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8 Easy Steps On How to Clean Your Bottled Water Coolers

At the Water Delivery Company, we take our water cooler services very seriously, but how serious are you with the time you take to maintain and upkeep your bottled water coolers. When was the last time you cleaned and sanitised your home or office water cooler?

Don’t you worry we have got you covered. Our infographic explains 8 easy steps on how to clean your bottled water coolers and it only takes a couple minutes of your time!

Cleaning Solution and Protection

Before you get started you will need to make a cleaning solution or make use of one of our sanitisation kits. For safety purposes, it is important to wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and waterproof overalls when making and using the solution.

 The cleaning process

8 steps to clean your bottled water coolers

Health And Safety Risks

At The Water Delivery Company, we are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of our customers when using our water coolers. Here are a few things to be aware of when using a bottled water cooler:

  • When picking up the bottle, make sure to keep your back straight and go down in a squatting position to prevent any back injuries when picking up the heavy water bottle.
  • Be careful not to burn your hands when using the hot water spigot
  • Be careful of water accumulating on the floor along the dispenser due to a leaking spigot or an overflowing water tray.
  • If there are children around make sure the safety switch for the hot water if off.
  • Make sure that the power supply socket for the water cooler is high on the wall or away from the cooler to prevent an electrical hazard.
  • Lastly, look out for mould on the water cooler or if you smell an unusual odour it is a sign you need to clean your dispenser.

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