were delivered to the correct offices exactly when promised, by extremely efficient, helpful deliverymen. We are continually impressed by how reliable water deliveries are from your company, your reasonable prices, and your general excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend The Water Delivery Company to anyone!” Maria Wr….., ….. Group Ltd, 23rd November
“Thank you for such good service – sooooooooo much better than the dreaded Pow Wow. ” Georgina……. , 20th October
“no problem…thanks for fitting us in at the last minute. Much appreciated.” ……. music, 20th October
“Thank you so much for your kind gesture.  We really appreciate it very much.  We will definitely be in on Thursday, and we’re usually up early with baby.”….. and Jamie, 19th October
“If we could have 2bottles that would then last us until the 29th. I will leave your details here for the new tenants. You have been a great supplier to work with.” …………….. Point, 13th October
Gosh that was impressively quick – I now have the second box – HOORAH!  VERY nice delivery man – a credit to the Water Delivery Company.” …………….. College, 21st September
“If possible it would be great to collect the bottles and cooler on Thursday 23rd of October. As we move on Friday the 24th that seems to fit both your delivery and the move. Thank you for the good wishes, and if we need your efficient services at the new company I’ll be in touch.” ……………. Digital Media, 14th September 2010
“I just wanted to advise you that we have given in notice for our water-cooler and therefore will not be needing any further deliveries. I would also like to add that your service is efficient, professional and friendly. Keep up the good work!
Thank you.
Sana, ………….. Model Ltd, 1st September 2010
“Thanks Fraser – the water has already been delivered – very efficient” Tracey, ……… Developments, 23rd August 2010
“I am leaving ……… as of today to get married and go back to University! It’s been wonderful working with you and I wish you lots of luck in the future!”Alex ……….., 30th July 2010
“I think you are fab.” Helena ……………………, 24th June 2010
“The news that PowWow have gone into liquidation has made me very happy; we used them before you and the service was unbelievable. That is what they deserved; and I am glad you have benefitted from it as your company is far better!” ………….. Williamson, 24th June 2010
“Thanks for the good service you are giving us – we don’t miss Pow Wow at all.” Georgina ……………….., 23rd June 2010
“Just a short note to let you all know that it is a joy to receive such wonderful customer service! Keep up the good work J” Bernice, ….. Group, 21st June 2010
“We are very pleased with our new coolers and the excellent service your team providing.  Makes a refreshing change from dealing with Nestle Pow-wow so many thanks.  We had water and cups delivered along with the new coolers on Tuesday so we are good for all supplies at the moment. Your weekly email is fine and we are also impressed by this reminder – you chasing us instead of us having to chase for water! Thank you for your call and ensuring we are ok.  Much appreciated!” Kelly ……, 17th June 2010
“I believe your company has been notified that ………………… moved from 20 Park Crescent, on Friday 26th March and our account with your company has been cancelled, as our new premises already have a water system installed. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you gave us in the past.” ……………..Technology, 12th April 2010
“Sounds fair enough – thanks for stepping up and I hope you prosper on the back of PowWow’s demise – it wasn’t the drivers that were the issue with PowWow it was their accounts and invoicing – it was appalling.” …….. Insurance, 30th March 2010
“Man thanks for this. Its really appreciated. And can I just thankyou for the quality of service and product I have received over the time ive been with you. Its very rare these days to get good service and yours has been faultless.” Dan, Size … feet, 19th March 2010
“Just to say a big thank you to all staff at TWDC for the effective and Professional service you provided, it was gratefully appreciated. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again.” NL ………., 7th December 2009
“The gentleman who came this morning needed to sanitize our system anyway so he killed two birds with one stone as they say. Just wanted to mention how pleasant he was to deal with and really seemed to give the system a good going over with the clean he done. Cheers!” Amanda, Number ……… 19th November 2009
“Thank you so much. Your company is always so lovely and easy to work with.” ……………… Studios, 5th October 2009
“Thanks Robert – I feel like I’ve been given a hug; look forward to doing business with your company.” …………………….. Management Consulting, 21st September 2009
“Many thanks for this, it is much appreciated. As always your level of service and availability to be flexible on delivery days etc. is of a high standard and why we prefer working with you. Yes I am happy to confirm we will use you for Christmas and will confirm dates, number of coolers and initial orders nearer the time.” Local Catering Company, 13th August 2009
“Super service – always regular follow up for orders and everything is always spot on” David Innes (owner’s father-in-law), 6th August 2009
“Just to let you know, we don’t require further water supplies this week. Since it is currently the holiday season, fewer people are attending & the water seems to be lasting a little longer. Many thanks for the new water dispenser which was delivered last week. I was amazed to see a brand new dispenser emerge from the packaging. It goes without saying; we are no longer finding puddles on our gym floor each morning. I would like to thank all your staff, those in the office as well as those who deliver the water, for their consistently friendly and efficient service.” …………………….. East London, 28th July 2009
“Sophie, Will try and get that paid as soon as possible so the account can be closed. Thanks so much for all your help and efficiency in the past, you’ve been great to liase with.” ……. Three, 25th July 2009
“Many thanks Dan. We appreciate your great customer service over the years.” ……………………………. Construction, 10th July 2009
“We are giving three months notice to cancel our agreement with you as from today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service over the last few years” Goldcrest Homes, 8th July 2009
“This is brilliant guys. Thanks for this! I really appreciate your flexibility. Done and dusted – we’re all yours. Where do we sign for the below?” Paula, ………………. Partners, 3rd July 2009
