Drinking Water Bottles


Paper Water Bottles from Brand Image

A very interesting product from a a product design company in the USA. Although not in production they have taken the concept of a paper water bottle a long way. Images of the paper water bottles are shown below – and a summary document on the product Can be downloaded here

Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

We promise this is the last in our five gallon (19 litre to you Brits) glass water bottle series – we have blown the novelty water bottle budget for a few years. Our finale is probably our favourite as it also includes the original metal lid that sealed all water cooler bottles for many years. […]

Aquatina Water Bottle from The Water Delivery Company

The innovative Aquatina Drinking Water Bottle – As seen on Dragon’s Den London, 27 July, 2010: The Water Delivery Company is pleased to announce the launch of the Aquatina – an economically friendly, collapsible drinking bottle. The Water Delivery¬†Company¬†will be stocking the Aquatina and will be distributing the Aquatina to its wholesale customers across the […]

The Aquatina Collapsible Water Bottle Launch

The Water Delivery Company is happy to announce the launch of the newest and most exciting water bottle product in the last decade. It’s called the Aquatina and has a completely new design. Unlike all other water bottles this one can collapse to about one quarter its original size, this can be handy in a […]