Water Cooler Leaks – and What To Do!

Water coolers will occasionally leak – and when they do its important you know exactly what to do and to do it quickly. Below we demonstrate the most common reason for ‘water cooler leaks’ and exactly what you should do to prevent upset and water damage, and some easy taps. 

1) Please check the drip tray

The drip trays do not empty themselves on our coolers. Simply check the tray beneath the taps and if this is full remove it from the water cooler and empty it in a sink. We advise customers with cleaners to make this job one of their nightly taks.

2) Change the bottle on the cooler

A hairline crack in the bottle on top of the water water cooler can cause the water cooler reservoir to overfill and leak water our of the bottom of the cooler (the water simply trickles through the cooler from the reservoir near the top).

Our first step to advice to customers over the phone is to ask them to replace the bottle on top of the cooler with a fresh one. If this resolves the leaking then your problem was a bottle with a hairline crack in it.

We then ask customers to simply put the leaking bottle to the side with a label on it so that when we collect it we will put it out for recycling rather than reuse. It’s the end of the life.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products. He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on www.drinkingwaters.co.uk and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent bottled water cooler supplier.

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