Is your bottled water cooler dispensing chilled water temperature from both taps?


If your bottled water cooler is supposed to dispense chilled water and ambient/hot water, yet it is only dispensing chilled water, worry not. It is easy to fix. All that has happened is the ‘Baffle’ inside the reservoir has become loose. We’ll stop baffling you with terminology now… and show you exactly how to fix it.

Follow these easy steps to fix your water cooler:

1. Make sure your hands are clean or put on gloves if you wish
2. Remove bottle from the cooler
3. Turn on both taps and drain out the leftover water into a bucket
4. Remove the Water Guard from the top of the cooler
water guard

5. You will see that the Baffle has become loose
loose baffle

6. Secure the Baffle to the left-sided slot. Push the Baffle in place, do not twist it
7. Finally, replace the Water Guard and the bottle

All done! Now you can enjoy both water temperatures from each tap.

If you need any more advice on how to fix your water cooler or if you need to order more water, we
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