How Much Does Bottled Water Delivery Cost?

A vast number of Londoners continue to buy bottled water over drinking tap water. This is because of high calcium and magnesium traces in London tap water, which contributes to the water’s “hardness” and overall taste.
While it is relatively easy and affordable for the average consumer to purchase a bottled water, bottled water delivery costs in London can become quite a costly affair. Not only is the price of bottled water delivery expensive, knowing what size to order and how often to order can become tedious.

Let us save you money

Fortunately, there is a solution to your hydration requirements. The Water Delivery Company offers a range of different sized water bottles all the way up to 19 litres. Our premium spring water can be delivered to your home or office across the M25 at no extra delivery cost.
Still not sold? What if we told you that we offer next day water delivery come rain or shine. Now, no matter the weather, your office will go hydrated all year round and employees will never have to purchase their own bottled water again.

Let us save you time

As if you needed even more convincing to choose us as your London bottled water delivery providers, we also offer long term or short term water cooler rentals for as little as £1 per week.
Now you can keep your bottled water chilled and filtered with ease. Not only will we deliver your water cooler, install it and service it; we are offering 3 months’ free rentals on all contracts with us.
With over a decade of experience as London’s bottled water providers, we pride ourselves in our Customer Service and after sales care and because we know how tedious remembering to order water refills can be, we’ve launched Hydrate Direct.
Now ordering water will be as simple as pressing a button. (Literally) With our “water on demand” refill option using Hydrate Direct, we guarantee next working day delivery to all customers outside the M25.

Let us solve your hydration requirements

So, just to recap why you should choose us as your water delivery suppliers we’ve broken it down into these 5 reasons
1. We offer next working day delivery on all water bottle orders (Never wait for water again!)
2. We offer FREE water delivery to all our contract customers
3. We provide water coolers on flexible contracts with competitive prices
4. The first three months of your water cooler rental contract is absolutely FREE
5. We save you a ton of money.

Finally convinced. Call us now on 03301233309 to order water, get a quote or open a contract.
Easy, Simple, Effective

The Water Delivery Company
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