Filtered vs Mineral water

What’s the fuss about filtered and mineral water?

We all know the “8 glasses per day” rule by now. Our bodies are comprised of 80% water so staying hydrated is key point of health and wellbeing. But what if the water you’re putting into your body is harming you?
If water should be the biggest and most important part of our diet, it should contain the right kinds of minerals our body needs. Of course, here lies the problem. With so many choices of water: purified, distilled, mineral, spring, tap, or bottled, we’re spoilt for choice and often have to break the bank making healthy choices.

What makes our spring water different?

Our spring water is not just sourced from a protected natural spring in set in the hills of Fonthill, Wiltshire. It is naturally filtered through limestone rock which adds essential minerals into our water like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Nitrates.

So What’s the fuss?

Many bottled water companies claim to contain minerals however, their source and bottling may be harmful to you and the environment. Our bottles have a low environmental footprint and are 100% recycled. They have a shelf life of 6-12 months and Fonthill water spring is also approved by the UK, EEC governmental and British Water Cooler Association.

What’s the difference between tap water and mineral/spring water?

The difference between our water and the water from your tap is vast to say the least. We confidently guarantee high quality and the consistent integrity of our water. Can your tap do the same?
With our every changing environment and higher carbon footprint, water sources and water pipes often contaminate the very same tap water you drink. Research shows that UK tap water may contain traces of harmful chemicals and dissolved solids like mercury, lead, and even arsenic.

At The Water Delivery Company, we are passionate about health and hydration and are driven by this. Which is why we urge you to consider your tap water. If you’re unsure of what your tap water contains rather be safe and opt for a water filter such as KURO-Bō. The KURO-Bō is a natural, activated charcoal water filter that will remove impurities, add minerals and make your water last longer. This eco-friendly solution will reduce levels of lead, aluminium, copper and mercury, while enriching with bioavailable calcium and magnesium.

Make sure you’re water wise and know what you’re putting into you and your family’s bodies. Trust us to keep you hydrated the healthy way!

The Water Delivery Company
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