Fighting Plastic Waste Creatively

When it comes to making the most of life – and everything it entails – there’s no reason not to apply the same attitude to your plastic waste. While many may believe that there’s nothing for you to do but throw it away, we disagree. In order to inspire your inner recycling guru, we’re taking a look at some fun and useful projects you can do with your used water bottles.


Make use of your old plastic bottles by tackling an unorganized bathroom. A re-purposed container is perfect for holding makeup, toothbrushes or cotton pads and, by hanging it up on a wall, it doesn’t use up any of your already cluttered counter space, making it a great solution for smaller bathrooms.

How to do it:

Use a marker to outline where you need to cut on the bottle, leaving the bottom and a side section connected. Paint the plastic or decorate it with fabric to add a little class to the container. Then, using double-sided tape, fix the container to the wall so that you can get to the serious business of deciding what to put in it.


There is absolutely no reason why you can’t put your plastic bottle lids to good use and create a one-of-a-kind artwork for your home. All kinds of plastic lids can be turned into special elements on a contemporary canvas. This project is also easy enough for the kids to get involved.

How to do it:

Use a pencil and ruler to mark equal squares on a blank canvas. Glue one lid onto the centre of each section, then add another facing the opposite direction, and a third in the original direction.

Layer all shapes and sizes to create interesting effects, and leave the glue to dry. Paint the entire canvas and the lids black and let dry. Lastly, paint each section a different colour. The black paint will show through to create a textured effect. Once you’ve done all of this, glue a flat marble, jewel or a mosaic tile onto the centre of each lid and then hang your masterpiece for all to admire.

These are just simple ways we can use plastic which would have gone to waste in a creative way. Let us all band together and limit our plastic usage.

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