Facebook is the alternative Office water Cooler

facebook is the new office water cooler 150x150 Facebook is the alternative Office water CoolerIn an age where everything we do, think, breathe and experience is posted online via Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, or any other social networking site we care to be associated with, there comes the tricky debate between couples of how much of their private lives must be publicised for the world to read about. As some disagree about how much of what they get up to should be public knowledge, some significant others have found themselves in trouble when photos of them visiting family towns have been posted on a site, and it is discoverd that they failed to get in touch whilst they were there. Psychologists say that as a population, we are obsessed with proving that our lives are worth reading about, that we always have something interesting to say or do. For those who work at home, are unemployed or look after kids on full-time basis, these internet phenomena become the substitutes for an office water cooler; gossiping with other people simply happens online from home, rather than face to face.
What are you thoughts on these ideas, and how much does your Facebook account act as your own water cooler for you and the friends you’re connected with? Of course, if you’d like a real office water cooler, get in touch and we’ll arrange for an engineer to come and install one for you at your convenience.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products. He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on www.drinkingwaters.co.uk and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent bottled water cooler supplier.

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