bottled water needed after burst pipe

Water leak in Wales leaves locals high and dry

Welsh Water had to give out bottled water to vulnerable people after flooding cut off the water supply to 3,000 people across Llanelli. A burst pipe meant many homes and businesses in the surrounding area were left without water for six hours. The rupture also caused a large flood in Station Road, where the burst pipe […]Read More

One Trip Water Bottles – The Debate

One trip water bottles for water coolers emerged in the early 2000’s as a viable alternative to the recycled water cooler bottles that dominate the delivery of water in the UK. Normal water cooler bottles are delivered to clients and after use are collected – from there they are industrially cleaned, refilled and then sent […]Read More

Great Bear Glass Cooler Bottles – Part 17

Another great set of photos from the USA showing the glorious details that were added to glass water cooler bottles. The owner is looking to sell this bottle so please email us if you are interested.Read More

Water Cooler Bottle Delivery – Different Styles Part 1

So we come to the end of our busiest week in our short ten year history and it’s time to reflect on how lucky we are. A big thanks to all our customers who have supported us (and our use of vans) during our busy times. Water cooler bottle delivery around the world isn’t always […]Read More

UK bottled water records strong performance in 2011

The UK bottled water industry reported substantial growth in 2011 with a 2.8% increase in annual sales, accumulating a total of over 1.8 billion litres volume sold. This increase is an incredibly positive sign in a challenging economic climate for manufacturers, with reports showing that approximately half of all households in Great Britain purchased bottled water, and did so more […]Read More

Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles

Another posting in the series of vintage glass water bottles. We have just purchased from the USA a further glass water bottle – further information on the Great Bear Water Bottles can be found on our main blog. The detail we could find on Great Bear is surprisingly limited though. The Great Bear Spring Company manufactures […]Read More

Water Cooler bottle drumming

Water Cooler bottle drummingRead More

Absopure Glass 19 litre (5 gallon) water cooler bottle

The Water Delivery Company are pleased to announce the arrival of our second 19 litre (5 gallon) water cooler bottle. This time a high quality Absopure glass water cooler bottle from the United States. We think this glass bottle dates from 1963. Detail on the Absopure 19 litre bottle below. Don’t get overexcited but we should […]Read More

Arrowhead Puritas 19 litre glass water bottle (5 Gallon)

The Water Delivery Company is chuffed with itself. After many months of searching both the UK and the USA we have in our hands an original glass 19 litre (5 gallon) bottle. The bottle was designed to be used on top of water coolers and was returned to Puritas after use for cleaning and refilling […]Read More

Water Cooler Bottles Product added

We’re water cooler nerds – plain and simple. With a long established pedigree of finding new and interesting products that wow the world of water coolers. However there are – within some of our range – some of the most boring products available in the world of retail. Essential, but dull ….. can’t live without […]Read More

19 litre Water Cooler Bottle Experiments

Global Fame for the much maligned 19 litre water bottle. A few months ago we had a phone call from a gentleman who was keen to purchase some water cooler bottles. Normally this is no issue for us as this is the heart of our business – however things weren’t as they seemed. After a […]Read More
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