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With childhood obesity levels reaching an all time high around the world, it’s important we take action now to assist in the prevention of obesity in future generations. According to studies childhood obesity has become so serious it is now a public health concern. Children are becoming less active and eating more, which certainly doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle. There are many damaging effects obesity can have on children, the first ones to show are usually emotional. Being the fat kid at school is never good for one’s self esteem.

They get picked last on sports teams and are usually bullied by the other children beacuse of their weight. The damage that’s been done in the school days will usually stay with the child for life. However it’s not just the emotional scarring a child will need to deal with, there are many more conditions that will follow later in life if obesity is not tackled in the younger days. These include some very dangerous illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Nipping childhood obesity in the bud in the early stages will help that child develop without the emotional and physical problems they would have had to deal with had their obesity continued past puberty.

So how can you ensure your child doesn’t end up as another obesity statistic? The first thing to do is ensure they are educated on what good and bad foods are. They need to know that cake will make you fat and carrots won’t. But make sure you don’t deprive them of all sweeties, they are still children afterall, but simply emphasise they can have those sort of foods on ocassion as a special treat not everyday. Most importantly you need to encourage them to drink plenty of water.

Water is vital to any growing body, however it’s particularly beneficial for children’s growing bodies. So encourage water intake over fizzy drinks such as Coke or Lemonade, this will also help cut their sugar intake in half. Fizzy drinks are ridden with sugar and are extremely bad for teeth. If you can get your child drinking nothing but milk and water you will save a bundle on dentist bills!

Having water coolers in your home will certainly assist you in the battle between water and fizzy drinks. With the home water cooler there children will be more interested in getting water out of it rather than heading to the fridge. So if you’d like to keep your kids healthy, contact us now on 0845 006 3309 or send us an email on and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and if need be we’ll over in a jiffy to install your water cooler.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products. He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent bottled water cooler supplier.

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  1. Sara Harrison Sara Harrison says:

    I had that same problem with my toddler little Frank not wanting to drink water until he tried Waterlicious Healthy Kids Water. He drinks it almost everyday. I like it too. I buy it at my son’s daycare.

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