London Water Misconception

The faucet water in London is predominantly provided by Thames Water. Out of this, 70% originates from reservoirs gathered upstream from the River Thames. The other 30% originates from boreholes which raise groundwater. Either source is clean faucet water that is sheltered to drink and meets all the European water quality models.

The primary issues featured with water in London are:

  1. It’s hard (abnormal state of calcium and magnesium mixes), causing limescale.
  2. It may taste somewhat like chlorine as it’s added to keep it free from being contaminated.
  3. Lead getting into the water from old water pipes.
  4. Microplastics that have been found in more than 80% of all faucet water.

A few people don’t like the taste, however an amazing carbon filter, for example, the water filter within our water coolers will remove the chlorine and 70+ potential contaminants, and in addition lessen the terrible smell.

This is likewise a good choice, in light of microplastics which were found in tap water around Europe.

There have been a few reports and worries about pharmaceuticals in tap water, however, the levels are far beneath anything that will affect people.

One way to avoid the impurities which are found in tap water is to opt for premium spring bottled water straight from the source in Wiltshire. By clicking on this link, you will find the various types of water we offer as well as all the information there is to know our bottled spring water.

If you require bottled spring water delivered to your door next working day, you can contact us on 0330 123 3309 alternatively, you can email us at

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