Bottled Water Coolers

The Water Delivery Company is London’s leading bottled water cooler supplier. Established in 2003 in London and have a complete delivery infrastructure that allows us to do next days deliveries of spring water and water coolers across London.

We started this blog in 2007 to give our customers more information about the general industry and also as a resource for people look to research or troubleshoot water coolers.

Our bottled water coolers offer a stylish way to dispense our premium quality spring water in either home or business environments. All coolers are available for rental – please call if you want details on purchasing costs. All water coolers rented to customers come with a service level agreement which guarantees water delivery days and fixed prices for the duration of the contract.

Please call us for more details on 0845 006 3309 .For general information on our services please view The Water Delivery Company website.

 Water Cooler Sanitisation
Sanitisation visits are done quarterly to ensure that the water coolers remain clean and sterile – an essential hygienic service that other suppliers seem to regard as optional. This is essential for the health and safety requirements of your office or home. We sanitise our water coolers according to the guidelines laid out by the our industry regulatory body.
Water Cooler Problems and Replacements

In the unlikely event of there being a problem with your water cooler, we will deal with it immediately. In 97% of situations over the last five years we have been to repair or replace any broken cooler within 48 hours. This will give you essential peace of mind. If you are concerned then please take the time to read through our customer references or our annual customer survey results.