The latest announcement from the government has once again advised us to work from home where possible. While working from home certainly has its perks, this new normal has undoubtably disrupted our previous daily routines. Without a routine in place, it is easy to neglect self care and forget our healthy habits. It can be easy to forget simple habits like keeping hydrated while juggling home and work life all at once. Looking after our health is more important now than ever, and so ensuring to drink plenty of water throughout the day is essential.


Regular trips to the office water cooler should be followed at home too. You might be used to drinking from the office water cooler, so having one in your home is an effective reminder to keep well-hydrated. It’s becoming very popular to have your very own in-home premium water dispenser, providing the best quality drinking water for your home. Start your working day the right way with an instant hot coffee or tea, and keep your glass topped up with ice-cold filtered water throughout the day, all from one machine. A home water dispenser is exactly what we are all in need of to make working from home that bit more comfortable.


Good quality drinking water not only tastes great, but it is essential for keeping your mind focused and motivated. Provide your home with great-tasting, filtered water and you’ll notice the difference. Bottled coolers offer natural spring water to be enjoyed chilled. Mains-fed water coolers take municipal water, filter it and chill (or heat) it in some cases. They ensure that water is safe to drink and tastes good, free from nasty chemicals making it tastier and safer than tap water. Installing a water cooler is an excellent way to ensure you manage your fluid intake in order to stay productive, and it will also encourage the whole family to stay hydrated. From our affordable bottled coolers with water delivered to your door, to our premium mains-fed water coolers, as well as options for counter top or floor standing, there is a solution for everyone. Treat yourself to instant hot beverages and crisp chilled, and sparkling refreshments at the push of a button.


Drink better, high-quality water instead of tap water and you will reap the benefits. Contact us via the form below to find out more about our range of water cooler machines suited to homes, available to rent or purchase. Get in touch to find the perfect hydration solution for your home.


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