Coffee Solutions for Your Office


Coffee is most likely higher on the stationary list than a box of staples. It is the drink of choice in the workplace and will keep your staff going at a rate of knots. We would like to help you ensure that your staff aren’t left high and dry. That’s why we deliver.


Coffee delivery is, quite simply, a beautiful thing. So how does it work?

You can rent a coffee machine from us – either a coffee pod machine or a bean to cup machine – depending on your preference and your needs. These machines are no fuss, no mess machines. Our pod machines are even able to brew a cuppa tea!

Once you have chosen a machine that best suits your office, we then deliver. As your dedicated service provider, we do all the fiddly bits. We will ensure that regular sanitation checks are carried out, meaning that your machine will always be clean, sterile and well maintained.

And now for the best part.

We will deliver a range of coffee beans and pods as well as teas, so you’ll never run out.

We stock Davidoff coffee beans which are 100% Arabica, originating from the central and South American coffee strip.

Our Crukafe Nespresso compatible coffee pods are high altitude, organic coffee beans which blended to the perfect taste in by a business with strong work ethics and an environmentally friendly attitude.

So if you’re after the perfect coffee solution for your business and you’re not a fan of a zombie-like workforce, then why not chat to us through live chat at the bottom right of your screen, or drop us a line on 0330 123 3309.

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