Long vs Short Term Water Cooler Rental

Sometimes purchasing a water dispenser can be an unanticipated expense to your home or office budget. At the Water Delivery Company, we realise the investment required to purchase a water dispenser this is why we have rental solutions for those unsure of whether to fully invest in a hydration solution.

Short-Term Rental

Our short-term hydration solution is a unique and flexible offer for homes or offices. Whether you are hosting an event for a day or building on a site for three months, this water dispenser rental option will best suit you.

Long-Term Rental

Our long-term rental contract is based on 3-month rolling agreements, giving you an option to re-evaluate whether or not you would want to continue to invest in your hydration needs. Another added benefit of our long-term rental options is that there are no hidden costs; it guarantees regular deliveries of water with fixed prices throughout your rental period. Our hydration specialists will make sure your cooler is fully serviced on a quarterly basis guaranteeing a constant supply of clean drinking water.

Water Bottles

Our water coolers fit the standardised 12, 15 and 19 litre water bottles, all our rental customers’ benefit from free water delivery of 12 and 19 litres within the M25 and 15 litres in outside areas.

Water Cooler Rental Prices

We offer rentals from as little as £1 per week, from our most popular high capacity Archway water cooler to the classic robust and stylish Borg b2 for just £4 per week.

If you want more information on our rental options, email us on quotations@thewaterdeliverycompany.com or fill in our rental quote form here.


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