Water Cooler Technology


A helping hand with air cooling energy saving

It was made known yesterday that Green Grid, one of the many companies lobbying to promote energy saving and good, green behaviour in business, has released various samples of software which will help companies both measure their energy use when it comes to cooling the air inside their building, and determine how much of this […]

All Water Cooler blogs on Twitter

What is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re still trying to work out the value to us as a business – is it in the way we communicate with drivers who are out on the road? Is it in using the service as a way to communicate with our customers?Is it to announce the release of […]

The Water Delivery Company and Twitter

What is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re not yet sure but have set ourselves up a Twitter profile –  a world first water delivery and water cooler Twitter focused account! If you go to our Twitter site and become a follower you get our updates. Just go to twitter.com/twdc and link your profile to ours. […]