Biorefresh Contactless Cooler Rental

The Contactless Biorefresh water cooler utilises a modern, sensor activated water dispense to reduce the spread of germs. Dispense your favourite water by simply hovering a finger above the electronic sensor and watch as your glass fills. The dispense point is fitted with anti-bacterial UV Out which completely sterilises and destroys viruses and bacteria within the drinking water. The hygienic touch-free design combined with the power of ultraviolet sterilisation means 100% safe and clean drinking water for your business.
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  • Free delivery and installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and sanitisation
  • Just pay for the rental of the machine

Key Features

  • Available in Chilled & Ambient water temperature
  • Contactless sensor activated water dispense 
  • Fitted with UV Out for maximum anti-bacterial protection 
  • The external surface is treated with Ion Silver Technology, able to reduce 99.9% of bacterial proliferation in just 24 hours
  • Modern free-standing design
  • Direct Chill cooling technology
  • Modern LED sensor panel
  • Large, illuminated dispensing area
  • Sealed stainless-steel cold tank with a large compressor for faster recovery
  • Dispenses 15 litres chilled water per hour
  • Large drip tray and optional drain line
  • Built in leak detection with alarm and automatic shut off

349.9W x 416.2D x 1093H mm

Water options
Ambient and Chilled


Power requirement
Hertz 50/Volts 220-240

Maximum Power Consumption

Chilled 5-12°C

Litres per hour
Chilled 15L

Cooling Technology
Direct Chill

What’s Included:

Here’s what’s included:

  • Free Installation: we will fit your new water cooler so you can start using your machine right away. Our engineers are fully qualified and WHA accredited.
  • Regular maintenance: our engineers carry out regular maintenance and sanitisation of your machine so you can rely on continued great performance, safety, and hygiene.
  • Call-outs: Any issues? We’ll come and sort it for you, and/or replace your machine. We provide a full managed service so you can rest assured your staff stay hydrated.