Salt Water Purification

Fact: The planet Earth is covered in 70% water, astonishingly only 0.007% of the water is suitable to drink without purification.

Fortunately, scientists finally discovered a method to turn ocean water into drinking water and we are intrigued!

Method to Their Madness

Scientists have overcome the challenge to turn ocean water into pure drinking water, using desalination techniques which involves carbon nanotube pores that can easily filter out the salt found in sea water. The best part about this process is that it makes purification faster and cheaper for countries in need of an alternative water supply.

How do they do it:

  • The nanotube pores assumed to be smaller than a human hair, filters out water molecules in a single file.
  • Although the water molecules are in single file, the pores let through many molecules at a time blocking larger salt ions simultaneously.

The significant thing about this process is that it out performs current methods and you can go as far to say that it performs better than nature’s own.

At The Water Delivery Company we realize the demand for fresh drinking water as access to clean water becomes progressively threatened with an increasing population and water pollution we are experiencing in the UK.

Our Water Supply

Bottled Still Water

We deliver plastic or glass bottled water to corporate or domestic customers across London. Our spring water is naturally filtered and has the lowest carbon footprint of any water in our industry.

Plumbed in Water Coolers

Our mains fed units supply filtered and crisp tasting water from your mains water supply. It uses a carbon-based filter that removes 99.99% impurities found in your tap water source. We offer a wide range of water dispensers, offering an installation service and continuous maintenance for your hydration needs.

To find out more about our water product offerings chat to us on live chat on the website, and we will happily answer all your questions.


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