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Tap Water versus Filtered Water

The tap water versus filtered water debate is a big one. Each side of the argument has its pros and cons, while other solutions are overlooked. So which is the best option in our opinion?

Tap Water

In the UK, tap water is, for the most part safe for consumption straight out of the faucet. In London in particular the water is quite ‘hard’ this means that is high in mineral content. These minerals are the reason that the tap water has a different taste.

Chlorine is used to sanitise water before it comes through your taps. This is another contributing factor to the taste and even the smell of tap water. Another additive to tap water is fluoride, which is good for oral hygiene, however it does have an impact on the taste and sometimes tap water may be over fluorinated.

Tap water is cheaper than bottled water by about 200%. This is a big pro for those who are more money conscious. And for those who are environmentally conscious, water straight from the faucet into a glass doesn’t produce any plastic waste.

Chilling water often can improve the taste of tap water.

Filtered Water

Installing a filter tap is a good solution to improving the taste of municipal water. Not only does it have an impact on the taste, it will also make water safer to drink. Water filters are also a great alternative to bottled water; ensuring that plastic waste is kept to a minimum.

Water Coolers

Water coolers are the best of both worlds. Bottled coolers offer natural spring water to be enjoyed chilled, while the 19l water bottles are reused up to 50 times before they are recycled – ensuring that there is minimal environmental damage.

Plumbed-in water coolers take municipal water, filter it and cool (or heat) it in some cases. They ensure that water is safe to drink and tastes good, whilst eliminating the need for plastic bottles – the ideal solution in our humble opinion.

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