Why are UK Citizens Not Drinking Tap Water?

Tap water across the United Kingdom goes through a rigorous process to make it of the highest standard. These standards are set out by the EU Drinking Water Directive and it is the law that all drinking water is wholesome and clean. This, however, has not stopped citizens from purchasing purified bottled water.

Why Not Tap Water?

The tap water in the UK is known as ‘hard’ water, this means that it is rich in minerals. These minerals are not harmful to humans yet they do make the water taste rather strange. The chlorine used to sanitize the tap water also adds to the unpleasant taste of the water. For this reason, many tourists and residents choose to drink bottled water.

Those who do choose to drink tap water have found many ways to improve the taste of it. Some people find that by chilling the tap water, the taste will improve. Others infuse fruits into their water in order to change the taste and make it fun.

What is Purified Water?

Purified water has been filtered or processed to remove contaminants and make it suitable for drinking or use in laboratories. Distilled water is the purest form of water. The water is boiled and the steam that is created by the boiled water is then collected and saved as water.

Many citizens, within the UK, have now started purchasing demineralised and distilled water for drinking at work, schools as well as for home use. This trend has been seen across water cooler and fountain suppliers within the UK.

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