Spring Water


Wembley Award Spring Water Contract to Icelandic Water Company

The Water Delivery Company sells water. It buys that water from a Spring source in Wiltshire. Each week we receive many enquiries from prospective customers and one of the most common questions we are asked is ‘Where do you get your water from?’. Basically prospective customers want to check our ‘Green’ credentials before committing to […]

What’s the difference between spring and mineral water?

Many people consider all bottled water as being the same, but in reality they differ greatly in terms of source and treatment.  These differences are often very subtle, for example, some are labelled as spring water and others as natural mineral water.  So what’s the difference? The distinction between the two types of water sold […]

The Shelf life of Bottled Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company deliver spring water to customers in 19 litre and 12 litre bottles which are fully compatible with the water coolers we rent and sell to customers across London and the UK. We are often asked questions about the shelf life of our water and this blog should answer questions regarding the […]