In A Plastic Infested World: How To Stay BPA Free



The world of plastics and plastic use has been in the scrutinising spotlight over the last few weeks. In the same light, the monster that is BPA has also become the topic at many dinner tables, classrooms, forums, industries and science laboratories.

But what is BPA? To put it simply, BPA also known as bisphenol-A is an industrial chemical used to make many products, we as humans use in our everyday lives. BPA is found in water bottles, baby bottles, medical devices, CD’s, coffee pots, eyeglass lenses, food packaging and beverage, to name a few.

A recent study found more than 80% of teenagers have chemicals such as BPA in their bodies negatively impacting their hormonal processes. BPA can mimic oestrogen and in other research found to reduce fertility in men. This is just one example of many harmful effects of being exposed to BPA.

How to Stay BPA Free

Avoiding BPA free products, especially in water bottles eliminates you from these health threats society is facing currently.

Check your plastics

  • Plastic containers have recycling numbers on them, look for numbers 3 and 7, these plastics usually contain BPA and should be avoided.
  • Damaged or scratched plastic containers are more likely to leak toxins into your food, these should be thrown away.
  • If the container does not have a recycling number, it is best to throw away or phone the manufacturer and find out its BPA content.

Microwave use

BPA will leach into food when hot, thus try avoiding heating your food in plastic containers. Overtime plastics break down due to elevated temperatures. Try opting for glass or porcelain containers instead.

Stay away from canned food

Many food cans are lined with BPA. If you have canned food everyday this can be a serious health risk, and your eating habits should change. Companies are choosing to have BPA-free cans, however we suggest you do research and find out which ones are, as it rarely shows on the food label.

BPA Free Water Bottles

If you have a bottled water cooler at home or in your office environment, don’t worry about being BPA-Free as our 15L bottled water is fully recyclable and BPA-FREE. The water is natural mineral water sourced in Scotland and we have a next day delivery service for your convenience.

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