Biorefresh Water Cooler Rental

The Biorefresh Mains-Fed Water Cooler provides the convenience of on-demand hot, cold, room-temperature and sparkling water to your entire office or home. It is a modern, easy-to-use water cooler and is guaranteed to encourage hydration and improve workplace productivity.
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  • Free delivery and installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and sanitisation
  • Just pay for the rental of the machine

The Biorefresh water cooler has a dispensing area large enough to accommodate most beverage containers including bottles and tall glasses. Not only can you choose the type of water you want to dispense, whether that be chilled, sparking, hot, or extra hot – the Extra Hot mode delivers a temperature of 90°C for the perfect cup of coffee or tea. It also has an energy saving mode and built in leak detection with automatic water shut off. A best-selling water cooler from a brand you can trust.

Key Features

  • Modern free-standing design
  • Modern LED buttons
  • Large, illuminated dispensing area
  • Removable drip tray
  • Extra hot mode which delivers a temperature of 90°C
  • Dispenses 18 litres chilled water and 18 litres of hot water per hour
  • Built in leak detection with alarm and automatic shut of
  • Premium sparkling water option
  • The Hot version is equipped with an energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption during
  • periods of non-use

349.9W x 416.2D x 1093H mm

Water options
Ambient and Chilled
Ambient, Chilled & Hot
Ambient, Chilled & Sparkling

Ambient and Chilled 23.3kg
Ambient, Chilled & Hot/Sparkling 24.3kg

Power requirement
Hertz 50/Volts 220-240

Maximum Power Consumption
Chilled 230W
Hot 1080W

Chilled 5-12°C
Hot 85°C

Litres per hour
Chilled/Sparkling 15L
Hot 8L

Cooling Technology
Direct Chill

What’s Included:

Here’s what’s included:

  • Free Installation: we will fit your new water cooler so you can start using your machine right away. Our engineers are fully qualified and WHA accredited.
  • Regular maintenance: our engineers carry out regular maintenance and sanitisation of your machine so you can rely on continued great performance, safety, and hygiene.
  • Call-outs: Any issues? We’ll come and sort it for you, and/or replace your machine. We provide a full managed service so you can rest assured your staff stay hydrated.