Archway Water Cooler – It Is Back

One of the most reliable and sought after water coolers around, the Archway bottled water cooler is now back in stock. Due to its high demand and relatively low supply, the aforementioned water cooler has been out of stock nation-wide as a result thereof.
This high-quality water dispenser makes up the majority of our rental fleet to customers across the UK. No matter what type of working environment it is in, this water cooler can handle the demand with a high capacity compressor -suitable for both chilling and heating water, swiftly.

Archway Water Cooler Features

• High capacity, compressor water cooler
• Trustworthy and robust build
• Fits both 12 litre and 19 litre water bottle refills
• Suitable for a wide variety of environments
You can rent this signature cooler now for only £1.00 per week and enjoy ice cold, ambient or hot water on demand.

Why You Should Rent A Water Cooler :

• All rental water coolers are sanitised and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers on a regular basis.
• If there is ever an issue with your rented cooler we will fix or replace it, free of charge – that is our guarantee.
• We will contact you proactively on a schedule chosen by you, to see if you would like to place an order – going the extra mile to make sure you are kept hydrated.
• We cover different postcodes on different days and can arrange an ‘emergency’ delivery of water if you ever run low.
• There are no hidden or delivery charges
• Flexible and affordable rentals on a 3-month rolling contact

• Call us now on 0330 123 3309 OR alternatively email us at to take advantage of this great offer!
The Archway water cooler rental option is available in room temperature and cold or hot and cold options. The Archway comes in a smooth and stylish silver finish.

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