“Dear The Water Delivery Company, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the bottle of champagne I found on my desk this morning!  I really appreciate it, and would like to thank you again for your (always) excellent service – I am very happy to recommend you to anybody else! Kind regards, Jessica” …………………. Estate, 30th June 2009
“Thank you very much! They are nice boys your drivers. I have to say that I’m very impressed with them. We haven’t had a lift for a month and they all wanted to deliver also to the 3rd floor. I told them not to, it’s not fair. One of them had brought all the water up before I realised. You should give them a big bonus! (We do! Ed)” Angelica Ortiz, 13th June 2009
“Just to confirm the delivery of the water cooler this morning and to say thank you for your assistance and patience with our order.  It has been well-worth the long wait and it will save me having to carry bottles in from Tesco from now on! Please also thank your incredibly efficient delivery person this morning, who even happily replaced a screw for us in our door which had fallen out. I will be in touch to order some more water when we get down to our last bottle.” Lisa Palmer, 10th June 2009
“We will be sorry not to have you as a supplier also.  Thank you to you and your team, both in the office and on the road, for all of your help.   It has been a pleasure working with you.” R3 Capital Partners, 23th April 2009
“I can confirm that we commenced using the services of The Water Delivery Company in August 2006. We currently rent 2 water coolers from the company. Since this time, I have found the service to be exceptional, by way of deliveries being received on time, sanitation of the coolers completed every 3 months, frequent updates on any new products they are marketing, and also reminders of when our next delivery is due. I have never had any reason to doubt the company’s professionalism and would highly recommend them to any new company, wishing to take up their services.” Kings College London, Institute of ……….., 11th March 2009
“We have been using your service for about 5 months now, and we just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the service we have received. I really like the fact that you use your initiative to email me every fortnight for water supplies/top ups this is very useful when you have a busy schedule as you tend to forget about the little things. The deliveries are always on time and the staff are pleasant.” UCL, 6th March 2009
“We have been renting a freestanding water cooler from the Water Delivery Company since November 2005. The contract we have allows for the system to be sanitised every three months and we also receive a water delivery once a fortnight. The staff, (office and delivery) are helpful and friendly at all times and have always been able to act promptly if at any time we require additional supplies. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and the services they offer. “ Royal Holloway University of London. 6th March 2009
“Due to our recent move to Ealing, we wish to cancel our Account with immediate effect. I confirm the water cooler has been returned and payment is up to date. Please kindly acknowledge cancellation of this account. We would like to thank you for your excellent service in the past and wish you all the very best for the future.” ……………………, 5th March 2009
“Thank you for your prompt reply in sending through the revised invoice – it’s so good doing business with your company – you are all so friendly and good at what you do. I still continue to pass your company’s details to new tenants who are interested in water coolers.” Jane Fanis, …………………., 26th February 2009
“A great big thank you to you all, (especially your delivery guy who managed to get here on Tuesday when most of our own staff didn’t!!) for my lovely bottle of champagne.  I’m looking forward to a nice chilled glass (or two/three/four) at the weekend. A big thank you also for the excellent service we have received both from your office team and your various delivery guys over the years.” Helen, …….. ……….. Holdings, Competition Winner, 2nd February 2009
“Due to unfortunate financial circumstances within our company, we will have close our account. Your service has been impeccable and your staff have always been very pleasant.” Holly Yip, Bermunda Shorts, 30th January 2009
“We are moving offices on 6th February and as the water is already included in the set-up we will unfortunately be cancelling our order. Please let me know what you need from me and advise when we can expect the water cooler and unused bottles of water (we have 5 at the moment) to be collected.It has been a genuine pleasure dealing with your company. I have found all of the staff very helpful, courteous, polite and professional. I would without hesitation recommend your company to others.” Ingird Twomey, ……………. Capital 2009
“Thanks for this. You have been great. One of our best suppliers. We move out on the 30th November – just under 2 weeks time.Best regards” Victoria, ………………. Products Ltd. November 2008
“Also, I would like to say that working with The Water Delivery Company has been great.  Our decision to end our rental has nothing to do with your service.  Perhaps in the future we may decide to rent a cooler again.” Inspired …………………., August 2008
“2 bottles would be great, thanks. By the way, this is really good service!” Caroline, Media …………………., May 2008
“Could you please make it 3 bottles of 19 litres for Monday next week the going back to 2 bottles. I never had the chance to give you any fed back regarding Kevin the gentleman that deliver our water, but I take the chance to do it now. He has been always really pleasant and always smiling. Great attitude and services.” Karen David
“PS can I just say what a great service you guys give us, thank you.  It is a breath of fresh air to have such efficient and friendly service. We are really pleased with The Water Delivery Company and often recommend you.  Hope you all have a good weekend.” David …………….. Associates
“This is to confirm that I should like to cancel the contract with The Water Delivery Company with effect from October 31st 2007. We are moving to new premises, which are already supplied with Water Coolers. Thanks you so much for all of your help. It really has been a pleasure to deal with you all. I will certainly be in touch in the future, when we move yet again! ” The ………….. Service
“We have been using TWDC for over a year and we are really impressed with their commitment to customer service. Being a service company ourselves, supplying services to various charities and organisations in our building, we have enjoyed our relationship with TWDC. May it continue…“
World …………………. 
