Why You Should Invest In An Office Water Cooler

Staff members are the driving force behind any and every business. Are they getting the recommended 8 glasses of water every day to keep them hydrated and mentally healthy? If not, have you thought about investing in an office water cooler?

Getting an office water cooler has many benefits but we will focus on the top reasons:

Great Tasting Water On Tap

Our water is drawn by a specialist water company in Wiltshire called Fonthill who have been supplying and distributing high-quality spring water since 2000. Fonthill produces high-quality spring water which is naturally filtered through limestone rocks before reaching the surface where it is collected.

The water has a light and refreshing taste that is perfectly balanced in minerals. A strict code of practice and daily testing of the water ensures that the high quality of both the water and bottling process are maintained. To find out more about our water you can click here.

Go Green In The Office

Our bottled water delivery service drops off water refills and picks up the empty bottles. The empty water bottles are returned to base where they undergo a thorough cleaning process before it gets reused.

If the bottle cannot be reused it will enter the recycling phase of life in order to protect the environment. So you can rest assured that you are supplied by a company with shares in the environment.

The First Impression

Put yourself in the middle of this situation – a client comes over for a meeting on a proper Summer day and asks for a glass of water.

You get nervous because, what if the water is not chilled enough, what if it tastes funny, what if….

What if you had a bottled water cooler perched in the meeting room, serving perfectly chilled, fresh tasting water all day long.
If your business is based in central London, you can test out our smart button for ordering next day water. You can find all there is to know about the water on demand button here.

We also offer water cooler rental starting at just £1 per week. You can browse all of our rental options right here.

If you require any assistance in making a decision on the best water solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 123 3309.

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