Remember To Buy Water Cooler Accessories

Need cups, cones or cup dispensers for your water dispenser? You have come to the right place. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide variety of both paper and plastic cups that come in different shapes and sizes.

Plastic Cups

This item is one of our most popular water cooler accessories and are available in a blue tint. These cups provide an economical way for your water cooler users to access water. Our 9 oz. plastic cups come in a box of 1000 and are the highest quality cups available on the market.

Paper Cups and Cones

We stock both paper cups and cones that are suitable for single use and quick disposal. Like our plastic cups, our paper cups come in a box of 1000, whereas as our paper cones come in a box 5000. All of our cups and cones are ideal for high usage environments and are recyclable.

Cup Dispensers

We offer a variety of cup dispensers that are sure to complement your water cooler. They come in different colours including white, black and stainless steel.  They can be screwed onto the side of your water cooler or into the wall next to it. These dispensers are handy to control how your cups are stored and used.

Our cups are recyclable and are ideal for gyms, hospital or doctor’s waiting rooms and other public where high volumes of usage are expected.

At The Water Delivery Company, we aim to achieve next working day delivery on your order if it is placed before 12pm. If you are an existing customer, please let our team know and we can arrange to drop off these accessories with your next water delivery.

If you are interested in placing an order for our cups, cones or dispensers, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team on 0330 123 3309 or email us at quotations

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