“The Water Delivery Company have gone out of their way to provide us with an extremely efficient service. The delivery drivers are always polite and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.”
………………….. Productions
“The Water Delivery Company, unlike our previous firm, delivers the water we request, when we request it. Thanks for doing what your name indicates.”
Ingram …………….. ………………
We at have been using the services of the Water Delivery Company for the past three years and we are extremely pleased with their fast, efficient service. They are extremely flexible when required to change our orders, and they always keep in regular contact with us to ensure constant high quality of service.
“The Water Delivery Company have been efficient and extremely helpful since we began using them. We would recommend them to all businesses who require a professional water delivery service!”
“The water delivery company are reliable and efficient”
Wisden …………. ……………..
“Dedicated service and always a friendly face. We would definitely recommend The Water Delivery Company.”
…………… & ………….. LLP
“Great personal and reliable service. Knocks the socks off the rest of our suppliers!”
“We have been using the Water delivery company for almost a year now, we are very happy with the service they provide. Always reliable, always on time, a pleasure to deal with”
……………. Maritime
“Thanks for sendin me the new web site. in the customers comments I am surprised they did not mention a) how nice the water tastes consistantly,b)how friendly you guys are when ever i call you, c)and what friendly delivery men you have. . you are a great example of how great it is to deal with a small business who actually care abut their customers. Feel free to quote me if you want. p.s. you will be the water supplier to my daughters wedding . No higher praise than that. ”
Claire Hershman – Domestic customer
“Thanks for a great service for the past couple of years.  I’d say your company’s is one of the best examples of customer service that Ii have seen in the past 6 years living in London.”
Peter Vermette – Domestic rental customer
“Just wanted to thank your on your fast and impressive delivery, everything has arrived this morning and has been set up very professionally, I am now sorting out the payment for you and it should be with you shortly.”
Roehampton University
“Just a note to thank you for the excellent service you consistently give us here. The drivers are always really helpful too. Not only extra water but the coolers sorted out and its only 11.38!!!  Sometimes its nice for you to know how good you are.”
…………. …………. ………….. School
“In return, may I thank you for the great service that you have always extended to us.  You will always be my first recommendation if the subject of water coolers arises!”
National ………….. ……………. Motion
“Thank you very much, This is the type of excellent service we were looking for when we left the devil that is pow wow! We have been very happy with The water company and will continue to recommend you.”
“May I take this opportunity to thank you for providing us a with a great service.”
………………… James – Final email from customer leaving us due to relocation.
“Thanks Robert, the installation was perfect – friendly staff, no fuss and the coolers look great! Very impressed, thanks.”
“I would also just like to say how pleased we are with the friendly and reliable service that you and your staff provide us.”
Eden …………………
“I must say it’s so refreshing (no pun intended) to actually receive water each week, and with such a lovely service from your delivery guys.”
“I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with The Water Delivery Company.  They have been on time, efficient, friendly and over all just a pleasure to work with.  I believe that this is the level of customer service that we need from a company and they have completely exceeded my expectations.  If you are looking for a new water delivery company for any new contracts I highly recommend them!”

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent service you’ve been providing us water-wise! Your man came today with our order and to clean the machine, and considering how appalling our experiences with powwow had been, it’s refreshing to find that we don’t have to think about it at all now”. –Enterprise …………..