The Importance Of Office Water Coolers

With summer around the corner and the days getting warmer, it is essential to have one or more office water coolers for your employees. By providing your staff with easily accessible drinking water you increase their health and working ability.

During the hotter months the higher your employees’ water intake, the happier and more productive your workplace would be.

When companies do not have a reliable water source, employees are unlikely to drink as much water as needed to keep the mind and body healthy and hydrated.

We all know that our body requires 7-8 glasses of water a day. Since most of our days are spent at work it is crucial for us to drink the correct amount of water to function optimally daily. A water deficiency of just 1-2% can directly result in problems with awareness, concentration and even poor short term memory.

Having an office water cooler makes employees lives more convenient by providing drinking water at the touch of a button or push of a knob.

Water from a cooler has either gone through a natural filtration process (bottled spring water) or is filtered by the water machine (plumbed in models)! The taste can never be matched to tap water making it a pleasure to drink. The waste created using an office cooler is minimal as the bottles can be recycled and refilled, and plumbed in models don’t require any refills.

Your staff is less likely to reach for sugary drinks when they have easy access to fresh tasting water. It would just be cheaper and less effort to grab a glass of water from the office water machine than to run down to the canteen for a soda.

Office water coolers also require less power to run than a vending machine. People who are properly hydrated eat less during the day which will result in a higher intake of H2O and can be a great benefit for those trying to get rid of some calories.

Any employee suffering from dehydration symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, headaches and inability to concentrate is going to have a very unpleasant workday.

5 Drinking Water Tips:


Get yourself a fancy/ cool/ bright water bottle, so you won’t mind carrying our water with you at all times.

To add more taste try adding natural flavours to your water such as freshly sliced fruits or vegetables.

Set water goals for your days and weeks or create water bottle deadlines by using marked lines to reach specific water goals

Ask for a water cooler to be placed nearby your office and not far away from the office workspace. The closer the water machine to the work area, the more people will drink up.


There are apps available for your phone that helps you drink more water and help you track your daily intake. We recommend Waterlogged for the iPhone and Water Your Body for the Android.

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